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Breaking: Jerry Sloan leaving the Jazz

Jerry sloan Quick… who was the coach of the Utah Jazz before Jerry Sloan?

Sloan, who has been the head coach in Utah since before some of you were born (1988) is quitting.

KSL has learned that Utah Jazz coach Jerry Sloan and assistant coach Phil Johnson will resign at a press conference later Thursday.

More details will be posted as they become available.

The news comes after the Jazz lost to Chicago in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, where former Jazz players Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer helped the Bulls escape Utah with a 91-86 win.

After the game, Sloan didn't come out of his office for a postgame interview until about a half-hour after his team lost for the 10th time in 14 games.

Sloan has a lifetime regular season record of 1221-803 and a 31-23 record this year.  His playoff record, though is 98-104.  And as much as I respect the guy for his years of service and for having the third-most wins as a head coach… you can't write his biography without mentioning he hasn't won an NBA title. 

It will be interesting to see why he quit.  He's certainly one of the biggest names in the game.  He even just signed a one-year extension… so something is behind this. 

By the way… Frank Layden was the coach of the Jazz before Jerry Sloan. He's a total goofball who graduated to making videos like "Dazzling Dunks & Basketball Bloopers".  Why don't they make those blooper tapes anymore?   What was I saying?  Oh yeah.. Good luck Jerry.

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  • A man that everyone has to have the utmost respect for. It’s a damn shame if he is finally calling it quits

  • Also love how twitter is lighting up with everyone’s favorite Sloan moments ^_^

  • actually knew it was frank layden bc i had some of those blooper movies as a kid, still have em…. how ya allll doiiin
    Bout time, probably the single most overrated coach ever bc of blind commitment from there GM…. never won a thing, not even with 2 first ballot hall of famers for there entire career…never even mustered up a coach of the year award

  • celticsfan34

    Well yeah maybe because a guy named Michael Jordan was facing him in the finals those two years, maybe you’ve heard of him?
    And really it’s a shame he never won COY. Do you really think Mike Brown, Byron Scott, Avery Johnson, ect. are better coaches than Jerry Sloan?

  • When Stockton missed that open 3 his window closed. love when the coach has undisputed power over the players keeps them in check.

  • They had better years, althought none of them achieved consistent above mediocrity like jerry sloan.
    Michael Jordan retired 2 seasons, and the Jazz didnt even make the finals