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Ray Allen’s Record Setting Night

Last night was one of those electric nights at the Garden.  A Celtics/Lakers matchup in of itself always generates enough buzz and electricity to power the entire city for a week, but the anticipation and eventual celebration of Ray Allen's NBA record setting three-pointer jolted it to another level.  For the handful of people (comparatively speaking) that were lucky enough to witness it live, it was incredible.  I was one of those lucky people and I was able to take some live footage of Ray's record tying three, record breaking three, and the brief celebration that took place in between the first and second quarters.  If you follow me on Twitter (@MrTrpleDouble10) I'm sure you've seen the videos I posted by now.  If not, check them out below.  Just brings chills.




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  • Last night was awesome! It was such a great experience to be able to be in the Garden as it ERUPTED after those 2 threes. What a night! Great videos. I wish from the videos you could tell how INSANE the Garden went. It was 10x as loud as it seems on those videos!

  • TJames

    Amazing… Wish I lived in Boston and was able to be part of that atmosphere. Simply awesome.

  • D

    oh man get me some tissues!

  • Celtsfan33

    Great videos…what an awesome moment and it was cool to get a glimpse of the atmosphere. Thank you!!

  • What’s today’s excuse?

    It’s funny how the Celtics celebrate Allen breaking the three point record when most were when he wasn’t a Celtic. Makes Celtic fans look kinda pathetic.