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Your Morning Dump… Where losing Marquis makes things difficult

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

As Doc Rivers told reporters in Charlotte Monday, "I think what we have to do really is wait and see with the Marquis situation, how long that will be. If [it’s] that long then we have to do something."

Their options are limited because their roster is full and they do not have many tradeable assets to swing a deal. Here are some possible remedies:

The Celtics have 15 players under contract, the maximum number allowed by the league. If they want to add a veteran free agent, like say, Adam Morrison, or a player from the D-League on a 10-day contract, they would have to remove a player to open a roster spot. Wafer was thought to be on the bubble earlier this season, but his contract has become guaranteed and removing him simply opens another hole.

[…] Remember also that the Celtics are over the cap and any trade would have to send back matching value in terms of contracts, which would likely eliminate any of the higher-priced options. All of this puts Ainge in a tough spot. He has pulled rabbits out of his hat before and has a well-deserved reputation for making creative deals, but Ainge is not dealing with many assets this time around.

If you're looking for under-the-radar names, keep an eye on the Cleveland duo ofAnthony Parker and Jamario Moon, both of whom are in the last years of their contracts and both make around $3 million.

WEEI:  No easy answers for Marquis Daniels or Celtics

I only took bits and pieces from this, but this piece from Paul Flannery is a must-read for a complete breakdown of what the Celtics are facing with Marquis Daniels. 

We all knew from day one that Marquis was the one bench guy the Celtics could least afford to lose simple because we don't have another guy like him around.  Now that he's gone, we're scrambling to figure out what to do.  

My opinion:  Stick with what you've got.  Don't make a panic move.  Of course, that assumes Quis is coming back in no more than two months and will be fully functional physically and mentally (meaning he won't be playing timid when he returns because he's afraid of a repeat of the injury).  You can mix and match at the three and make it through the regular season without him.  Von Wafer can fill in for stretches, although that means going small.  Big Baby and Luke can give you some time there… although that means giving up speed.  There's no perfect in-house solution.  If there was, then we wouldn't still be talking about this then, would we?  

If Quis can't make it back, that's when we have to look at other options.  I like the idea of Anthony Parker.  And I'd be ok with giving up Nate to do it.  The problem is (a) the salaries don't match so the C's would have to get something else back… and I don't see Parker + a pick or cash just to get Nate happening and (b) would the Cavs even WANT Nate Robinson.  You could make a case that they could start Nate out there and give him free reign to chuck the ball as much as he wants… maybe drumming up some excitement.  But again… there's no perfect solution there either.

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On Page 2:  Pierce gets the showdown he wants

Pierce ray showdown 

Paul Pierce will defend his 3-point shootout title against a field that includes fellow Boston Celtics All-Star Ray Allen and NBA scoring leader Kevin Durant of Oklahoma City.

Allen is on the verge of becoming the career leader in 3-pointers made. He won the title 10 years ago while playing for Milwaukee. Pierce was the champion last year in Dallas, scoring 20 points in the final round to beat Stephen Curry.

The remainder of the field announced Tuesday is Miami’s James Jones, Golden State’s Dorell Wright and Cleveland’s Daniel Gibson.

Herald: Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Durant in 3 point contest

Pierce tweeted a week and a half ago that he wanted to face Ray in this contest… and Ray responded a few days later in an expletive-laden rant by simply saying he likes his chances.  

So we get the matchup we wanted… but will we get the final we want?  Pierce versus Ray in the Final would be fantastic… especially if they end up tied and have to go to a shootout. 

Yep… that would be a storybook ending.  And since we all want that so badly… that now, of course, means we should congratulate the 2011 shoot out winner, Dorell Wright. 

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  • celts boy

    dorrel wright my ass, pierce and allen go at it but allen comes out the winner………….. i thought this was a celtics blog, whats wrong with you guys? wheres the damn loyalty? ……….sickening

  • Damn hope we don’t lose him for more than two months or have him stay in the dog house like what happened last year…
    We have to beat the lakers and the heat this week in order to put some distance between us and the Heat in the standings…Shaq better play and play well… at least against the Heat.

  • It’s called sarcasm. You know… a joke because we all want this so bad, that Wright winning would be the most disappointing result.
    Lighten up dude.

  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    First off I hope Daniel’s has a speedy recovery.
    But seriously Daniels is nothing more than a bench player. He is not the key to the Celtics. At least I hope not. LOL

  • yeah, cuz bench players don’t count in the standings… or give key players rest so they can perform at their best.

  • D
  • running a clinic on sarcasm are we?

  • thetitleisours
  • aaron

    no really its true, bench doesn’t even count
    look at the reigning chumps, they have a good record, no bench,and are even ready to start trading starters.

  • Lorilei

    Did you really not get the sarcasm? I mean usually I’m kind of slow when it comes to sarcasm on the Internet, but I thought this was pretty obvious, lol.

  • paul

    Great article. Gotta agree with you on on the Quisy situation. Management has to STAND PAT if Daniels will return in the next couple months. IF he is not returning within that time frame in a decent state, we must explore options involving only Luke, Wafer, and Nate.

  • Classless

    Ummm Avery Bradley was the #15th overall pick. Shouldn’t he be expected to contribute given his alleged “NBA ready defense”? If not, why even bother drafting players?

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah my one gripe with Doc has always been how reluctant he is to play young players. I watch the spurs play and Popovich has no qualms playing his young rookies and they get a green light come in and really contribute. I think Avery given the proper playing time could at least develop some confidence and get out there and bother the hell out of opposing guards. I think Rondo and Avery on the floor together could be fantastic pressure, get hime out there! The guy had just set the D League record for 9 steals in a game

  • Not all first round picks contribute right away

  • Ed Teach

    I followed Avery at Texas, he will be a solid NBA player. But he is not ready, the Celtics knew this when they drafted him. He only had one year in college, and does not have the handle for PG, and still needs to learn the game. He wasn’t drafted for this year.

  • The Answer

    The answer is The Answer! Time to rescue Iverson from the Turkey League and let him be Ray’s back-up.

  • Haha we already got a younger version of him in Nate. Though nate doesn’t drive anymore.

  • DRJ

    I assumed that was sarcasm squared… but maybe not! Whew

  • DRJ

    May celts boy is doubling down on the sarcasm??!

  • BTW, props to Tony Allen for having a big time game vs Kevin Durant and the Thunder. Tony put up 27 points on 9-12 from both the field AND the FT line and had a +/- of +24 in road OT victory.
    KD still managed 31 points but shot under 50% and had a +/- of -10.

  • Nick

    Daniels fucking sucks. Feeble, no D, cant hit 3’s… Since Posey left this is one position we just cant get right!

  • javagoogle

    He’s still down.
    Kick him some more!