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Ray Allen is a black hole, Rondo is crazy unselfish

Basketball Reference put together an interesting list today.

It's a list of guards who pass the ball the least (30 minutes per game minimum).  

Nick Young of the Wizards is the most allergic to passing… which is NO surprise to anyone who has watched the NBA regularly this season.  As noted in the piece, Kevin Martin might be worse because he touches the ball a lot more and he is passing it almost as infrequently. 

Ray Allen is actually 11th on the list, right behind Kobe Bryant.  But Ray is passing the ball 50.4% of the time… so he's shooting roughly the half the time he touches the ball.  This is more of an example of how you can make stats say a lot of things.  He touches the ball half as much as Kobe and is still passing it half the time.  Meanwhile, his job is too shoot.  Ray isn't in the game to set his teammates up.  

Regardless… he's on the list.  Care to guess who is at the bottom of the list?

Rajon Rondo touches the ball more than any guard who plays 30 minutes or more a game other than Steve Nash.  He also passes it a ridiculous 82.6% of the time… more than any of them.

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  • Basketball Reference is awesome… i spend way too much time on that site.

  • Nathan

    celtics heat greenlights?! pleeease.

  • paul

    Rondo is redefining pg. It’s fantastic to watch.

  • What’s Your Excuse?

    Shooting guards shoot, point guards pass. What a concept! LOL.