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Enemy Chatter: KG clotheslined Mike Miller

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Miami.

I particularly liked the moment where Garnett apparently didn’t like Big Z’s screen the play before so he clotheslined Mike Miller in retaliation. I suppose it was technically not a foul because his feet were set but you could see it in his eyes and how he threw out his right elbow that there was an intent to knock him down. That’s not a flagrant or a technical foul according to the refs. Yet when Garnett flops wildly after Wade reacts and shoves Garnett while fighting for position as both were going for the rebound, it’s a flagrant foul? Those are too many points given away in what would turn out to be a tight game. Inexcusable. (And what was up with Rondo annoyingly trying to be a pest during the ensuing Heat huddle? Where’s Jamaal Magloire when you really need him?)

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"Clothesline" may be a tad strong. There's no doubt KG gave Miller a little extra something-something. It appeared legal to me, but I wouldn't have been surprised if the refs blew the whistle. There is ZERO consistency with the way officials call illegal screens.

As for Rondo's act, I assume it was legal because a time-out had not been called. Rondo has every right to that space on the court as the Heat players.

On Page 2, Mike Miller's ridiculous trash talk after the game.

Miller missed the potential tying 3-pointer in the final second and then had the nerve to tell Rivers, his former coach, “Don’t leave me open like that again next time.’’ That wasn’t precisely the plan, but the Celtics are content to allow the Miami bench to respond in critical moments.

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Has Mike Miller ever made a clutch shot?

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  • jpv

    It would be great if Miller missed another wide open shot in the playoffs against the Celtics with time expiring and the series on the line for the Heat.

  • ilovehaters

    wade’s screen on big baby to free up miller on the last play was cleary a foul, he left his feet to set it.

  • BRADinLA

    I love how people are claiming KG “flopped” on that hit from Wade. KG staggered off balance, which is exactly what would happen if you were hit in the side by a guy flying out of nowhere. If KG fell to the ground and sold it then yeah, probably a flop but he just hopped around for a second to get his balance back.

  • itsthatbradguy

    That was no clothesline. Celtics fans know what a clothesline is via Kevin McHale & Kurt Rambis. I honestly wouldn’t be opposed to KG doing that to Mike Miller either.

  • PM

    Miami is not even a title contender … Their own reputation is a flickering ash of the hype that was created in the off season … My $ is on Miami folding in round 2 regardless of if they are playing Boston, Orlando or Chicago. They have absolutely no post presence & an inability to create anything other than one-on-one isolation offense … Pathetic & think if there is a hard cap in the new CBA. This team would be a pretender until the end of the “Hyped 3” era

  • Celitics

    Mike Miller said that! Mike Miller! The white guy who can’t hit shit in clutch and is wanna be Ray? Please, that guy got lucky the Heat had nobody else to sign or he would sitting at home.

  • lebronsux

    that definatly wasnt a clothesline. it was a nice hard screen. no doubt about it. however wade should of gotten some sort of flargrant for that push on KG. fuck miami and fuck lebron. what a bust. he missed a game tying free throw with seconds left. how can an mvp candidate do that?!?!?!

  • Champ

    Why is KG so uncoordinated? A love tap from Wade and he was sent flying?!?!?!?

  • Classless

    Clothesline? Ummmmmm no. Miller should be pissed that the progressively more overrated Wade didn’t call out the pick.
    I’ve noticed this trend this past year of teams (Heat, Jets) who continue to talk trash and proclaim themselves champions despite repeated beatdowns at the hands of real contenders. Mike Miller has never made a big shot on any level. Shut up, poseur.

  • jared

    haha. Mike Miller is super clutch. You know what? if he wanted to he could score 30 a night, but he hangs back. Big numbers just arent his style, man.

  • Paul Pierce jr.

    PAUL PIERCE scored 1 point and game in second in the plus minus!!! HAHAHA that’s Paul for yah!!! Is it just me or should they have given Mike Miller a lot less than 30 mill 6 years?! What a frigging bum….”Pat Riley for GM of the year” my hairy Italian ass!!!

  • paul

    If it hadn’t been Garnett setting the pick, no one would even question it. Was it hard? Yes. Was it retaliatory? No doubt. Was it legal? Every bit as legal as the pick that clobbered Rondo.
    What Wade did – that was an out and out assault. Flagrant foul? Yeah, I would think so.


    Wade is a 6’5″ muscle bound athlete running straight into the side of KG – hardly a flop….
    I thought it was great basketball just like JVG said. AND the refs got the call right.

  • DRJ

    Calling that play “clotheslining” is patently ridiculous. Also, KG was absolutely stationary for a LONG time prior to contact with Miller. He braced himself a little before the impact, and that was all. Wade lost his self-control — something pretty usual for him. But he did. And KG didn’t. Which is great.
    I believe all the noise we made (we = media, blogs, fans, etc.) about KG’s fouls and techs had an impact. The difference in KG is marked. This is great stuff, because we will need every such point going forward.

  • What’s Your Excuse?

    KG always picks on smaller players so it’s nothing new. Wade should have been tossed from the game for retaliation.