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Lebron tells fan to knock it off

Miami returns to the Garden tomorrow for their last regular-season visit. But before that, they had a match-up with the Pistons at the Palace of Aubrun Hills last night. Miami won, 106-92.

During the game, fans brought up a rather touchy issue with Lebron James.Yes-you guessed it, the whole never proven but oft mentioned DWest and Ms. James story. Well, James did not take too kindly to the comments at the Palace and addressed the fan involved:


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  • TJames

    Was this in Miami? Who was he talking to I wonder.

  • TJames

    Never mind, should have read the entire article.

  • Gloria West

    for those who don’t know the fan said: “Did your mom go to Boston?”

  • Lebron truly is a puss. Not that the fan was right.

  • Goceltics

    Good for Lebron. Some fans just get too carried away.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I hate LePussy, and (if not directly insulting him) the fan can say whatever he wants. And he actually got a pretty one too! lol

  • Nick

    Fuck Lebron, his mom is a nasty skank (sorry Delonte) U pay… u do what u want. SIMPLE AS THAT!!

  • Goceltics

    Funny how that fan shut his mouth after Lebron put him in check. People think just because they pay for a ticket they can be disrespectful piles of crap. I`m not a huge Lebron fan either. I know if you said that to someones Mom in Fallriver Ma. You would regret it. Especially if you were on Columbia street.

  • jared

    Yeah youd have problems if you said that to someones mom in New Bedford as well, but you know what?
    The NBA isnt a broken down mill city!
    You get paid tons of loot, you act like a fucking shithead, you get whats coming to you.
    LeBron asks for this shit, and I for one am glad some people are giving it to him.
    Also, I think the NBA should designate Sunday games as “family games” so the faint hearted have a “safe” day to go watch the club.
    Man, how I miss the old Garden, the burly dudes with beards and satin jackets. I remember being there many times with my Dad and hearing things that would make Raw-era Eddie Murphy blush. And you know what? We loved every minute of it.

  • Goceltics

    Yeah your right about the old factories. Thats all that is left.Never got a chance to go to the old garden. Must have been a blast.

  • john

    U people are stupid to say LeBron deserves to be treated that bad. Yes, taunts are part of the game but when it involves family its over the line. If this was about Kobe’s mom and Kobe confronted the fan, everybody would be defending Kobe. Its just that everyone hates LeBron.

  • Nora

    Um this is Celtics site you are not going to find alot of Kobe fans, well unless they are Laker trolls

  • Who’s Your Daddy?

    I guess Detroit fans have more guts than Boston fans. LBJ should not be surprised to be heckled but not in front of his kids.

  • BigMike

    The fan was told by security if he kept it up he’d be removed…thats why he stopped

  • Goceltics

    Nah. He was scared of Lebron LOl

  • Big J

    Wah Wah Wah Lequit, You are a celebrity, a Millionare (thanks to the fans who pay to see you Primadonna’s play a game), and you act like a self absorbed immature A-hole 90% of the time. You actually didn’t expect this reaction the way you played out “the decision” etc. Grow some balls, or just quit the NBA and retire to a private island if you can’t take the trash talk little baby girl. It’s called Karma and you will see lots more for years I’m sure!

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    You can go somewhere else to insult people.
    Exactly like you think LeBitch doesn’t deserve that, we don’t deserve an arrogant, insulting and over the line comment like yours.
    Before calling people “stupid”, just give yourself a look in the mirror.
    Get lost.

  • Vin Baker Street

    I agree…leave the family out of it. Insult LeBron on never giving the Cavs a crown, The Decision, hurt elbows, and confiscated Nike tapes. But if the Delonte rumors are true (which I don’t think they are), that’s pretty a stinging reality for any celeb or non-celeb… I don’t dislike LeBron because of Gloria James, I dislike him because he’s an arrogant super athlete that doesn’t know how to lose.

  • lebronslittlebrotherdelontejames

    hahahah if i was at the game today id be all over lebron and his mom im a fan and i can say what i want its my job to get under the skin of the opposing teams and poeple always say that players can’t hear what fans are saying well i guess thats bc lebron’s listening

  • J

    The reason Lebron was so upset was that his two kids were at the game.

  • the–#1-pats- fan:

    The fans have the right to say what ever they want. just man up and take it like a man lebum. what a cry baby.

  • Mike

    Good for Lebron!

  • b.bro277@hotmail.com

    Lebron’s is to sensitive; grow up already.

  • SylkySlymm

    “The fans have the right to say what ever they want. just man up and take it like a man lebum. what a cry baby”
    and when LeBron knocks him the fuck out he’ll be trying to sue like the little bitch that he is. I promise you he wouldn’t have said that if he was on the street.
    Most of yawl only hate Bron Bron because he’s young, black and RICH!!!!!!