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Ray is favored to win 3 point contest

Here are the odds for the 3 point contest, courtesy Bodog.com:

Ray Allen (BOS)                        2/1

Paul Pierce (BOS)                     3/1

Kevin Durant (OKC)                    4/1

Dorell Wright (GSW)                  9/2

Daniel Gibson (CLE)                   5/1

James Jones (MIA)                    11/2

While I'm not surprised that Ray is the favorite, prototypical jump shooters like Ray generally do not fare well in these contests. The logic being… they generally lose some lift on their shots as the competition wears on.

I bet Pierce and Ray have a friendly wager. Maybe $10,000.

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  • You mean they will wager more than ‘a generous donation to each others charity?’ Surely you’re kidding.

  • zippittyay

    something tells me Ray’s legs are not going to tire like some might expect.

  • Cam

    I’ve heard you say this before but you don’t really back it up. Ray has the all-time 3 point contest record so I think he will be ok.
    Do you have anything to back up your theory?