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Your Morning Dump… Where all signs point to Lakers win

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Due to recent injuries, Boston essentially has no depth at swingman or center, maybe the two most important positions when facing the Lakers. Captain Paul Pierce sat out practice Wednesday due to illness, the latest addition on an infirmary report that includes centers Shaquille O’Neal (inflamed Achilles), Jermaine O’Neal (sore left knee), and Semih Erden (right adductor strain), swingman Marquis Daniels (bruised spinal cord), and guard Delonte West (fractured right wrist).

That leaves Boston with an available roster featuring just 10 players, two of which are oft-unused rookies (Avery Bradley and Luke Harangody), who the Celtics had hoped just a short time ago would both be with the Maine Red Claws of the NBA Development League.

…The Celtics fully acknowledge that, given their roster issues, they simply need to find a way to sneak out some wins before the All-Star break. The Lakers, on the other hand, have plenty of motivation.

Just ask Von Wafer.

“They’re going to be ready,” said Wafer, who could see increased time in the absence of Daniels. “They’re going to be ready to play because we just kicked their butts on national TV. They're going to come in here ready to play. We're going to have to be ready to play."

ESPN Boston

We can only hope the Lakers are reading up on tonight's game. Because the overall theme from the media is the Celtics are too injured to beat a motivated Lakers team. Not only will LA want to avenge the 13-point beating they took from the Celtics a few weeks ago, they are a team out to prove it can play with the big boys. The Lakers record vs elite teams is 1-6.

I can't imagine either team in this rivalry overlooking the other. But in the same way we've seen the Celtics lose to a Kevin Durant-less OKC Thunder, teams can let their guard down a bit. It's possible LA carries that mentality into the Garden tonight.

It's also possible the Celtics outwork and outplay them because they still have enough talent to win.

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On Page 2, Ray Allen doesn't want to rush.

The last thing Allen wants is to rush the record.

“The one thing I don’t want to do is go into the game with that on my mind: ‘I’ve got to shoot a three, I’ve got to get two up real quick, bring the building to its feet,’ ’’ he said.

Allen has played out the moment in his mind. And he gets to do it in front of the home crowd.

He doesn’t expect a stoppage.

Maybe just a hat tip.

“The anticipation of it will be great,’’ Allen said, “because so many people will be waiting, expecting it and wanting to see it.’’

Globe – Counting by 3s

Ray is breaking the record tonight. The only scenario where I wouldn't want to see it – if the Lakers are blowing out the Cs.

There will be some sort of interaction with Reggie Miller, who will be courtside calling the game for TNT. Whether Reggie bows to Ray or the duo exchange a hand slap, I expect some type of acknowledgement.

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  • Alex

    I’m actually worried about this game.
    The C’s barely have anyone in the bench. If the C’s win this game, I have no doubt in my mind that they will win it all this year. To have the heart and toughness to pull it out with just 10 players… wow.

  • paul

    I know it’s important not to criticize the Cs, unless we are demonizing KG, but this team has really no chance in this game. It’s not just that they are shorthanded, though that obviously matters a lot at this point; it’s also because, even if they had everyone on board, they’d play down to the Lakers, and end up losing. This team’s mind has been on avenging last year’s loss so long that they’ve never woken up to this being a new year and a new challenge.
    Then again, tonight could be the night they wake up to that, and they still have plenty of talent, more than enough…

  • mollysdaddy

    Pick a side man, can they win or can’t they?

  • Michael

    Play down to the Lakers? Are u saying we also play down to Dallas, Miami, Orlando, Chicago, etc? True it takes us til the 2nd half to get in gear recently, but that seems like standard pacing as season wears on.
    The only “better” team we’ve played, S.A., we beat. All the other mid-upper level teams we have either beaten or battled to the wire, as a competitive league should go.

  • greenbeand

    we still have rondo

  • jpv

    Did you watch the game in LA a couple of weeks ago? They did not play down to them that time. In fact, how do you play down to the Lakers? They are not Cleveland or Sacramento. If they lose tonight, it is because they are short handed. We need the crowd to be jacked up tonight.

  • Dude

    Who the hell is going to play the 3????? Wafer’s a 2, built as a 2 and plays like a 2. WE ARE FUCKED.

  • Lakers4Life

    The Celtics are fine! You guys worry too much! If they do loose tonight, it’s not the end of the world! Lakers must win tonight if they ever want to face this team in the Finals with confidence! It’s a rival what else? Good luck to you guys tonight, but I think LA will win, and it will make it that much interesting, if they both should make it to the Finals and play each other. As long as you guys have three out of the big four, you guys should be fine. I think Shaq is the biggest problem you guy’s have to worry about. He has attendancy to take time off once and a while with these fake injuries, believe me, I witness it in LA watching him go out with small injuries that take him months to heal compared to weeks for other players.

  • mollysdaddy

    Call me crazy, really go ahead and do it, but I’d like to see Davis try his hand at the 3. I’m not suggesting he’s a starting 3 for a championship run, but why not? He’s quick enough to keep up with the defense, I’m sure his lateral movements aren’t good enough to stay with the leagues best, but he’s going to be going up against Ron Artest and who? Luke Walton? Give it a whirl Doc!!

  • Classless

    What are you babbling about? They haven’t “woken up to a new year and new challenge”?
    They are the best team in the East. What exactly do you want?

  • Classless

    Injuries are a lame built in excuse for this game. The guys who are injured weren’t on the team last year. The C’s are essentially trotting out the same team they did last year vs. LA. I expect a win tonight….but a loss @ Miami on Sunday.

  • javagoogle

    Fuck the facts, stats and bla bla bla.
    Beat LA! Beat LA! Beat LA!

  • PPsucks

    Aww trying to take pressure off you guys so that you guys dont seem surprised if you lose…………WAKE UP call its LA vs Bos its a rivalry anyone can win!

  • Mileke

    Last time we played LA, Semih, Luke, Delonte, and Jermaine all DNP, Shaq did not score but grabbed 6 rebounds, and Quis only had 6 points, and also didnt have that good of a game, only contributions we received from the bench is Nate, and Baby, my only concern tonight is the BIG 3 playing too many mins, but if we come out focused, LA is beatable tonight with only 10 dressing, Von needs to have a big game also!