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The C’s are The Incredible Hulk

Celtics hulk shirt
The NBA announced yesterday that it is teaming up with Marvel comics for a new line of merchandise

What's big, green and has a history of being unstoppable? The Incredible Hulk and the NBA's Boston Celtics.

Which is why Marvel Entertainment LLC and the National Basketball Association are launching a new line of clothing, including caps, T-shirts and sweatshirts at the upcoming NBA All-Star game later this month. The clothing line pairs famous super heroes with famous NBA teams, such as Spider-Man and the Knicks, and features an array of other heroes from Thor to Captain America in NBA team colors.

The companies said Monday the super-hero-inspired line will ultimately be sold nationwide in NBA cities, traditional stores, and online. 

Big, green and unstoppable?  Yep, sounds about right. 

Funny note, that's an actual-size Shaq jersey Hulk is wearing.

Thanks Pasquale for the link to the shirt

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  • Alex

    Haha, funny how this is announced after we get beaten by the crappy Bobcats.

  • G4L

    How about rondo as the green lantern?

  • KY Celts fan

    I wish they had picked a different player jersey for the shirt. I like Shaq, but he’s the newest member of the team. Why not one of the big four?

  • G4L


  • javagoogle

    It all adds up:
    Rondo9 x Nate4 = Shaq36
    Mass-wise and mathematically.

  • javagoogle

    It adds up:
    9Rondo x 4Nate = 36Shaq
    Length, mass and mathematically.

  • javagoogle

    arrgh! doublepost!

  • FlyTime

    Pretty much one of the goofiest ideas for merchandise ever.

  • FlyTime

    As in BACK-TO-BACK posts?

  • celticschamps

    But looking at the two others available, Hulk really just fits what the Celtics are unlike the one for Lakers and Knicks for example. Definitely gonna get my hands on a couple of this shirt 😀