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Bill Russell’s Medal of Freedom ceremony


You heard the President… get this man a damned statue. 

And please, don't listen to a certain pair of local morning idiots who rambled on this morning about how Russell doesn't deserve one because they should be reserved for war heroes.  There's no reason we can't honor Bill Russell for the man he is… not just the player he was. 

I swear… sometimes the absolute lack of brains that is allowed on the airwaves is astounding.  How these two absolute morons can still be taken seriously is beyond me.  Yet a ton of actually GOOD shows that actually talk sports exist on the internet that will never get a shot.  

Sometimes I wish the traditional broadcast medium would hurry up and just die already so we don't have to be subjected to their inane, nonsensical blathering.  Bill Russell deserves to be honored and there really isn't a debate here.

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  • TeamRondo

    Who were the idiots that sad he didn’t deserve one? How do they feel about Bobby Orr having one then? You could consider Russell a war hero, fighting the war of racism and standing up for what he believes in. (Kind of cheesy, but you get the point)

  • Alot of the younger folk might think Russell is just some old retired dude, but take the time to read some of his achievements. They’re truly amazing. Last year you saw all those dumb puppet commercials and finger t-shirts. Well.. Russ doesn’t have enough fingers for his rings:

  • Dennis

    Let me guess, the local morning idiots are the same ones who have been suspended for making monkey jokes? Am I close. Stunned they would be anti-Russell. Absolutely stunned. Probably holding out for a 50 foot Brad Faxon statue built over Beacon Hill. (And I distinctly remembered listening to these clowns years ago, when they suggested Brady or Kraft should have a statue in Faniuel Hall).

  • theW

    Great basketball is defined by more than stats.
    Greatest. Player. Ever.
    He should have a statue for basketball alone in Boston. That’s a no-brainer. When you add in the life of the man, having no statue is a travesty.

  • Those 2 guys should read what the Medal of Freedom is. it is the highest CIVILIAN award in the U.S. It recognizes those individuals who have made “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.” It’s not the Medal of Honor or the Silver Star which are War medals trust me I know. WAY TO GO BILL, GREAT REASON TO DRINK, EVERYONE HAVE ONE FOR BILL TODAY!!!

  • GoWyo

    Wow! Brought a tear to my eye. Well deserved honor for Bill. I read his autobiography Second Wind about 20 years ago and highly recommend it to all, not just Celtics fans.

  • Truck2653

    Why has no one just said that Dennis and Callahan are pompous assholes with no idea what the large majority of New England residents actually think or feel? No need to avoid their names, I doubt either of them knows how to use the internet.

  • “Sometimes I wish the traditional broadcast medium would hurry up and just die already so we don’t have to be subjected to their inane, nonsensical blathering.”
    The case for #6 has been made ad nauseam…can’t help but think a big reason why nothing has been done has to do in part with all the years that Russel refused to play games with the asshole media in Boston.

  • Larry

    I’ve been to war a couple of times–Desert Storm and Afghanistan. I think it is absurb not to honor Bill Russell with a statue. Unless either one of those jackasses have been to war, they have no right invoking that sentiment. If they have, get over themselves they probably never left the wire.

  • JAAJ

    Congrats Bill,
    You were a great basketball player, but even a better man. I follow after you.
    Honored to be a Boston Celtics Fan

  • paul

    This is the first time Obama has been right. Yes, there should be a statue for Russell. He not only defined Celtics Basketball for all time, sometimes I think he defined Boston, giving us a stronger heart than we had before he came along. Russell and Orr have done more to define the soul and spirit of Boston than almost anyone else.
    But, for once, can we please have a really good statue? Not another crappy imitation of a famous photograph, or something that looks like a bad waxwork?

  • MGDub

    Today, one will find a statue of Arthur Ashe statue in Richmond, Virginia. It honors not only Ashe’s victories on the tennis court, but the civic causes he championed and his humanitarianism. From civil rights in America, to ending apartheid in South Africa and AIDS everywhere, Ashe lived a life in full and was a hero and inspiration to millions.
    For years, some in Richmond (the former capitol of the Confederacy) opposed the idea of an Arthur Ashe statue on Monument Avenue.
    For millions of other Virginians however, given what Ashe was able to do both and off the court, a statue in Richmond of a native son who became the first African American to win Wimbledon was long overdue. And they were correct.
    Given what Bill Russell meant to the game of basketball as a player, a teammate, and a coach, to the city of Boston, to the civil rights movement, and to our nation ….gah …. just build the damn statue already.

  • greenbeand

    you should start a blog!

  • greenbeand

    wyc deserves his own barn to put banners and statues

  • jared

    Wow… reactionary retards manning sports talk radio?
    What is the world coming to?!?

  • JD

    I am surprised this hasn’t been done yet. If Jordan got one then Bill should get one.

  • rlevine603

    “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross.” Sinclair Lewis 1935. Does this describe that tool Callahan or what? Those two pander to the worst elements in our society. They can’t hold a candle to Russell in breath or scope of character or his achievements. I stopped listening to WEEI because of them and the other idiot on th airwaves there 5 years ago because of their racism and demagogic attitudes. You can too. Vote with your feet.

  • green-miles

    I can’t believe they put a statue of Bobby Orr at the garden. and Bill Russell don’t have one yet. who’s the idiot came up with that idea. No respect for Russell in this town. the man won 11 championships. and how many did Bobby Orr won with the bruins. what a freaking joke.