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Lamar Odom is that perfect mix of masculine and feminine

Via Drew Magary's side gig with The 20s comes this video that really is its own punchline.


Is there something sexy about a man and a woman sharing a scent? Particular when one of them runs up and down the court for 2 hours a night bumping into dozens of other 250-lb. men? I think not, Khloe.

I agree with Drew that this video is in many ways the antithesis of sexy. It's dry and both people lack charisma. Khloe's trying too hard; Lamar sounds like Robert DeNiro did on SNL, reading word for word off the queue cards.

Stick to ball, Lamar. You make $8.2 million, you don't need to be shilling cheap perfume.

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  • fick

    So not sexy. Thankful that I’ll never see this ad on my tv.

  • Bwhahahahahahahahaha! Oh….whew. Haahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah! Oh man…BWAHAHAHA!

  • greenbeand

    his disgusting pig is prolly tweeting his fat ass= embarrassing failure

  • javagoogle

    3rd Laker?.
    Meet 3rd Khardasian.
    What’s that smell?!

  • Not2Be

    KGs sweat. Order a double and they will throw in a lime.

  • Classless

    A commenter posted this video 3 days ago, yet no credit went to him. Pfffff.

  • DRJ


  • DRJ

    Hadn’t seen that girl’s face close up before. But man, she’s….. pretty homely

  • Cue Cards not Queue cards

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