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Your Morning Dump… Where home court is an advantage again

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“Yeah, we talked about it,” said Doc Rivers after Wednesday night’s win over New Jersey. “We knew we had a ton of injuries and we were playing guys strange minutes [last year], but one of the things we still expected through all that was to win the home games. And we didn’t do that. So obviously this year has been much better."

“Much better” is an understatement. With Wednesday’s win, the Celtics improved to 25-5 at the Garden, already surpassing last year’s total. The 25 homes wins tie them with San Antonio for the most in the NBA, and leaves the C’s at the All-Star break, well on their way to reaffirming themselves as the league’s pre-eminent home team.

“Since I’ve been here, home court has always been the emphasis,” said Kevin Garnett, who registered his double-double (14 points, 10 boards) of the season. “It’s always primary. The form which we did in ’08 is the form we follow to this day, and home court is a big part of that.”

CSNNE: Home cooking once again good for Celtics

The Celtics have more wins at home than 11 NBA teams have overall.  They go into the break percentage points ahead of Miami for best in the East and second best in the league.  

There's always something about playing at home.  From waking up in your own bed, making your own breakfast and driving your own car to the arena (or if you're Ray Allen, doing all this) to playing in front of an adoring crowd of about 19,000 people… there's an obvious advantage to playing in your own gym.  Teams need to know that when they walk into your gym, theyr'e going to have to be damn near perfect to beat you.  

Last year, the Celtics didn't really have that.  By the end of the regular season, fans were just waiting for the inevitable collapses.  And when they came time and time again… we were not happy.  So it's good to see them defending their home court a little better this year.  I'm still not thrilled with losses to the Durant-less Thunder or the Rockets… but all things considered, they're doing pretty well at home this year.  

In all honesty, I'm most happy for the fans and season-ticket holders who bust their asses to pay a ton for seats.  They didn't get a great product last year, so this is a little bit of redemption.

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On Page 2:  Start the trade rumor mill     

Sources say the Bulls and Celtics are widely expected to make a move before the deadline, and each is seeking wing help. The Cavs' Anthony Parker would be an ideal fit in both places. Wizards guard Kirk Hinrich would be a good fit, too, but his $8 million salary next season would make such a transaction troublesome.

CBS Sports via CelticsBlog

I'm not sure everyone realizes how difficult making a move will be.  I'm sure Danny has a trick or two up his sleeve, but it's not going to be easy at all.  Here's why:

1: The C's roster is full.  They have 15 guys on the roster, the NBA maximum.  Even injured guys like Marquis count… and so does Avery Bradley even when he's playing in the D-League.  So The C's can't just sign a guy…. they're going to have to get rid of one first.  Also, they can't accept two players for one in a deal, because that gives them too many players.  So anything you suggest has to ultimately have an equal amount of players coming and going…. or more leaving that coming in.

2: Salaries in a trade have to match.  The C's are over the cap, so they can't just send Luke Harangody ($437,000 salary) to Detroit for Rip Hamilton ($12.4 million).  

So if the C's REALLY are going to make a move, they're going to have some problems because most guys they would trade away don't make enough to get anyone decent in return.  If Anthony Parker is the target, The C's would have to send out a player that matches his $2.8 million salary.  Theoretically, the C's could send Marquis Daniels to Cleveland in a trade if Cleveland was just looking to buy someone out.  He falls within the proper salary range.  And if the C's are actually bringing in a swing man, it's because Marquis may not come back anyway.  So the C's send Quis and cash (to soften the buyout blow… or pay for it completely) to Cleveland for Parker.  Cleveland saves money, the C's get a healthy player.

But that's all dependent on IF the Cavs were going to buy Parker out anyway.  Actually, there are a million "Ifs" in there and I'm still not sold on that scenario making sense.

You could also match Big Baby's salary to Parker's, but that's where the C's get into the really difficult part of this… because we're not trading Glen Davis.  We could try to trade Nate Robinson, but he makes $4.2 million and now we've got to start adding and/or cutting players.

Bottom line: this ain't gonna be easy.

One other note:  Not everyone on the Maine Red Claws is Celtics property.  The Charlotte Bobcats are also affilitated with the Red Claws, so they can send players there too.  Also, the Bobcats are free to sign and trade non-affiliated players like an NBA team would.  So they can't send Avery Bradley down and call up DeShawn Sims.  He's like any other free agent out there.  We'd have to cut someone to sign him.

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  • For those in need of a good warm chuckle on a cold February morning, enjoy reading the comments of Laker Nation following their latest debacle..

  • Alex

    Haha, great morning read.
    You know what I noticed though. I always thought Laker fans acting like children in our blog because they know it pisses us off… But when I read their comments on their own blog, they still sound like children. Their spelling, grammar, and their laughable trade ideas…
    Here, at RedsArmy, most of us know how to type and THINK when we make our comments.
    Just something I noticed when I was looking at the IQ levels of the Laker fans.

  • Loscyfan

    The wave of hysteria is certainly fun to watch. It is interesting that it has taken this long for them to notice their weaknesses. They appear to be more afraid of the Celtics and Heat than they are of the Spurs. Thanks for the link.

  • paul

    As great as it was last night that we got a W instead of an L, and didn’t rely on last minute heroics to do it, it’s not encouraging that a game against one of the worst teams in the league, in our home court, is such an adventure for the Cs.

  • Great point about being happy the Celtics are playing well because so many people paid an arm and a leg for season tickets… I was very annoyed last year because I was living out of town and bought league pass so I could watch every game- and see them mail half of them in. Wamp! Anyway- great to see the Celtics protecting the home court and last night, not letting up. It’s fun to make fun of LA and everything like that, but it should be noted that the Celtics have also fallen victim to stumbling and losing embarrassing games. These days, I love seeing Miami lose even more than I love seeing LA lose. Maybe that’s just me.

  • aaron

    simms and tiny have been interesting to watch here in portland,
    the banner on top is where i get lost as far as the team roster, where is delonte? do we have two turks,and is that lasme,or just a picture of wafer once he reaches the age of 18?
    and why is gody smilin? seriously, youre the last guy in don’t smile,get pissed youre not playing more minutes, KG needs to bark at him more or sweat on him until he’s not so happy!

  • michael

    The other “turk” is Gaffney 😉
    Seriously, let’s get Delonte on there!
    Luke can smile all he wants as long as he keeps boxing out for quality boards and getting his hands in the passing lanes.

  • thetitleisours

    I love the anti-Bynum comments there. I guess the fans are becoming “atheists” of their savior lol

    ^A trade proposed by a commentator on TLN.
    First: one of the most arrogant and idiotic Carmelo layouts I’ve seen all season, but I don’t want to sound like a Laker troll so that’s the farthest I’m going to go in terms of personal attacks on the fanbase.
    Second: The reason it’s such a bad trade is, as atrocious as the Denver front office has done at handling this Melo deal, and as good as any Bynum offer can sound to them at this point in their process, is anyone either commenting here or at TLN serious enough to recommend a deal where the Nugs not only give up their superstar, but also their future project, for a future project in return? Especially when Billups seems to be on the outs now but Nene, Chris Andersen, Al Harrington, and Kenyon Martin are still well intact with the Nuggets franchise (for all we know, that is).
    Additionally, why would the Wizards (seemingly in the rebuilding process) take on Ron Artest’s giant contract for a draft pick with a lot of raw potential and flashes of being a good NBA player, and then add on what’s basically a straight-up Hinrich for Blake deal? Hinrich offers more value to them IMO because he’s a great defender and sixth man, seems to work with Wall and Young well (both who could use some tips on defense), and isn’t disrupting the squad (the latter possibly being the third biggest success Washington has had in the backcourt this year trailing only Wall and Young’s emergence).
    Not saying the Nuggets don’t want Bynum and not even saying they wouldn’t give up Melo for him. I’m also not saying the Lakers wouldn’t be interested in a deal for a guy like Booker or Hinrich. But please. This is a pretty one-sided proposal.
    Then again, you can never underestimate NBA executives’ willingness to repeat history (cough Gasol deal cough).

  • Kvasek

    The way I see it, we should focus on having the best record in the East. In a potential final against Miami/Chicago having two first games at home and potentially starting that series 2-0 could be decisive. Not to mention Game 7, if there was a need for that.
    That being said, it is hard to imagine having a better record than Spurs, who are my candidates for the West champs. Lakers keep losing to the top teams, and I do not expect them to appear in finals in 2011.

  • KY Celts fan

    Those two guys you don’t recognize are Oliver Lafayette and Tony Gaffney. Two guys that didn’t make the team this year.

  • PPsuckscansuckmyPP

    Player of the day is currently: vooyashit