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Wanted: Your gameday rituals and superstitions

Celtics Fans

Got this email from Celtics fan and Red's Army follower – Steve D.

My roommates and I are die hard C's fans living in Los Angeles. We are all MASSHOLES, originally from MA but now living here for entertainment related work.  We want to make a documentary about what it's like being a Celtics fan in Los Angeles. We come to you for any stories, ideas you can contribute. Mainly we're looking for game day routines/superstitions. We'll be shooting all day this Thursday repping the green in LA gathering footage for our documentary.

Let's help a fellow fan out. Post your superstitions and rituals in the comments section. It's quite possible (and highly likely) Steve will mention Red's Army in his documentary.

John – I advise you not to mention your ritual involving a cucumber, shamrock shakes and Jameson. It's way too embarrassing.

Steve says he's going to be in Episode 3 of The Assocation. He was asked what it's like to be a Cs fan in Los Angeles.

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  • Jake

    Keep some chapstick/lip balm on the inside of the jersey you’re wearing. If it’s a big game sometimes I’ll wear a tie during the pre-game. When the game starts I have to be wearing athletic shorts, basketball shoes, and a C’s jersey. Everything has to be taken out of my pockets. So that means cellphone, wallet, everything. If a certain player has been struggling at the free throw line my friend (who is in similar attire) and I will stand up and go through the shooting motion with the player, trying to mimic their shot exactly. Also, after every Celtics two point basket we’ll throw up the deuces and tap them together. For a three pointer its three fingers of course. One finger tap for a free throw etc. If it is an important point of the game and we’re on defense we will actually stand up and get in a defensive stance, and slap the floor like KG. That’s about all we got really… Besides during commercials when we take a lap around the couch and touch the Replica 2008 Championship Banner that hangs from the wall.

  • Lee in Oregon

    I need to preface this by saying I know this is weird.
    Other than standing for half the game, I NEVER change seats or allow anyone else in the room to change seats during a C’s game.
    NEVER let anyone not rooting for the C’s at my house during a C’s game.
    NEVER answer the phone during a C’s game until the final buzzer.
    Now for the weird part…I have a small Celtics basketball, green & white, a youth sized ball that I can palm. Everytime one of the C’s shoot a free throw, I grab that ball and pretend to shoot 2 free throws before the Celtic player does. Seems to help but Big baby has been pissing me off lately by rushing his free throws.
    During playoff or big games, when an opposing player shoots free throws….I jinx the guy by saying the last name of my old room-mate “Siminitus” right before he shoots….long story but it works especially well on lebron.
    I always wear one of my 4 C’s jersey’s too, Bird, Parish, DJ, or McHale.
    Go C’s!

  • Wootay

    I will say since the 2008 Championship I drink a shot of jager and have a six pack of Wood Chuck and Either my Rondo,KG,Pierce,Bird,Russell jersey depending on my mood.. Im thinking about getting a Erden Jersey if there is one out there and if anyone knows where to get one plz tell me on here LOL!!!

  • I only watch C’s game in my manroom, complete with a seven-foot wood replica of the Green Monster, but that’s a different sport of course. I wear either my Rondo or Bird jersey with the alternate Celtics shorts, KG shoes, and I used to wear a headband, until the NBA got rid of the upside down logo. I think it’s obvious that no one is allowed to change seats. Finally, if we’re losing at halftime, I switch to scotch. I’m a C’s fan in Vegas, so I get to put up with more than my share of Lakers fans. For the most part, they suck.

  • If it’s a big game, I wear my KG jersey.
    Then there’s this new superstition I’ve got – whenever I take a shower at halftime, C’s win. Sometimes I’m too lazy to do it but my shower method has a 100 % success rate as of now.
    Another weird one is that me and my buddy used to play/sometimes still play NHL 09 (yes 09) online versus each other during halftime. When he wins, the C’s win too. Rule is we can’t let the other man win on purpse, so it’s fair. This one has about 80 % of being right.

  • GoWyo

    Each game day I wear one of my vintage Bird era Celtics t-shirts, all day. I also never think about the number of free thows or shots a Celtic has made in a row, I fear the jinx!

  • Lee in Oregon

    Dude, if it’s 100% success rate, u need to only bring the shower into play during GAME 7 situations.

  • TK

    I’ve become convinced that all of my C’s gear is cursed, so I no longer wear any of it, except when we play the Heat or Orlando. Then I’ll sometimes wear my Celtics cap. BUT, I always wear something green on game days, just nothing with a C’s logo.
    I knock on wood every time the announcers say something jinxable, but I do it quietly and subtly, so no one else notices it.
    Most importantly, I refuse to watch big games with my wife. That woman is a black hole of bad sports luck. If she walks into the room, it’s a guaranteed lead change.

  • Nathan

    I was born in 1990 and started following the celtics in ’98. I never saw much winning seasons growing up but was always told about Larry Bird and his days when they where last a winning team. I wound up getting a Larry Bird jersey and wore it under my youth basketball uniform every game every season I played.

  • All of the Celtic gear from when I was younger – and thinner – doesn’t fit…but…I have a Rondo T, and several Celtic hats…I always wear one of the hats, all day the day of a game…plus ANY AND ALL green apparel I have, including some green boxers (clean, folks, keep it out of the gutter)…usually my black Converse hi-tops (current pair has fallen apart) goin’ old school…plus I have a decent You Tube file of Celtic highlights, which I roll through to get the blood pumpin’…since 2008 I always end with In The Air Tonight…my cell phone is near, one to taunt my Laker-fan brother, and two, to text some of my in-laws during the game- my wife if Irish-American, so there you go

  • Oh, I should add, I went to Ohio University, so I have A LOT of green clothes, between my college years and I my love of the Celtics

  • fick

    Prefacing this with the fact that I’m a girl… Every game day, I make sure the following happens:
    – My nails are freshly done in Celtic green
    – I wear my “lucky” tshirt (if we’re on a winning streak, it doesn’t get washed until we lose – Hooray for Febreeze)
    – If at home, I wear my C’s pyjama pants
    – If I’m at work, I wear a pair of green kicks, plus the tshirt (and jeans instead of pyjama pants)
    – I only drink from green cups and glasses during the game
    – I wear my shamrock earrings and pendant
    – I always have my shamrock cushion on hand while I sit in the same armchair
    – I take a few moments to stand under our replica banner and ask for a good game with a good outcome
    It’s even extended to all my family and friends. My father now watches C’s games when he can and my mother has even started painting her nails green too. Friends and housemates know to only wear green and, of course, purple is outlawed in my house.

  • BRADinLA

    I wear my Rondo Gameday jersey-shirt and a Red Sox cap every game day from when I wake up until I go to bed. I stand during almost every play starting in the 2nd quarter. When Rondo hits a big shot or makes a nasty play I pop my jersey-shirt (keep in mind I’m often alone) and whenever the team does something spectacular like going on a big run accented by a huge Ray Allen 3 I pound my chest like KG.
    I live in Los Angeles near downtown and Koreatown where there are a lot of hardcore-real Laker fans so I get shit when they see me walking around with my Rondo shirt. It’s all in good fun and I invite it. During Game 7 last year when the C’s were up for most of the game people in the neighborhood could hear me hooting and hollering…. when the Lakers finally won that game the neighbors were yelling things specifically to mock what I had been yelling when the C’s were up.
    A lot of my friends are Lakers fans but I refuse to watch games with them as my sports-superstitious mind is convinced they bring jinxes… also I just don’t want to deal with Laker elitist entitled bullshit trash talk if the C’s happen to lose.
    Ain’t easy being a C’s fan in LA but it’s fun.

  • idrinkdetergent

    I close my eyes when opposing teams take 3 point shots. For some reason I feel it makes them not go in if I’m not looking. I used to not eat or drink during the games.

  • ashlyn

    on game days i always wear either my rondo, kg or ray allen jersey or a plain green shirt with some green sneakers.my mon cant be in the room with me because she askes to many questions.when ever the celtics make a shot, i have to do my special little dance.

  • RayRayforThree

    I always wear one of my Ray Allen jerseys or shirts that I have on game day. I work between NY and London so you can imagine the looks I get in London when people see me with my jersey (it’s not considered “posh”).
    I used to wear a Celtics sweatshirt that I had but it has been recently tossed as every time I wore it on game day the C’s would lose. A friend of mine, from NY – need I say more – gave it to me for Christmas and I came to the conclusion that he cursed the sweatshirt; therefore, I ripped it up and put it in the bin so no one could wear it and continue to curse the C’s.

  • john

    been a C’s fan since paul came out of kansas, for every game first things first no one is in the room. Phones off and I unplug the home phone. I start the day out with my Kendrick perkins jersey and sweats and as soon as pre game starts I switch to my green celtics shorts and make 6 ham sandwiches and a bag of trader joe’s bbq chips per half. as soon as the second half starts I don’t leave the room not even for bathroom breaks. After a dunk I pound my chest and repeat “there you go” if it’s a perkins dunk I say “ken p” while pounding my chest. When theres a three I take a lap around the sofa with my hands up. If we lose a big one the phone stays off for the rest of the night.

  • Boston Boy

    Season ticket holder, so this is only for home games. I always, always, always stop at halftime king of pizza across from the garden for a slice. I have two tickets, but i always sit in the same seat, the opposite of the one my ticket says, and whoever comes with me sits in the other one. If we are playing terribly, I’ll switch seats (got the idea from celtic pride)to reverse our fortunes. During halftime, chicken finger combo from the FRY depot, and walk a halftime lap around the concourse. I also bring my towel from the 20 pt comeback game against the nets in 2002 eastern conference finals for the big games when we really need a win. Thats about it but im sure there are more. Lakers Suck.

  • BRADinLA

    Lakers do suck.

  • I’m drunk and in Orlando i would say more but i can’t see. I have a ritual but it malkes me drink Go celtics