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Artest joking around after 20-point spanking

After the Lakers lost  got spanked by Charlotte on Monday night, Ron Artest seemed to not care. As a KCAL reporter approaches him to ask questions postgame, he jokingly sniffs some "Unbreakable" cologne. Or perfume. Or whatever that crap is supposed to be.

If I was a Laker fan, I'd be pretty disgusted by this. Actually, if I was a Laker fan I'd hang myself first, and then I'd be disgusted by this.


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  • sowhat!?

    and exactly what does this have to do with a celtics fan site??? it seems as if traffic gets slow around here you guys rely on a lakers post so all the laker fans come in here too. who cares about artest and what he did with the cologne?? we should be talking about our next opponent! this is lame guys

  • Classless

    Who cares? Artest is a confirmed idiot. Its just dumb to think that loss mattered just like it was dumb Red’s Army was slicing their wrists when Charlotte beat Boston last week.

  • Champ

    I’m a Laker fan. Why would I want to hang myself?
    The Lakers have won 2 NBA titles in a row and have been to the Finals 3 years in a row?
    I think 1 championship in 24 years is more likely to cause one to hang one’s self.

  • Thanks for the great feedback all of you.

  • calipurple

    very well proven point Champ. Very well. you just torched them! what can they say to that!?? LOL

  • BRADinLA

    I’d hang myself if I were a Laker fan, but that’s just me.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Artest is crazy an we know it. This crap wasn’t worth a post.

  • Ron Artest simply cannot win. If he were to be outraged by the loss and made a big scene, he’d be characterized as “crazy.” If he puts the loss behind him (like we’re told all championship level athletes are supposed to do, by sports experts and legends of the sport), fans are to be disgusted.

  • Doc javagoogle

    Dear ‘Still Catty’ Laker Fan,
    Plutoburger is/was/always will be funny as hell.
    This is why we’re thrilled to hear about his role in the ‘Unbreakable’ saga.
    If like us, you cannot wait till next week’s episode, we recommend:
    1) Your favorite tonic and/or greens. Yes, veggies are good for you.
    2) This on repeat loop:
    3) Wear huggies.
    Doc javagoogle

  • Mike

    100% correct

  • Bob Gamere

    Artest is a joke.

  • Bob Gamere

    Artest simply cannot win. If he makes an ass of himself and jokes after a loss, people jump on him. If he bites Phil Jax’ nose off and burns down the Fakers’ locker room, people jump all over him.

  • sowhat!?

    what plutburger? what the fuck r u talking about?!?!