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Your Morning Dump… Nate Robinson is feeling better

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

The Boston Celtics opted to not have a Magnetic Resonance Imaging test performed on Nate Robinson's bruised right knee, suffered in the second quarter of Boston's 92-86 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers on Thursday.

After the game, Robinson told that he would have an MRI performed on Friday as a precautionary measure.

However, the injury doesn't appear serious enough to warrant further testing.

"We didn't think it was necessary," Ainge told on Friday evening.

Following the loss, Robinson could not put weight on the knee or run.

Even with the pain, the 5-foot-9 guard was hopeful that the injury would not prevent him from playing in Sunday's game against the Miami Heat.

"I'm good," Robinson said following the loss on Thursday. "I just didn't want to put too much pressure on it. I want to save it for everything else that I need to do to work out if I'm ready for Sunday."

CSNNE – No MRI for Robinson

Did anyone see the Nate Robinson injury? From my recollection, TNT missed the play and never showed us Nate hopping back to the lockerroom. This makes it difficult for me to speculate on his return.

The lack of bodies is forcing Doc to play his big guns extended minutes.

Pierce has played 40-plus in three of five games this month; Rajon Rondo has played 43-plus the last two games; and Allen logged 40 last Sunday against Orlando and 39 the next night against Charlotte.

There is some uncertainty regarding Delonte West's return. Sherrod Blakely says West could return on Wednesday vs the Nets and makes no mention of Sunday's game. The Globe's Julian Benbow says Doc might be forced to play Delonte against Miami.

Random – Blakely may be the only sports reporter to write out Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

On Page 2, Miami really needs to win on Sunday.

Now that Round Three between the two teams is here, the Celtics are in position to unleash the kind of mental warfare that frankly, I don't believe the Heat can come back from.

Beating the Heat once?

OK, it happens.

Beating them twice?

Still, not that big a deal.

Beating them a third time, with three of their top four centers out and a couple of banged up bodies in the backcourt?

CSNNE – Showdown with Miami more than just a game

I agree with Sherrod 100%. Miami must win this game. They will get slaughtered by the media and the Skip Bayless's of the world if they don't.

And it's not as if the Celtics won't be motivated. With Miami's win over Detroit last night, the Heat (39-14) are a half game ahead of the Celtics (38-14).

Related link: Globe – Heat far more important

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  • Nathan

    If they lose, and get harassed by the media, that could make them better too. They haven’t really had anything to criticize about them lately, this could be a reality check so they don’t go into the post season over-confident.

  • Nathan

    the heat that is.

  • What’s today’s excuse?

    Miami is a must win game? I thought it didn’t matter to the Celtics. Win or lose I am sure we will hear excuses.
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging? Does it need to be spelled out because Celtic fans don’t understand MRI? Wow……

  • paul

    The Cs are fully capable of winning this game, but I’m sorry, at this point I am much more interested in their ability to win games consistently. Yes, injuries have just plain done a ridiculous job on us this season, and never more than now, but we still have a transcendent level of talent, WHEN WE PLAY OUR GAME. So let’s say the Cs manage to pull off a win against the Heat. That would be an amazing feat. It would be stunning, astounding, considering the injuries and how badly they have been playing, but it COULD happen. Even with the injuries, we have an amazing team. But then what are the chances that we go out and lose the NEXT game, because, you know, it will be a let down game against a lightly regarded opponent that the Cs are expected to beat, and, well, this Celtics team can only get motivated to actually play a good game every so often, and they are hurt, and after all we can’t expect to win EVERY game, and home court advantage isn’t that big a deal and on and on with the excuses.
    I dunno, if I, as a fan, don’t have a right to expect the team to get motivated for games, I’m sorry but I can’t get that motivated either. At this point, I’m moderately interested. And that’s not bad. I still enjoy this team. A lot, in fact. But I’m not gonna get overly worked up about them at this point.

  • Nora

    You just wrote an essay. I wonder what happens when you are motivated. LOL

  • Nora

    Lakers just aren’t important LOL

  • PPsucks

    The reason why you guys lost Thursday…..Nate Fuking Robinson LOL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Classless

    Trade Nate for Ramon Sessions, a pg who actually can play the position.

  • ShawnCVD

    Nate gets traded for a back up SF if anything. Delonte will back up Rondo.
    I think if Quis can’t go he’ll be bought out and C’s will pick up a bought out SF…
    Otherwise what teams have a glut of SF and could use the spark Nate could provide?

  • I nominate you for the dumbest reader ever. You really are a complete moron. Did you even read the post? Or did you skim it and jump to the comments so you could post some drivel.

  • What’s Your Excuse?

    Keep telling yourself that and maybe the pain will subside. LMAO@Celtic fans.