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Ray drove his coaches nuts

Ray and doc There isn't a single basketball writer I respect more than Jackie MacMullan.  And today on WEEI she had an interesting take on Ray Allen and his quest for the 3-point title.

”It was just so funny to me how, as he was approaching the record, everyone was saying, ‘Oh, Ray Allen, a coach’s dream, the greatest veteran, what a model, an ambassador for the NBA.’ And I was thinking, ‘Whoa.’ I can remember a lot of coaches that really struggled with Ray, including the one here.

“And that doesn’t mean they don’t love him — and certainly Doc [Rivers] and Ray have found their way together — but that’s not who Ray is. Ray’s going to challenge you and Ray’s going to question you. Because he wants things to work within his own parameters. And to me, that was the most interesting part about this quest for the 3-point title, was he did it through multiple coaches, each of whom at one point or another I’m sure were saying, ‘This guy drives me nuts!’ ”

Ray is a total perfectionist.  And total perfectionists who admittedly have OCD don't just accept things and say "oh, that's how it is? That's fine, I'll work with it."  They ask "why" a lot. So I can totally see what Jackie is saying there.  Guys like Ray want things their way… not to be difficult or because they feel entitled (like a certain someone in Miami)… but because they think their way is the best way.  And it's going to take some convincing to show these types of personalities that there is a better way than theirs.

Credit Doc Rivers for taking a strong personality like Ray… and other strong personalities like Pierc, KG and Rondo… and meshing them to form a solid locker room.  It's really amazing when you think about it.

Also follow that link for some other great opinions on yesterday's game and other current NBA events.

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  • Jason

    I guess there was a lot more to Ray’s assimilation into the C’s O and D than widely presumed. Pretty interesting.

  • paul

    I think it’s funny that you attribute questioning authority to being OCD. It used to be that we attributed that to having a mind of one’s own, to being capable of critical thinking, to being someone who actually PAYS ATTENTION. But oh well, I guess times have changed and we live in a society of drones …

  • CFH

    Her article on ESPN a few days ago (it was linked in the morning dump here) also touched on that a little… Ray described there as always being “angst” between him and George Karl.
    And Karl DID specifically blame a lot of it on the OCD, Paul. He said Ray tried to inflict his attention to detail on his teammates and it caused problems.
    Of course, Karl’s way of dealing with it was apparently to call Ray a Ken Doll and then trade him for nothing.
    Doc doesn’t get enough credit. The “good at managing personalities” thing isn’t a back-handed compliment saying he can’t do Xs and Os.. it’s a genuine talent.

  • Nick

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  • What’s today’s excuse?

    Dude you need to seek help. Quit trying to be an internet tough guy. It makes you look pathetic.
    BTW Lakers won again.

  • Nora

    And you don’t look like a fake tough guy who hides behind his computer. I wouldn’t talk, Troll. Didn’t realize Lakers winning 2 in a row was such an accomplishment. Congrats!

  • Pretty much everything you say about Laketard is correct. They are cowards and pussies as you mentioned. Not to mention the dumbest fan base in the world with only the smartest among them being semi-literate. But you ruin it all by calling Magic Johnson an AIDS patient. Mock the Laketards for their stupidity, their complete lack of guts. Mock them for their hypocrisy it’s all fair game and true but don’t go the AIDS patient route.
    Keep in mind that it’s not Magic Johnson posting illiterate garbage on this blog. Hell he was retired 5 years before most of the Laketards who post here were born. Those few who remember him playing only remember the end of his career and they were Bulls fans then anyway.

  • Remember Nora games before June don’t count. Unless the Laketards win them.

  • Obviously this was in response to Nate not the Laketard. My mistake.

  • CFH

    You lowered yourself– and the rest of us, by association– to their level “because they deserve it?”
    That doesn’t make sense.
    I’m all for the more amusing/dim trolls being allowed to say “Fakers 4Ever” if they want… but the personal attacks the other day made the whole comments section too disgusting to read. There have to be some limits.

  • No… I attribute RAY’S questioning of authority PARTLY to his OCD… which he admits to having.

  • Doc is def to be commended for his handling of such big egos.
    Ray should also be commended. As much as a perfectionist he is, OCD people fail without routine. Ray has been able to be successful in Boston despite a diminished role, inconsistently having his number called on offense and relying on OTHER PEOPLE to help get a victory– these are all attributes that an OCD/Perfectionist such as Ray would struggle with. He’s handled it like poetry…
    I love Jackie Mac too. 🙂

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    “There isn’t a single basketball writer I respect more than Jackie MacMullan.”

  • Orb

    Agreed. I rarely even read the comments anymore, especially when the Lakers are involved.

  • What’s today’s excuse?

    It’s funny that you all support Nick. The stuff he spews on the Laker sites is far worse than anything posted here. But I guess as long as he is a Celtic fan it’s cool.

  • What’s today’s excuse?

    Laketards? Fakers?
    Celtic fans have such class………NOT

  • Nora

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  • Goceltics

    Exactly, this is not some porn site. Degrading woman and making physical threats should not be acceptable. When people start doing that, intelligent conversation goes out the window. This is a great site,with great info and insight about Celtic basketball. I think the staff at Reds Army did an excellent job of closing comments on that post,because it was getting out of hand.