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KG’s Blog: Charlotte was not pretty

Via ESPN Boston:

We had a good win against Orlando on Sunday afternoon, but watching Marquis get hurt was tough. He lost feeling in his limbs and laid there motionless! Felt a ton of emotions and wanted to help him, but couldn't. He's feeling better now, but it is serious. Thoughts go out to my man! Semih has also had a groin pull since training camp, so he's taking some time off as well. Our numbers are low, but we'll get through it.

After the win, we headed to Charlotte and caught the last 5 minutes of the superbowl (NFL football). Was a good game and Aaron Rogers (QB Packers) played extremely well. Congrats to them.

Charlotte was not pretty. We seemed to have been in and out of the game all night. It's tough to lose to a team that you know you should beat. We gotta figure it out and get these back to backs done. Coach let us know that most of our losses are on the back to backs! I believe in our guys and know we'll get it together.

Lakers are coming up on Thursday, then the Heat on Sunday. Should be tough games.

Then All Star game. Didn't know if you all know that I'll be going. Feel really blessed that the coaches voted me in. Going to LA with the coaches, Rondo, Ray and Paul. I remember writing about this before, but excited to go with the guys.

Reach Higher. KG

I'd love for KG to comment (in depth) on the recent criticism of his in-game behavior.

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  • Goceltics

    Any word on D Wests return?

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I think you guys should really just let go wit this kind of moral judgment about KG, it’s getting annoying and ridiculous.
    It’s quite some time that I’ve been reading strange things like “it’s better for KG to get a suspension”, “a suspension would be the best so he’ll cool down..”
    What are we talking about?? God bless every time the guy is on the floor wearing a Celtics jersey!
    Leave this over-the-top criticism to opposing teams and opposing teams’ fans.
    Doc stated it clearly: they go down on him as much as they wish they had a player like him in the roster..

  • Danno

    I’d love for this otherwise great blog to stop harping on KG’s “behavior” so it would read much less like a Lakers blog.
    Get off Phil Jackson’s and Alvin Gentry’s nuts, Chuck.

  • Alex

    BigMck seems to really want to know what KG feels about the recent criticisms against him. Seriously, who gives a crap… KG is obviously not talking about it because he doesn’t care. Haters gonna hate and like KG said before ‘I don’t care about nobody’s’

  • nate

    It’s getting to the point where it’s almost embarrassing to be an NBA fan because of all the complaining over KG’s “antics.” The Channing Frye thing is a non-issue as it looked to be inadvertent. He pushed the refs arm out of the way in heat of the moment. SO WHAT!? Us Celtic fans need to be proud of the man that singlehandedly turned our team around and brought us banner 17 (and soon 18). Don’t forget he is our leader and we wouldn’t be contenders without him.

  • Cam

    The KG stuff is getting ridiculous.
    He is not talking about it because what happens on the floor stays on the floor. It’s basketball. He doesn’t go out and push people around on the streets.
    Also hasn’t he already explained himself, something along the lines of “I am who I am, I’m not going to apologize for my actions, I play with emotion and intensity, I don’t care what people have to say about me” blah blah blah, you really need him to say this stuff again. KG has been pretty consistent on what he thinks of his critics.

  • Nora

    How many consecutive days do we need to hear about KGs ‘behavior’ You would have thought KG committed a federal crime by the amount of endless coverage on it here alone.

  • BigMck

    The mentality of this mob is… unless you have blind loyalty, you are a hater.
    It’s kinda embarrassing.
    Not to mention I said nothing NEGATIVE in this post.

  • Where was moral judgement in that post? Chuck just said he’d like to hear KG’s reaction to it?

  • I agree with Chuck here. Why can’t we disagree with something KG did without people hopping down our throats?
    It’s fine to disagree with us… but I think people are going overboard.

  • Nora

    In most others you do. But most of the posts lately seems to be taking constant jabs. We are just saying we don’t need to hear about it everyday. We understand your view.

  • Nora

    As we think you are going overboard with the KG thing…

  • CFH

    Also embarassing is the mentality of the media/bloggerverse that if Charlie Villanueva and Spike Lee said something bad about KG… it must be true.
    That game Phil Jackson plays where he says “player x does y” so the referees watch player x like a hawk, and call things on him that don’t get called on anyone else?
    That’s what the anti-KG crowd is doing, and this pro-Celtics blog is helping out most days. (Though I admit all you said in this post was that you wanted him to say something.)
    If KG acted like an angel for the rest of the season, Phil Jackson and friends would still be claiming that he did this that and the other thing… because it’s useful

  • Cam

    since when is a nut tap a big deal anyway?
    I’ve been a victim and a culprit of nut tapping. It’s called competitive sports. Since when is the NBA supposed to take on this Disney persona?
    Seriously though once KG shoved the ref’s arm away, that was the last straw!!

  • Danno

    Nah. It’s just not news. And it’s not relevant, unless you’re trying to find controversy where there really isn’t any.

  • Danno

    Disagree, sure.
    6 separate blog posts later, spanning an entire week of negative themed stories about a non-issue? C’mon. You guys are better than that.
    You’re dragging it out now. This is a Celtics Fan Blog. It’s not ESPN (fake) News, and it’s not LakerNation either. People come here to read about and occasionally discuss what they LIKE about the Celtics. What they HOPE happens. What the ENJOY about the game.
    Constantly harping on the whole “KG’s behavior” angle starts to make this place feel less like home court, and more like a feigned-impartiality “Non-Homer” blog that would hate on Tommy Heinshon for his hilariously Pro-Celtics outbursts and mock Larry Bird for saying “Magic can eat shit” at City Hall because it wasn’t Poltiically correct enough.

  • BOBCATSbaby!

    no enemy chatter for losses?….typical scrubs

  • paul

    You must think you really amount to something in the world of Celtics basketball, if you think KG has to respond to you and/or to your fellow bloggers.

  • paul

    Exactly. Stop helping other teams demonize the heart of our team.

  • paul

    You know what you said, and we know too. You folks are like dogs trying to bait a bear, and it’s more sickening every day.

  • paul

    You aren’t disagreeing with him. You are demonizing him and you know it.

  • paul

    And it doesn’t bother you that the ref was going way overboard in restraining KG? So do you think there should be no expectations that referees behave themselves appropriately?

  • paul

    Listen, I don’t like trashtalking and bullying in a basketball game. I hate that stuff. I didn’t admire it in Larry and I don’t like it in KG. But the snarling pack of blog-wolves needs to stop demonizing him, NOW.
    I had the exact same thought today that Rivers expressed: that this is soo much like the Lindsay Lohan feeding frenzy. No one gives a damn whether or not Lohan actually is a felon. All they know is that she’s in the media crosshairs right now and everyone can just pour out their hatred on her.
    IF Garnett were the ‘jerk’ or whatever that you choose to make him out to be, then you should have DAMNING evidence to show us, right? But you don’t. It’s the same as with the Rondo assist. You have nothing, because there is nothing, other than hype.
    Ah, but that’s the gas blogs run on, isn’t it? It’s all about hype. Hype, hype, hype, hype. It’s disgusting.

  • paul

    The infamous Rondo ‘stolen assist’ that you all hyped so much a few weeks ago.