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Nate’s in tomorrow, Delonte’s not

The Delonte news is encouraging since they'll get him some game action before the break.  

Not having Shaq or Semih hurts against the Heat.  They can't deal with size well, and we've got 14 feet of it sitting on the bench in street clothes. 

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  • Glad Nate’s ok. That would’ve sucked. And as far as DWest, no rush. I know we need bodies, but last thing we need is him rushing it, reinjuring the hand and then being out all year. Plus I have tickets for Wednesday and want to see his And as far as Miami’s bigs, other than Bosh, who KG & Perk should really do fine against, I’m not concerned. My concern is the athleticism of ‘Bron & Wade wearing out some of our older defenders.

  • greenbeand

    danny needs someone like you. your insightful opinions state the obvious basics, u’d probably have to stop hiding behind the rondo sign

  • LMAO! Thanks man! If Danny does hire me, you're locked-in for my

  • wayne

    Gee….Nate’s back.
    Wow, I guess we should really win now against Miami tomorrow.Huh?
    …whatever, man; just whatever.
    People just need something to talk about.
    Please don’t rest too much hope in Nate’s return…he’s about as unstable as rolling water tossed to and fro’.
    The only thing consistant about Nate is that he’s always inconsistant.
    Hurry up and get back soon, Delonte.

  • Brianthepimp

    IF Quis is going to be out all year, do they buy him out and then sign someone else. I’d love for them go get a guy like Luc Mbah a Moute. He makes like 800k can defend the 1-4 spots and would really help this team the way quis can by playing the 1-3 spots. You lose some on offense, but I think it would be a great move.. any ideas?

  • Who’s Your Daddy?

    Way to back down Doc. Putting Delonte on the court would just fuel LBJs fire so I guess you are playing it safe.
    Too bad it would have been funny.