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Your Morning Dump… Where Rondo has an inner KG

Rondo and kg
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bullet.gif Kendrick Perkins has been close friends with Rondo for years. He enjoys Rondo’s personality both on and off the court. 

  “He’s got like a quiet arrogance about him,” Perkins said. “He doesn’t talk or show too much emotion, but he’s arrogant with it. It helps us a lot, because when he picks it up, he picks it up for everybody.”

bullet.gif Delonte West was teammates with Rondo during his rookie year. After playing on opposing sides for three seasons, West appreciates his competitive nature – now that it isn’t being used against them. 

“His competitiveness is deceptive,” West said. “He talks a lot, communicates, and does all the right things, but as far as showing his emotions, you couldn’t tell. Like in comparison to KG, by his emotions or a certain action he does, you can tell he’s out there competing. KG’s into the game, whereas Rondo may not give you all that emotion but he’s just as fierce inside. It’s like a quiet confidence that you don’t understand until you actually match up against him and you see, this guy is quietly really trying to beat me (laughs). 

“It helps a lot because everyone is so focused on the Big Three, and you have another guy that’s just sitting in the darkness and he’s not trying to make any noise about it and draw attention to himself, but he’s quietly one of the best point guards in the NBA and the world.”

CSNNE: Beyone the Arc: Rajon Rondo

We've said this before because this has come up before… but Rondo lack of emotion makes it really difficult to interpret what he's doing on the floor sometimes.  But time and time again you hear about Rondo's inner fire.  You see it too when someone from the other team is hovering a little too close to a fallen teammate.  He does NOT like that.

Great job by Jess Camerato to get Rondo out of his element a little for CSNNE's "Beyond the Arc" feature (follow the link for the Rondo video) and talk about things beyond the scope of the NBA.  His brother seems to have been a pretty big influence on his life.  Also… he and KG go golfing together.  Lord knows what that'd be like.  After the video, a bunch of Celtics weigh in on Rondo.  Worth a read.

On Page 2: Why tonight will sorta be like "Home Alone" for the Celtics

The way Doc Rivers describes the final game before the All-Star break, you get a mental picture of a Boston Celtics' locker room that resembles the chaotic opening scene in "Home Alone."

Fifteen players, five coaches and a support staff all preparing to bolt in different directions. Many are going to Los Angeles for festivities surrounding the 60th All-Star Game, some are sneaking home for a few days, others are bolting for a long weekend in more tropical climes.

The alarm clock — which, unlike the McAllisters, Rivers would prefer not to sleep through — is the 17-win New Jersey Nets, who visit TD Garden on Wednesday night for Boston's pre-break finale.

"Half our guys are packing for L.A., the other half are going to god knows where," Rivers said. "You want to make sure you finish the games. It's different. It's not like you're traveling yourself. When you're on [All-Star] break, you've got your family. I'm sure the guys will all hear it [Wednesday], their wives will be telling them what they have to pack, because they are all going to. That makes the break difficult."

ESPN Boston: Celtics try to stay focused against the Nets

This is ALWAYS a trap game for a good team.  And we know how the Celtics are with these trap games. 

I'm not saying the Celtics are going to lose this one… but I wouldn't expect any works of art tonight.  This one will probably fall under the "ugly" category no matter what the result.  So it's probably best not to have any food or beverages within an hour of the game.  We don't want anyone getting sick.

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  • What’s Your Excuse?

    Rondo is nothing more than a wannabe thug. He just happened to be on the right team at the right time. Without KG and Allen, would he have mouthed off to CP3? I seriously doubt it.
    Lead the Celtics to a title after PP, KG and Allen retire. Until then keep your mouth shut son.

  • Alex

    Personally, I don’t go on Laker blogs or any other team blogs because I honestly give two shits what is going on in their team.
    Nice to see this fella enjoying his time here and continously coming to a Celtics blog and reads what is going on with the Celtics. I love the Celtics, too! They are definitely an interesting team to follow.
    Take care, brotha. 🙂

  • Alex

    honestly don’t give two shits***

  • Nora

    I’ll say this again I tghink I have said it many times. Why don’t Lakers trolls just shut it? C’s-Lakers are not playing each other.

  • paul

    Rondo has a bit of Rodman in him. Lulling the opposition is part of his game. But, unfortunately, a lot of the time he seems to lull himself, and his team-mates, and we end up playing the Everyone Stand Around offense for long periods of time. We can likely expect a whole game of that against the Nets, leading, quite possibly, to yet another loss against ‘a team we should beat’. If that happens, it will put quite a bit of tarnish on that fantastically gutsy win against the Heat, won’t it?

  • paul

    All Rondo needs to be possibly the best team in the league is more consistent play and a more consistent J. But it’s good that much of the league continues to underestimate him.

  • paul

    Ha, I love it that Rondo says his superpower, if he could have one, would be to be invisible! Lol!! Of course!
    But, the thing is, for a guy who is more and more this team’s defacto leader, invisible is increasingly problematic…

  • Rondo to KG

    Looks like someone is still mad about getting blown out by the Bobcats…

  • JD

    wow ok debbie downer

  • Doc javagoogle

    Ahhh, someone’s still feeling catty’…..or what’s your excuse?.
    Here’s something to cheer you up:
    Relax and let the tunes ease your Footupyerassatosis (FUYA) symptoms as you remember THAT game.
    Doc javagoogle

  • Viva

    If the guy does not show emotions that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

  • Paul Pierce the third.

    I love how people that hate the Celtics come on here and yap their trap.

  • Cliff Kensington

    I can’t believe there was an entire story about the Celtics locker room being like “Home Alone” without one joke about Harangody looking like Buzz. Disappointing lapse.