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Pierce takes a sick day, Delonte lobbies to play

The C's were down another body today… as Paul Pierce took a sick day.  That left them with 10 guys for practice. 

"We don’t worry about body count," said Rivers. "[The Lakers are] not going to worry about the body count, I can guarantee you that. We’ll be ready, we’ll be fine." 

But Rivers admitted that, after operating without a pure swingman Wednesday and dangerously thin at center, the team will be tested moving forward. 

"Size will come into play at some point [Thursday], but, listen, we have what we have," said Rivers. "We’re going to line it up against whatever they have and see who wins the game."

While normally all the focus on the day before a Celtics-Lakers matchup would be on the rivalry, Boston seemed more concerned about its own backyard, almost resigned to the fact that the Lakers are simply the next team on the schedule (when a visit from, say, Cleveland might be more welcomed). But the Celtics also aren't feeling sorry for themselves and those players that are healthy promised to be ready for the matchup. 

"We just gotta get it done," said Glen Davis. "Things happen, players get hurt. You gotta keep going. That's why you have 15 people on the roster." 

I'm sure Pierce will be back tomorrow.  Shaq's out tomorrow for sure.  So is Semih.  Delonte West figured he'd try to pull a Perk and lobby to play.  He actually went through a full practice… but is still slated to come back in 2 to 3 weeks.

And even though Pierce was sick, he wasn't too sick to do a little trash talking on Twitter.

Let's do it Like Roy Jones JR said they must of forgot http://yfrog.com/h8hzlcj

What's the link?  This picture:

Pierce 3 point trophy

Nice.  I wonder if that's pinned up in Ray's locker?

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  • bananas

    if delonte went through a full practice, why would he come back in 2-3 weeks? I thought if a guy goes through a full practice he should be able to play or at least come back in 1 week…

  • There are 3 games left before the All Star break. He needs some time to get himself up to speed. He probably can’t get there before the break, so they’re looking at somewhere immediately afterwards… which is about 2 or 3 weeks.

  • Not2Be