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Oregon teen shatters backboard


Here's a little something to take your mind off all these Celtics injuries. West Salem, Oregon sophmore Alex Roth breaks the backboard on a dunk just at the end of regulation.

Roth's team lost the game, but nobody seemed to care. Plays like these make folks forget the score real quick. You can read the entire story over at Yahoo's "Prep Rally" blog.

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  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Yeah, dumb people.
    It happens all over to find some.

  • RAS

    I thought it might be the angle, but the backboard that shattered looks a little lower than the other one. The video is taken from just about center court which shouldn’t alter the angle too much. What ever the case may be, that kid probably got laid after that.

  • michael

    wouldn’t you go nuts if you saw this as a kid at your high school game? The score truly is irrelevant. These kids may look dumb, but they are justifiably excited!
    What exactaly does, “it happens all over to find some” mean? Is that Italian for, “it takes all kinds”? 😉

  • michael

    you know, I had similar thoughts. The kid doesn’t look very tall, and it doesn’t look like he jumped very high either. Ahh, the mysteries of physics.

  • michael

    on second glance, he did get some nice lift

  • That backboard must have been cracked or something before that dunk which had very little force.
    As for the kids being excited, I don’t blame them,