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Doc REALLY hates not having Marquis

Back in September, I said this

And of course our biggest fear should be at the small forward spot.  Paul Pierce has been durable… but durability only lasts so long.  And when your backup, sadly, is made of paper mache’, there’s a little big of a concern that we’ll have some patchwork filling-in to do at the 3.  Considering the number of really good 3’s out there… that’s not an appetizing proposition. 

Well… here we are.  And Doc is NOT happy with that patchwork solution…. which right now is pretty much Von Wafer, Luke Harangody, and a lot of smoke & mirrors

“[Von's] not big enough to be that guy,” Rivers said. “We’re going to have to do something. We worked on it today and I’ve been here seven years and you’ve seen me trap probably 10 times. We’re going to have to start trapping, which weakens your defense. I hate it. But we worked on it today and we’re going to work on it every day until we get another [small forward].”

[…] “When Paul goes out, somebody’s going to have to guard LeBron,” Rivers said. “We don’t have that someone.”

Hey… life and basketball are both all about adjustments.  If you can't make them, then maybe you're not as good at either as you thought you were.  The Celtics have to make some changes to accomodate peoples' capabilities?  That's the way it goes. 

We all knew going in that something could happen to Marquis.  He's career high in games played was 74… and he did that once. After that it's nothing but low-60's and 50's.  The C's HAD to know that they wouldn't get 80 games out of the guy… regardless of how freak an injury it may be.  So they HAD to at least ask themselves "what if?".  

Well… it's "What if?" time now.  Let's see how this team adjusts.

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  • bananas

    ray allen actually defended lebron pretty well in the playoffs. He used his speed rather than his strength… but then, of course, there was no dwyane wade. Doc is right though… I mean they really have two point guards and a shooting guard and a guy who is not even ready to play his position in the playoffs… they’re going to have to make a trade and we know how difficult it’s going to be to make a move… batum, battier, posey, hamilton, prince, bell, anyone?

  • lakeb

    TYPICAL DOC always making excuses! always!!!! anyways lakers back to back champs!!! lets get that threepeat!!!!

  • GoWyo

    Posey would be nice. He’s a good defender, can spread the floor and already knows the Celtics system so the transition time would be less than bringing in someone else. I’d love to see Battier on this team though.
    Each time I saw Marquis check into a game I wondered how long it would be until he got injured. His track record hasn’t been good. I hope, for his sake, the Dr.s, Marquis and the Celtics organization make the right decision on trying to bring him back. A permanent disability is not worth it.

  • Danno

    Serious question:
    Does anyone from this blog go around trolling lame Laker blogs posting broken Engrish garbage like the moronic post above from lakeb?
    I have neither the time, nor the inclination to do that. What the fuck is wrong with these fools?


    What do you guys think the likelihood of Rip Hamilton getting a buyout is?

  • not very likely

  • AboveTheRim

    Doc, Quis wasn’t gonna guard LeBron anyways. Not any more effectively than whoever you pick up at the 3.
    Danno, no. I too have always wondered that. You couldn’t pay me to go on a Lakers blog…even to troll. Ughh, just imagining the inevitable gay purple and yellow colors makes me shudder.

  • DRJ

    I can’t even understand the motivation for that. What do they get out of it? Weird… o well, takes all kinds…..

  • DRJ

    I count this as a significant failure to plan ahead. Too bad… because the problem is pretty serious now. Here’s hoping they get SOME backup for Quis for the playoffs. If not, then we could be hanging our championship hopes on the durability (or lack thereof) of Marquis Daniels.