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Your Morning Dump… Where patience is a virtue

Von wafer disappointed
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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“The bottom line is every team goes through these situations,’’ said Ainge. “Right now, I can’t say anything. I have to manage our future payroll. I have to manage our team next year. There are a lot of things to weigh and there will be a lot of things that come across my desk.

“Just because a guy plays small forward doesn’t mean he’s better than the guys we have. We want to add quality to our team.’’

Ainge has great confidence in the roster he compiled, even as it crumbles around him. Harangody and Wafer will get their opportunities to produce in the spotlight, regardless of how ill-fitted they appear for their new roles.

The best-case scenario for the Celtics is that Daniels can recover from his injury in time to provide depth for the playoffs while the other reserves respond immediately with improved play.

If not, Ainge will keep his ears and eyes open, ready to do anything to win a title. The current group deserves the effort.

“It’s a good time for us to be maybe down a man or two, even though we are playing some pretty good teams,’’ said Ainge. “This is just part of what happens to every team. Nobody cares what goes on with the Celtics as far as injuries. It’s going to be fun.’’

Globe: A time for patience, not panic

The Celtics, because their roster is at its max (remember, injured players still count on the roster) have no choice but to be patient.  One interesting note in that piece is that if Marquis can't make it back and is done for the season… the Celtics will likely buy him out out to open the roster spot.  

Also, Avery Bradley isn't going anywhere… so any thought of that need to stop.  And Von Wafer probably isn't going anywhere either.  He played OK last night, and is showing he can be relied upon in spots. 

Yes, it was tough to watch last night as the Celtics faded against a team that they could have beaten.  But panic moves don't usually help.  Look at the Magic.  And look at what the Lakers have been talking about. 

IF Marquis can't come back, then Danny's got to just give the guy his money, open up the spot, and then we move on from there.  But if he can, then he's still the best option because he knows the system and the players.  Until then, we can just look on the bright side of things and see Von and Bradley get some minutes that might ultimately prove beneficial.

On Page 2:  There's a chance Delonte could return before the All Star break

Rivers said there was some discussion among the medical staff about possibly playing West against the Lakers.

Because no consensus was reached, Rivers decided to keep him out in Thursday's loss.

"He's going to practice Saturday," Rivers said of West. "I would like him actually to play in the New Jersey game [on Wednesday] just to get him one game. But even if he does play Sunday, let's say, it will be 5 or 10 minutes. It won't be much either way."

CSNNE: Celtics injuries start to catch up with them

This falls under the Kendrick Perkins model:  If he can practice at full speed, the why can't he play in a game?  The answer, of course, is timing and conditioning.  But if they feel comfortable with his timing and conditioning… then I'll take 10 minutes of Delonte West.  Hell, they could have used it last night. 

But I'll say what I said with Perk:  Don't rush him back.  I know we all want the #1 seed but I'm more focused on just being healthy for the playoffs.  I don't care if the Celtics go in as the 2 or the 3 seed.  A healthy Celtics team can win in any gym.  Just get healthy.  

But if Delonte CAN play… then hey… we'll take whatever help we can get. 

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  • What’s today’s excuse?

    Next up the Miami Heat. I hope the Celtic fans don’t make excuses again. Win or lose, man up.

  • Time for a blockbuster trade

    I want James Posey back to drain 3s and guard kobe!!!! Hopefully this loss will refocus the team for the rest of the second half. Seems like these losses serve as motivation. The injuries just suck — not much you can do w/ a depleted team. Honestly, I think Rondo needs to get a jumpshot. W/ injuries playing a constant role, we need someone to take over games during moments where production is lacking.

  • thetitleisours

    As dark as it seems right now this could all work in our favor.
    Al least LA might think they do not need Melo now or some other star Stern will let them get for bag of pork rinds lol
    Too bad we could not unload JON
    They need to test Bradley now before he becomes stale again from the D-League. Too many coaches sit guys who need to keep in the flow to progress. Don;t let mold grow again on Bradley

  • aaron

    as Doc says”be ready when your number is called” Wafer is doing well at that and gets it. 5 fouls on Kobe, no big deal, the c’s need him more than ever and he is still doing it when called upon.

  • aaron

    so last night sucked, did any one else notice that the llama even flopped when hit by his own teammate when he bashed his face into Odom? i thought for sure KG would get called for a foul on the play.

  • GoWyo

    Anybody know if they’ll have a decision regarding Marquis before the trade deadline? It would be nice if they could at least try to get a replacement for him before it’s too late.

  • hillcrestwildcat

    Still not the Blazers, they have no excuses neither should we, it explains some things but we had chances to win. Props to the Lakers for taking care of business but this win means little in the grand scheme of another rematch with Kobe getting to chill most of the game then close out, perfect scenario for them to win (they should have) but ultimately with just about all our rotation players outside of our starting five (note rotation players are those who play REGULARLY Lakers fans) not playing, Ray in foul trouble, Pierce with the flu you as the defending champs coming into hostile territory with a huge chip on your shoulder you better have won, the fact it was not this overwhelming dominant win, might should give you pause.

  • DRJ

    Actually, I think the Magic’s moves were pretty good for that team, if you can ignore Agent-Nada. Takes time to gel, but JRich and Turk are major improvements. I expect they’ll be a tough out.

  • ducksawce

    Haha you idiot. Your Lakers already got blown out by the Heat…not to mention you also lost twice against your Western Conference rival equivalents, the Spurs. rofl “man up”…your Lakers have obviously been doing that oh so well haven’t they!
    Congratulations, they played a damned good game. What are they now, like 3-7 against the elite teams?
    Everybody, stand up and give a round of applause for the Lakers…for this MONUMENTAL acheivement in breaking the .40 mark against elite teams…wow, whoa! You’ve managed to lose slightly less than 60% of the time!! Kudos to youuuuu.
    Seriously though, good game. The Celtics wanted the previous game in LA more than the Lakers did…and vice versa here.
    Puleaaasse drop the whole Heat thing…and I promise we won’t mention the Spurs, okay? Just like, tone down the dick waving until the finals. God knows we loved beating you in LA, and you deserve the same jubilation today, but really fellas? Man up? Weak…we could’ve told you the same thing 2 weeks ago.

  • paul

    I don’t want to see panic, but I want to see the young guys playing. I don’t care if they lose us games. We need to start transitioning to the younger guys. Let’s see what Harangody has. No pt against LA? That makes no sense anymore. It made sense when we were fighting for home court advantage in the playoffs, that’s not making sense anymore. We need to play the young guys. They need to learn about the NBA the hard way. Let the older guys continue to mentor them.

  • LA Troll

    trolling again suckas!!! LA baybee!!!!!

  • PPsuckscansuckmyPP

    @ this point, your handle is redundant.
    So join PPsucks.