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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc defends KG

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In recent days Phoenix coach Alvin Gentry, Lakers coach Phil Jackson and movie director Spike Lee have all have spoken out about what they perceive as Garnett’s bullying ways.

Doc Rivers, asked about the latest round of back talk, including Lee’s comment in an interview that Garnett has to calm down, shrugged the whole matter off with some strong words.

“That means he’s on their minds, and that’s fine by me,” the Celtics [team stats] coach said last night. “Kevin has done nothing wrong. He plays the game the right way, and I think all of these people who call him out would take him on their team right now. Other than that, I could care less about that stuff.”

Gentry, responding to Garnett’s recent foul to Frye’s groin area and his subsequent ejection, said he’s lost respect for KG.

“I’ll just let Alvin talk,” Rivers said. “He seems to do that well. It’s the fact that our team is pretty good. When they were bad in Minnesota you heard nothing, and that’s all it is. Kevin’s not going to change. He’s a terrific player who plays the right way.

“I think all coaches would like their players to play like Kevin Garnett, be like Kevin Garnett and act like Kevin Garnett. I don’t worry about it.”

Herald – Doc plays defense on Kevin Garnett

Doc's right… there's not a single coach in the league who wouldn't like some KG intensity on their team.

KG's demeanor and reputation is a touchy subject for fans. I was ripped apart yesterday for saying Garnett should chill out.

I love Garnett and 95% of what he brings to the table, but there's a difference between 2010 KG and 2008 KG. The intensity is the same, but he's more chippy. I hate to say it… but there more Bill Laimbeer in his game.

I want him to be intimidating. I want him to get under the skin of opposing players. But there's a fine line between playing that way, and playing like… a punk (Cue the hate mail).

Dial it down a bit, KG. Revert back to the 2008 model.

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On Page 2, the need for more bodies.

“I think what we have to do really is wait and see with the Marquis situation, how long that will be,’’ Rivers said. “If that’s long then we have to do something.’’

As it stands, the Celtics have no one to back up Paul Pierce at small forward. Even with Delonte West’s possible return before the All-Star break, the Celtics are still thin. Last night in Charlotte, with Semih Erden out with a strained right abductor muscle, the Celtics were down to 10 healthy players.

“Like I told our guys, nothing you can do about it,’’ Rivers said. “You’ve got to go out and play. [Last night], there will be a couple of guys playing spots, someone’s going to play [small forward] that’s never played it before. That’s just where we’re at right now.’’

Globe – The thinking is forward

The Celtics should have a better handle on Marquis' situation in the coming days. If he's going to be out closer to two months, they might have to make a roster move. That's a big question mark because the Celtics would have to ship someone out in order to bring someone in.

What's up with Semih? He's down as often as Shaq.

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  • CFH

    I’m glad someone is defending KG instead of letting the haters control the narrative to the point where you almost have to say “I accept that KG is a jerk BUT…” if you want to be taken seriously.
    This calculated, zen-master “KG is Satan” pile-on by the perceived rivals is eventually going to hurt him in the calls he gets on-court.

  • paul

    Exactly. Well said.
    Funny how no one seems concerned about one guy taking a shot at KG’s head, about Dwight Howard literally clubbing Rondo to the floor on a drive to the basket, etc.. Bloggers typically live in small, incestuous circles, where the price of belonging is groupthink, and everyone gets devotedly worked up about the meme-of-the-day. Opposing teams are working on KG because they know that he is a key to the Celtics, and meanwhile, KG seems frustrated with the way this team has been playing, losing games that we once would have said they ‘should win’ (we can no longer say that … lose games you ‘should win’ often enough and they are no longer games you ‘should win’; they start to become ‘games that you can expect to lose’).
    Remember not long ago the popular them was Overrated Rondo? Remember how someone found video of an assist that was wrongly, though understandably, given to Rondo, and remember how the Basketball Blogosphere, including the Celtics Blogosphere, got worked up over that for a couple of days? How ludicrous blog group think can be. Lebron is a jerk. Kobe sucks as a clutch player. There’s always a latest, greatest discovery, some new revealed truth for the faithful to pontificate.

  • lkk25

    also, when that tape of the phantom assist came out i think it affected rondos play. The past couple games he has gotten better. but yeah all that uproar, i think caused him to hesitate a little. I could just be me but i think all the chatter really gets into the players heads.

  • Viva

    Well, the difference between 2008 and 2010 model of KG is, what I believe, non existing. We just hear about it more. And all started with that “Cancer Guy”. What we see now is typical domino effect. One started, and now no one has a problem to speak about it. I just don’t think it’s something new. And as Doc says we should just let them speak, cause they do it well. I just don’t get it how come they are quiet on the court, when they have the chance to speak to KGs face, and suddenly after the game they just blabing about it. And, yes, finally someone is defending him.

  • VAfan05

    KG is the engine for our team. Last year that engine was running on vegetable oil(especially the latter part of the regular season)when it should’ve been on diesel.So now that he is back on diesel, Everybody trying to put it out.
    I find it funny that people say they have lost respect for KG, but they loved him before.When the reality is that he has never changed. His situation has changed,now that he’s winning it’s a problem. I love KG for his Fire. So Everybody who has something to say can suck it. All they are doing is adding fuel to the already enraged FIRE.
    Also people fail to realize is that this could possibly be the LAST SEASON HE PLAYS 🙁 so he is putting it all out there and doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks.

  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    KG is becoming more of a head case as he ages. Trash talking is a part of the game but man he takes it too seriously.
    I guess being a Celtic means you become a punk. The team used to have class but lately not so much.

  • Viva

    Like you know what class is…

  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    Actually I do but the point of “trolling” Celtic sites is to get a reaction. Apparently it works…
    It’s just for fun so why so serious? LOL!

  • FlyTime

    Doc’s words are predictable, calculated, and crafted like a press release. Believe ’em? Nah.
    Dial it down, KG. Waaaaayyyyy down.

  • chucksucks

    what’s up with semih? fuck you chuck. he’s been injured all season and he still plays hard. i heard you needed a week off to recover from a bad haircut. pussy

  • If changing KG changes his productivity on the court, don’t do a thing. The flipper was just lame, and will stay with him unfortunately.
    Otherwise players are going at him non-stop, every single play because he’s KG; doing things like throwing elbows at his head and who knows what we don’t see. His actions and reactions are scrutinized because he’s THE MAN and I think Doc’s reaction is right on.
    I hear Bob Ryan in Association, ‘nurse them to the finish line’

  • Cam

    2008 KG is different? really? He was suspended for a game for hitting Bogut in the face, and he had that whole thing with Zaza in the playoffs where he pushed a ref out of the way. I guarantee he probably had the same amount of incidents and techs as he does this year. You are so way off here. At least say he was different 10 years ago where no one can even remember as well cause for people that have been watching the C’s since he came to us will tell you that he has not changed one bit

  • Cam

    I think he does the opposite of taking it serisouly. He’s not gilbert areanas bringing a gun in the lockeroom, he’s not Steven Jackson saying that those guys woudn’t talk shit on the streets, hes not Haslem who calls them studio gangsters, hes not Artest who went in to the Stands and fought a guy, and hes not carmelo who had a fist fight on the court and was suspended for 20 games. They leave it on the court and it never goes further than that.

  • DRJ

    Like Doc, I couldn’t care less about what other people say about KG. Per se. What I do care about is winning games. So listen up Doc, because you’ve obviously missed the point here:
    What other people say about KG is irrelevant — unless it affects games. And it does, and could even more in the future. Like this:
    TECHS — the Mavs game was lost by 4 points. So because of KG’s tech, it was a 2-possession margin in the final seconds, and Cs had no chance. Likewise, in the Bobcats game there was ALSO a 4-point margin near the end, which again made it out of reach. And in the Phoenix game, KG’s 2 techs got him EJECTED altogether. All 3 games were losses, Doc. TECHS HURT.
    FOULS — NBA assessed a flagrant-1 after-the-fact on KG in the Mavs game. That’s a HUGE hit in a tight game, had it been properly called. Fouls hurt, always, obviously.
    FUTURE COULD GET MUCH WORSE — This is the most important point, the one that could do the most damage. If the KG PR gets negative enough, we can expect significant referee backlash – which would involve many more fouls and techs. They could even start calling those taunting fouls on KG that they’ve been ignoring all this time (and we know he’s committed them).
    Bottom line: You might not give a damn what other people say about KG, but you should give a whole lot of damns when you start losing games as a result. Therefore, Doc: Take KG’s reins, and PULL THEM BACK a little. You’re the coach. So coach.


    I agree – I’ve had KG’s back for 14 years and he needs to pull his head in. It’s every game something’s going on. He needs to get rebounding – stuff teams with his play, not his antics.

  • itsthatbradguy

    Need for more bodies? I think that = a need for SHEED!
    No I kid. Hope every one gets healthy soon!

  • Nora

    Making stuff up again I see. You are delusional. You need to dial down the hate

  • Nora

    Um he already does that and that emotion is what helps him.

  • thetitleisours

    Proof that DOC reads Redsarmy! I said the same thing in a post a year or so ago lol
    “It’s the fact that our team is pretty good. When they were bad in Minnesota you heard nothing, and that’s all it is. Kevin’s not going to change. He’s a terrific player who plays the right way.”

  • thetitleisours

    Funny how those that gripe on KG never seem to mention that Kobe should be in prison. Hmmmm…
    Need to break this out again lol

  • thetitleisours

    Funny how those that gripe on KG never seem to mention that Kobe should be in prison. Hmmmm…

  • ShawnCVD

    KG is KG. Who the eff are you to tell him what to do? Read DRJ comments below… the ball is clearly in Doc’s hands.

  • jared

    I think that trying to “pull the reins in” on KG is absolutely playing with fire. You have no idea how thats going to turn out.
    He has not hurt our team this year with any of this. All of you who say “calm down” or “hes a punk” might regret your statements were he really to do so. Folks, hes getting old. I know, hard to beleive right? Every game he plays becomes that little bit more difficult. Hes going to do what he needs to to stay pumped out there.

  • Classless

    KG has played the same since he arrived in 2008. What exactly are you talking about? Another shitty post obviously swayed by all the scrub NBA players whining about KG.

  • CFH

    Ah, but the last time Doc had KG tone it down– and this was in 07-08– KG’s play dropped as a result and Doc told KG he was wrong, and to tone it back up.
    You can’t tell Ray Allen to train constantly to shoot well and keep his body in ridiculously good condition… but to stop being OCD in other ways (telling off his teammates for taking a different seat on the bus). And you can’t tell KG to dial back some things, but not others. It’s two sides of the same coin.
    The way to handle the ref backlash is to do what he’s doing– don’t let the rivals be the only ones talking.

  • Cam

    You are absolutely correct. KG has remained very consistent with how he acts since arriving (and before in Minny)

  • DRJ

    I just can’t believe that KG is INCAPABLE of keeping his in-game intensity as it is, without going over the line. After all, he spent MOST OF HIS CAREER doing just that. It’s only LATELY that these issues have accumulated to this extent.
    But more troubling is — I think your opinion of KG (and those of others who would agree with you) is MUCH TOO LOW. You are pegging him as “childish”, and too “immature” to follow the basic rules of the game and still maintain his intensity. Can you walk and chew gum at the same time? I think KG can play great basketball AND follow the rules. I will not insult him by stating that he CANNOT do this.
    No offense intended here… but I just can’t buy that pov (which, btw, has been argued at length elsewhere).

  • DRJ

    But he HAS hurt the team. There are at least 3 games so far — all losses — where his antics hurt the team. See my comment above.

  • DRJ

    Not true. His antics have gotten bad only recently. I think he can easily pull back so that he’s within the rules of play, and still give us everything he can. He’s done that before, for years.

  • So where are you sitting Thursday night? Curious to see if you’re man enough to come debate a little C’s-Lakers face to face. If not, then you’re more of a pussy than I thought. We’ll be in Section 18 row 10 seat 3 and 4. Come on by and say Hi. Calling you out chump.

  • Cam

    Well you just saying that doesn’t make it true. I cited 2 examples off the top of my head from the 08 year. When he hit Bogut in the face and got suspended for the game, and in the playoffs against Zaza when he got into multiple times including when he laid a hand on a ref in that series as well and every celtic fan thought he was going to be suspended for that. The finger wagging at Calderon I believe was that year as well
    The next year he was injured for half the season so tough to remember but I think he got into it with Amare a few games before he got injured.
    Last year he got into it with BLatche and then got suspended during the Heat series for the elbow.
    Now this year he has done some things but just because they are fresh in our minds doesn’t mean that there are more incidents and worse incidents.

  • jared

    We lost games due to poor/tired play, not KG.
    Even if we did lose those games due to KG, I can live with that.
    My question to you is, do you really think KG does what he does because hes “out of control” or a “punk”, or do you feel, like I do, that theres reasons for the way he acts, ie. what I said earlier.

  • DRJ

    I just feel that KG needs some improvement. Like every other human being alive. In his case, it’s a matter of controlling himself just a LITTLE better, so as not to break the rules or cost his team points/games. That’s all.
    I don’t really believe there’s an argument here. I think we can all agree that there is room for some improvement. Nobody’s denigrating KG’s value on this team, and nobody should call him a ‘punk.’ But neither is he perfect, as is.

  • I didn’t think so. Pussy.

  • DRJ

    It’s just that this time, there have been several in a row, in a short period of time. And some of the things he’s done — like the ‘balls’ swipe, the ref arm-push — were unusual, beyond the pale. Bad PR.
    One thing worth pointing out is that in these cases, “perception is reality.” It’s what people PERCEIVE that makes the PR bad. And bad PR leads to negative public opinion, and more worrisome: referee backlash. The negative PR doesn’t have to be true… it just has to be BELIEVED. So EVEN IF we believe the reality is not bad at all… it DOESN’T MATTER if everyone else believes otherwise. The risk to the team is the same. In PR, perception is reality.
    For all these reasons, he should just focus on improving his level of control a little, so this little episode can blow over. Everybody alive can use improvement. KG too.