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Enemy Chatter: The Lakers bloggers forgot a few details

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Los Angeles.

Credit Ron Artest for defending Paul Pierce far, far better than he did on February 1st. In that first matchup between these teams, Ron allowed Pierce to get too-easy separation en route to 32 efficiently scored points. Tonight Ron held his small-forward counterpart to 15 on 16 shots. The Laker bigs also did work on D. Bynum, Gasol and Lamar Odom pretty much took away the entire paint from the Celtics, forcing them to become a midrange jumpshooting squad. The stat lines tell you how well that worked out for them: Garnett, 4 for 13…. Rondo, 5 for 14…. Glen Davis, 3 for 10…. you get the picture. And the picture is good.

I very much approve of how the Lakers worked the ball inside this evening. Not merely that they worked the ball inside, but how. Instead of the basic entry pass into the post, they often looked for and found backdoor lobs and baseline bounce passes, tactics that we haven't seen a lot this season and that kept the Celtics' D off balance. It was a clever, unexpected gameplan from Phil Jackson.

Silver Screen and Roll

Silly me for thinking LA bloggers would qualify some of their claims after their team's victory.

A big reason why the Lakers dominated the paint was the fact the Celtics were missing 3 frontcourt players (Shaq, JO and Semih).

A big reason why Ron Artest "shut down" Paul Pierce is because Pierce spent Wednesday in the hospital getting IV fluids due to an illness.

And there's always the injuries to Nate Robinson and Marquis Daniels – two KEY cogs in that second unit.

I hate playing the injury card, but it's clearly appropriate in this case. The Lakers got themselves a nice little road win last night… against a depleted Celtics team. That's a fact.

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  • hillcrestwildcat

    Agreed couldn’t have said it better. I posted this in another thread but it bears repeating.
    Still not the Blazers injury issues. they have no excuses neither should we, it explains some things but we had chances to win. Props to the Lakers for taking care of business but this win means little in the grand scheme of another rematch with Kobe getting to chill most of the game then close out, perfect scenario for them to win (they should have) but ultimately with just about all our rotation players outside of our starting five (note rotation players are those who play REGULARLY Lakers fans) not playing, Ray in foul trouble, Pierce with the flu you as the defending champs coming into hostile territory with a huge chip on your shoulder you better have won, the fact it was not this overwhelming dominant win, might should give you pause.

  • Nick

    Ya thesE Laers blogges are legitimately insane, I mean they complain about missing 1guy(matt barnes) yet we are missing our entire fucking bench. Against L.A The O’Neals are even more important than Big Baby in my opinion because they are both big enough to help K.G and Perk bang with Gasol and Bynum. Delonte West would start at PG if he played for the Lakers but they don’t acknowledge that. Pure fools, they are so eager to beat a good team that they’ll take any way they can get it. I don’t care if we lose out and finish as the #8 seed, if we have Delonte, 1 of the O’neals we ain’t losing a series. I just hope Danny replaces Queez.

  • Alex

    Guys, just let the Laker fans enjoy this win. It’s the only win against an elite team (even though the C’s were completely depleted and none of our starters had appropriate rest).
    Let’s move on and hope the C’s get healthier soon… I’m getting iffy with the amount of injuries they are getting and just seeing the team collapse… it’s sad to see. I’m surprised the Starting Five have been in tact but we NEED our bench.

  • PPsucks

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow you guys are garbage…….even your wheelchair said that those arent excuses you guys have 4 all stars so stfu…..you were up 15 pts so stfu……..something that we also fail to mention is that we have Matt Barnes out another defender and a spark off the bench but you guys seem to just go by that huh? damn you guys are always full of excuses when you guys come out losing take the loss like men

  • Jason

    Throughout the second half I was pissed for sure, but at the same time it was completely evident this win was meaningless. Not just the injuries, but much more. Rondo was allowed to take a bunch of Js. We all know he’s not great, but he’d typically make at least 2 more of those. Still, his volume will be down when it counts. Ron defended Pierce? Pierce was molested all game. As was Ray. Barely a foul called. As usual. Ray or Wafer breath on a Laker, two shots. Twice Perk was called for a foul when Bynum went over Perk’s back?!?! You really think Pierce is gonna throw away a breakaway pass again? You think Ray’s gonna miss 5 straight midrange jumpers even if Fisher is bumping his hip?
    The only thing this Fakers win says is that they can barely beat the C’s even when the C’s (and refs) are at their very worst. Which, of course, is how they won Game 7, too. Damn that still f’ing stings.
    Anyway, enjoy the win Fakers. It’s bound to be the highlight of your season. The C’s are destined for much bigger things.

  • djisinthehall

    its fine, we shot horribly and the injuries were a factor. The lakers played a good game. The fact that it was still a close game is a good sign for us.
    Now if I was a laker fan, the way we kicked the shit out of them in LA is more troubling than the way we lost last night.

  • thetitleisours

    Maybe the league needs to adjust the roster/injury rules a little bit for extreme cases

  • Dr. J

    you guys still had most of your key players (Pierce, Allen, KG, Rondo, Perkins, Robinson, Baby) in the lineup and were up 15 in the game. no excuses for blowing that lead. still had the tools needed to win.

  • Dr. J

    naw, injuries happen all the time. you just have to deal with them. its an inevitability in the NBA, matter of fact any sport

  • Dr. J

    really? because they beat the Celtics pretty convincingly in games 1 and 6 of that series.

  • BRADinLA

    Yeah, with all that, if I was a Laker fan I’d be worried because the Celtics still made an inspired push towards the end. The Lakeshow stole one and an honest Laker fan would put a GIANT asterisk next to this win. Hell, when we beat them in LA last year Laker fans pulled the ‘Kobe didn’t play card’ so eff them.

  • Dr. J

    your right, they shouldnt have celebrated a win because poor Delonte was injured. Their injuries dont matter at all!!!!!!

  • Matt

    I’m sorry, but were any of you surprised when Shaq and Jermaine went down with injuries? You can’t sign two of the most injury prone guys in the NBA and then complain when they get hurt.

  • paul

    Of course injury is a factor, but the injury card has been played too often. We explain every loss that way. It doesn’t work any more. This team has forgotten how to win, and lacks the urgency to win. I’m not hating on them. I still love the team, and I look forward to seeing how they do against Miami, though I expect a blowout Miami win. The Big Three brought pride back to Boston basketball, and that’s priceless, but they are old, tired, and running out of gas.

  • LakerChamps!

    Excuses excuses!
    Heres a great observation from a smart Celtic fan I read elsewhere.
    “Interesting minute totals tonight Sometimes its easy to get caught up in the injuries, fatigue and foul trouble that plagued the Celtics tonight. But taking a step back and looking at both teams and who played it doesnt seem that big of a disparity. Gasol 37 min – KG 34.
    Artest 39 min – Pierce 40.
    Bynum 34 min – Perk 31.
    Kobe 38 min – Ray 35.
    Fisher 31 min – Rondo 44.
    Other than Rondo who is by far the youngest and most energetic Celtic regular, the minutes were amazingly close for both teams starting 5. The Celtics and Lakers both only had 7 players playing big minutes so this game was much more evenly matched that it may have seemed at the outset despite the Celtics injuries and foul trouble. Odom/Brown are comparable to Baby/Wafer off the bench so the only real difference was Blake playing 12 minutes while Nate got banged up and only played 4.”

  • Dr. J


  • Jason

    Nate and Avery played a combined 5 minutes. The rest of the game was played by 7 men. Anyone would be running out of gas. Not sure age has anything to do with it.
    Like I said above, the C’s are destined for bigger things. Perk’s already back to a full load. Delonte’s back soon. Shaq is being managed to be ready when it counts. Quisy should be back then (hopefully), too. Semih and/or Jermaine should be able to contribute something if only minutes and fouls. Nate and Von still have their value. (Note SIX of the last 7 players I mentioned weren’t even available to contribute last night.)
    This is a February game. Playing VERY shorthanded and pretty poorly, the C’s still were right there against a supposedly elite NBA team. I really don’t see how over-the-hill and panic-button reactions are warranted at this time.

  • Goceltics

    I feel pretty good about this game. Even though we lost. Wafer played good, and it wasn’t a blowout, considering the injuries. Last time we played them we had Shaq. He did not have a huge game,but he frustrates their bigs. It is nice to know we have a guy like that on the shelf.

  • Goceltics

    I understand your frustrations. Our team is built for the playoffs. When we get all of the pieces in place,Watch out! Last year I had doubts too. I thought we would lose to Cleveland. Playoff ball is different than regular season. Hang in their man!

  • Goceltics

    Look man, Lakers are a great team, so are the Celtics. I think the C`s are the only team that can actually beat L.A in a seven game series. No excuses man. Lakers won fair and square. If these 2 teams can meet again in the finals it would further cement this rivalry. The greatest rivalry in sports.

  • Classless

    As a Celtics fan, its really lame to site Semi, Shaq, Jermaine, and West as reasons we lost. Maybe you have a slight case with Shaq, but the other guys haven’t even played yet this year or would not have played much anyways.
    We lost because the Celtics got destroyed on the boards and Rondo still can’t hit a jump shot.

  • TJames

    Pierce has flu, was in hospital night before. Robinson played for 5 mins then was out the rest of the game? What game was you watching. Scrub.

  • chrisvaldezgt20@hotmail.com

    Keep talking boston fans, all you cowards are known for is talking shit, just like paul pierce saying your not going back to LA in the finals, blah blah. All this site is known for is talking shit. bunch of red head clowns. Im done

  • Cornbread Maxwell

    No? Then how about Marquis or Nate? We literally had no bench against LA. That’s not an excuse it’s a fact.

  • Goceltics

    All I was saying is it would have been nice to have Shaq. Still no garunteed win. Yes, Rondo needs to shoot better. I dont know if that will happen anytime soon.

  • Goceltics

    Look man, I respect your opinion, however it is still an excuse. This game was still very winnable. They killed us in the paint! Same story as last year. When we played them at their place. We controlled the paint better and shot almost perfect. The C;s took their bigs out of the game.

  • LA

    Celtics will NEVER hand over credit where it is due. Or at the very least they always try to downplay their losses to the Lakers just because of the rivalry. Excuses get old. You call us out for making excuses all the time, but look at what you guys are doing right after a loss. We’ll see you in June (but it’s your responsibility to even make it there). Bring on the replies trolls.

  • Purp n’ Yellow

    That’s like us saying you’re lucky that we didn’t have Barnes and didn’t play Caracter, Ebanks, Ratliff, or Joe Smith. Also, you’re lucky Kobe and Bynum have injuries that they’re still not fully healed from. Cause we would have blown the fuck out of you.

  • Dr. J

    I watched the entire game, and you guys had still had the resources. Your starters were playing most of that game anyway, and they played practically the same amount of minutes as the Lakers starters. Also, the Lakers went on that big run between the last few minutes of the 2nd and first 5 or 6 of the 3rd when most of the Celtic starters were on the floor.
    just man up and accept the fact that the Celtics got outplayed.

  • NoMatterWhat

    BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH BAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAA. U leprachauns take after ur leader leprachaun Doc Rivers and i quote “Were still the champions…..on paper” BAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAA

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    You’re talking to/about Faker ‘fans’, man!
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  • PPsucks

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  • thetitleisours

    One idea is they allowed a team to “stash” a couple of players in the D-League. Maybe after three injuries one of them could fill a roster spot temporarily