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Our Ray Allen record breaker shirt

Ray Allen is the new 3 point king… so we've come up with 2 versions of a shirt to celebrate the accomplishment.

Technique shirt color

Tecnique shirt bw
Both shirts have this on the back:

Go to our special Ray Allen section to buy the shirt (available for men & women and in many sizes) or go to our store to check out our hundreds of other products

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  • Chris Jones

    WOW, you guys don’t even say thanks for my idea on the last one…

  • BigMck


  • Marion

    that is one ugly shirt. first kg and his stupid shoes and now this t-shirt. does anyone else notice that it is ironic for kg to celebrat ethe celtics record against the lakers when he’s been a celtic for only a short time. also of the 2561 3 point shots made, how many were with boston? 100? 200?

  • Yeah… I put the shirt together yesterday and didn’t get a chance to thank everyone for their help.
    So thanks.

  • Do you know what ironic means?
    these guys are Celtics now. You want Ray to go back to Seattle to celebrate?

  • Lex

    Paul Pierce 0-10.
    I’m gonna go out on a limb and say he’s hurt again, but trying to play through it

  • scw

    a very nice Eric B. and Rakim reference there

  • The Irony comes from the fact that these comments are made from a fan of a franchise that claims a third of their championships that their city had nothing to do with.

  • Bam. Game over. Well done sir.

  • Marion

    Are you really that stupid? The franchise claims them and not the city. The Laker franchise in Minneapolis and Los Angeles are the same.
    I am appalled by how bad the education system is here but it seems to be worse in Boston. Better go back to school pal.

  • Are you really that stupid? The player claims the record, not the city. The Ray Allen that plays for the Celtics and the Ray Allen that played in other cities is still the same.
    Look, moron. Your logic is flawed. You can’t sit there and say fans can’t celebrate their guy breaking a records cuz he played somewhere else… then say YOU can celebrate a third of your team’s championships cuz they played somewhere else.
    We’ll stop celebrating Ray’s record when the Los Angeles understands it’s got 11 titles, not 16.