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What really matters

KWAPT (@KWAPT) February 7, 2011 Uncategorized 16 Comments on What really matters

(photo via Yahoo's NBA page)

Just got home from a pretty intense day at the Garden. Today's match-up with Orlando was physical, heated and emotional. Everyone from the fans to the players were hyped-up. Elbows were flying, bodies too, and the atmosphere definitely felt like playoff time. At one point, Quentin Richardson was jawing with fans directly behind the Magic bench. My friend Lisa saw him mouth the words: "I will f*** you up." TD Garden Security stepped-in, and there was a large officer stationed directly behind Q for the rest of the game.

Then something happened that seemed to completely freeze time. Marquis Daniels' head connected with Gilbert Arenas, and Daniels "just fell to the floor", as the girl in front of me described it. From where I was seated, I could only see Quis' legs. They were limp, and not moving at all. At that moment, the silence that came over the Garden was indescribable. It was as if the building was empty. A couple of drunk fans called out to Rick Fox who was walking by, and Fox motioned to them to be quiet. This was not good.

As minutes that seemed like hours went by, still no movement from Daniels. Then, a few of the C's knealt down in prayer. At that point, basketball did not matter. The score did not matter, the game did not matter. What mattered was whether or not Quis was ok. In the world of sports, we've all seen athletes suffer serious, life-threatening injuries when the head and/or neck is involved. Then, the stretcher popped-up off the ground, and medics began wheeling Quis out. We still did not know whether or not he was concious.

A couple minutes later, Lisa gave some comforting news. She had read on Twitter that Quis motioned to the crowd with a "thumbs-up." I felt a little better, but still very concerned. As the game went on, and we watched this fierce, tightknit group that is the 2010-11 Celtics pull away, news started coming in  that Quis was ok.

I can't even begin to pretend what the feeling must've been like for Quis' family & close friends, but I'm glad that he is ok, despite the severity of his injury. But for those moments when he was laying motionless on the Garden floor, it reminded what really matters. I sometimes forgot that these players, these heroes of mine are one thing at the end of the day. Human.

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  • paul

    In every walk of life there are moments in which we are reminded of the bigger picture.

  • Jimmy Two-Times

    Good post. I was watching it on the Precor at the gym and it was nasty. Get well Quisy.
    Why was that Geri-curled douche Rick Fox at the game?

  • fick

    Great post, KWAPT. This was hard to watch on tv, let alone actually being there. Glad to hear ‘Quis is going to be okay. I’ll be thinking of him.

  • LMAO…he pops-up at a few games-usually Lakers, Magic and playoffs..

  • greenbeand

    .760 is damn good ball

  • Nick

    Hope he is okay. Too bad he plays for the Celtics.

  • Lee in Oregon

    Another great post KWAPT….I think we were all on pins and needles there, i wanted to enjoy the win and actually couldnt untill I read on Reds Army that Quisy was ok.

  • Thanks Lee. It was incredibly hard to focus after that. This team has had to face so much adversity this season, and it’s not even all-star break. What they sometimes lack physically due to age, they more than make up for with their resolve and mental toughness.

  • Shawna

    Great, great post KWAPT. I was watching that and just plain couldn’t imagine what his family was going through. I would have been a mess. They he just fell and laid there…
    Glad to hear that he’ll be alright though.

  • jp

    It seemed liked after Q went down, the Celtics amped it up, particularly Rondo. The foot never left off the pedal after that. GOdspeed to Q.

  • Beastondo32

    Quis is out for 1-2 months with a bruise spine… yikes

  • I meant to say this last night, but this is nicely written. I was there too and it was really scary and really sad. It definitely felt like they rallied together as a team and took it up a notch after that, to win the game in his name.


    This will definitely make this team stronger. That post KWAPT put some real power into the story – this was more than your regular injury obviously – I even showed it to my secretary at work on my laptop. Awful. Quisy is obviously a well liked guy and these boys now have someone in the back of their hearts to play for when things aren’t going so well.
    The coolest thing I heard was when Ainge visited – the first thing he asked was the score…..respect Marquis and get well soon bro.

  • AboveTheRim

    Good to see Q Richardson mainting his DooshBox form needing security to step in. I absolutely can not stand this guy and don’t know how he’s even in the league. Pierce whips his ass EVERY single matchup. Like I’d love to see his career #s against the Cs…guy’s a joke.
    But i think most of my animosity stems from when he was with the Knicks and when the Big 3 first got together, they waxed NY by about 40 in preseason and he was mouthing off afterwards, then they waxed NY in the regular season and he was still mouthing off…along the lines of, ‘they ain’t dun nuttin’ yet in this league.’
    PP and the green just keep pushing this guy’s sh!t in and he continues to yap his gums and talk smack to fans. Quintessential Dooshbag.

  • CB

    This is a really really great post. It’s true. We think these guys can take on anything and that they are invincible. But, moments like these bring us back to reality. This was a great post. It was so hard to watch on tv I can’t imagine what it was like in the Garden. It was pretty amazing to see the team come together and win the game for Marquis. The picture is also really great. You can really see how close everyone on the team is and how concerned they all were for him. They’re like family and for the Celtics to pull through and win the game after something like that, that’s pretty cool.

  • Thanks everyone for the kind words-I really appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoyed the piece.