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Cavs set bar high in Anthony Parker trade talks

ESPN's Marc Stein has an update on the Celtics/Bulls pursuit of Anthony Parker:

The Celts covet an extra playoff-tested shooter/defender as much as the Bulls, with Marquis Daniels out indefinitely and Delonte West missing much of the season so far. Yet it remains to be seen whether either of the two teams is willing to meet Cleveland's asking price.

The Cavs are seeking a quality draft pick or a young big man with promise in exchange for Parker, who’s averaging 11.5 points and shooting 47 percent on 3-pointers in February.

I'm not sure whether a late 1st round pick qualifies as "quality" but that's all the Bulls and Celtics can offer the Cavs.

The Celtics do have a young big man on the roster – Semih Erden.

While I'd gladly ship a 1st rounder for the 35-year old Parker, I'm hesitant to include Semih in any deal.

I like Parker's game, but Cleveland's asking price is a bit steep.

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  • Danno

    Late 1st rounder and Luke.
    DO IT.

  • jared

    Luke im fine with.
    Semih–no way.
    I agree, Luke and 1st round pick seems like a fair deal. I also think Parkers numbers must be a bit inflated playing for such a poor team.

  • PPsucks

    Hi guys daddys back ummm well i was at the Jerry West statue ceremony last night and i couldnt help but to bring up that Bill Russell wanted to be a Laker!!! LMAOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! The guy regrets not being a Laker LOL!!!!! wow amazing anyways you guys have a nice day and daddy will come back on later thanks

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    Your mother must of dropped you on your head when you were a baby!!!!!

  • Angry Turk AKA ssshady35

    I would not give up a first round pick for AP, he’s 35 with not much to offer. The most I would give for him is Luke.

  • Nick

    Nick said…
    As Peter May said in his article, we could have Josh Childress for a bag of peanuts… They just want out of that contract, and out of all the names on the 2 lists Childress should excite Celtic fans the most… What are they key components we are looking for to add to the backup 2/3 spot? I’de say 1st and foremost is defense. Childress is 27 and much better defensively than anybody else on the list at this stage of their careers. Josh Chldress is a stud, right now he’s just in a system that don’t really fit him. I’de take back Posey but he’s not what he once was and we all need to realize that. Anthony Parker is just awful, I’ve never known why people were clamoring for him last year or this year… he just plain isn’t any good, Von Wafer is a much much better player than Parker. I’de love to have Childress or Andres Nocioni. Those are 2 guys we should look hard at!

  • p-czar

    what about Jamario Moon?

  • CFH

    I’d be surprised if anyone gives that to the Cavs.
    Though the Cavs do have a run of something-for-nothing– like when they got Antawn Jamison– going, so maybe
    Wait for the price to come down.

  • CFH

    Yeah, when he was a kid he wanted to play for the Minneapolis Lakers because he was a Mikan fan. That’s common knowledge.
    Not the same as regretting not being one… or even having once wanted to play for the Los Angeles Lakers, a different team entirely.

  • KY Celts fan

    much different situation. They were an elite team dealing with bad teams trying to save cash. Now they’re the bad team looking to save money.
    If we wait another week, price will be different. Send them Luke and Quis and a 1st rounder. they buy out Quis and we resign him, soley for the purpose that I would feel like a complete dick if we win a championship without him.

  • Adam Morrison there is your answer lock down D, lighting fast, dead-eye shooter!!!!! plus 2 rings………….. it sounds great only if you never saw him play before

  • Classless

    Childress a “stud”? You obviously haven’t seen him play this year. He’s underwhelming.

  • PPsucks

    HAHA you angry

  • PPsucks

    Same franchise

  • WHY are we chasing 2 guards?! It’s our deepest position!
    We need 3s who can play the 2, not 2s who can play the 1, or 4s or even 5s.
    It just seems so stupid that we’ve got so little we can trade and yet we’re racing after things we dont need!