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Phil Jackson is still kind of a dick

Phil jackson

Phil Jackson loves taking shots at people… because being a "Zen Master" also includes taking little potshots at people (even members of his own staff).  Those people are usually upcoming opponents… and…. 

.. hey…. lookey here.  The Celtics are an upcoming opponent.  

Jackson said Gasol understands what the Lakers expect from him.

"He is who he is," Jackson said. "We're not going to make him into Garnett. He's not going to go around punching guys [below the belt]."

Jackson was referring to Celtics forward Kevin Garnett, who recently hit Phoenix Suns forward Channing Frye below the belt during a game.

It's about Gasol using his considerable skills, which have helped make him second on the team in scoring (18.7) and assists (3.6), and first in rebounding (10.5) and shot blocking (1.86).

"He's an intelligent person," Jackson said. "He understands what this game is about."

Oh Phil… you're such a card.

Tack that sucker up in KG's locker on Thursday.  Let's see how THAT goes. 

(via SpursNation)

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  • Phil can say what he wants I think he’s earned it. All he is really doing is trying to pump Gasol up who is clearly not a force like KG is. The only head that Phil is trying to get into is Gasol’s and there ain’t much there.

  • paul

    KG is not a saint on the court. Sure, call him a jerk if you want. But the rest of the league is demonizing him and we should fight that. They aren’t stupid. They know that if they can get the refs into a frame of mind where they are constantly looking for KG to call something on, or to hassle, that will help opposing teams. We don’t need to make that any easier for them.
    In this last game, Garnett, as I recall, gave someone a gratuitous pop on the way down the floor. Whadda jerk, right? Ok, well, what about Howard clubbing Rondo to the floor, because he had the temerity to make a great move to the hoop? Who is the bigger jerk there, Garnett or Howard? That’s not a hard call. Garnett just got in someone’s head. Howard actually could have hurt Rondo badly.
    So let’s not be like the blind following the blind as everyone jumps on the Hate Garnett bandwagon. Think of it this way: if Phil Jackson is on the bandwagon, should we be?

  • Jimmy Two-Times

    Phil Jax deserves a punch in the junk.

  • IanD

    I think that it is telling that the Fakers #2 in assists has only 3.6 a game, trailing Kobe with only 5!

  • “The only head that Phil is trying to get into is Gasol’s and there ain’t much there.”
    That’s probably true. Phil knows if the Barcelona pastry king isn’t any better than he was in game 1 then the Laketards are not going to win. He knows what hell get from Moesha Bryant the key is Mr. Spanish pastry.

  • Classless

    No one confuses Jackson with humilty or class. He’s a confirmed opportunist and pretty much a dick. Without Jordan (the G.O.A.T.) he’s nothing.

  • MightyCeltics

    That was dumb of the “Zen Master” to say that, know KG is out for revenge.

  • lakeb

    GASOL 2 rings….Garnett- 1 ring……… enough said

  • Nora

    Phil Jackson is an arrogant prick. Where would he be without his star players? He would not win as much and it would wipe that arrogant smile off his face.

  • Nora

    Yeah and Horry has like 5. Enough said. LOL

  • phenor jenkins

    The goat can say and do whatever he wants.

  • Nora

    The prick would be nothing without Kobe Shaq and MJ in his career. Very hard to fail with top 50 players. Would not mind him as much if he wasn’t so smug.

  • thetitleisours

    They all want to tug on Superman’s cape :)))
    Forget it. If it had the average man’s intensity he would be on a losing team like most of the complainers

  • Champ

    Why is your 1 title so sour?
    Isn’t it true of any coach? he wouldn’t win without good players. Ground Breaking!

  • Lakers4Life

    Nora knows NOTHING! Jordan in his first six years in the league never made it to the finals, until Phil arrived. And then BACK TO BACK THREE-PEATS. Kobe and Shaq first four seasons together and could’nt get past Utah to get to the Finals, until Phil came along and then came a three-peat! Six titles in Chicago and Five in LA. I think he’s a great coach, and knows what he’s doing! He takes great tallented players, and molds them into legends, just like you’re hall of famer coach Red! Think before you speak such nonsense NORA!

  • Phenor Jenkins

    You saying that shows ur lack of bball knowledge… SMH

  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    Stupid celtics lost to the bob kittens. lmao!

  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    Where is my sandwich?

  • LAhasaBostonComplex

    Yeah? And the Lakers lost at home to the Kings a couple weeks ago. Eat a dick.

  • javagoogle

    Dear Laker Trolls:
    Next week on ‘Lakerland’, starring:
    Lamar Odom………as Mr Odom
    Khloe ………….as Mrs Odom
    Kobe Bryant……. as Mr Sodom.

  • NorasHairyVaJayJay

    Good job Nora, u biased bitch. nothing ever true or knowledgeable or unbiased comes out of your mouth. i bet if odom or kobe punched a guy in the nuts u fuckin schmucks would be all over it nonstop but you’re justifying KG doing it? NOT only that u dumbass cunt but you’re also arguing that the only reason phil won was cuz of kobe shaq and jordan??? well like someone already posted that neither of them won jack shit without phil coming in the picture so shut your trap! also if you wanna play that game then tell me why did Red Auerbach win so many rings??? hmmm BILL RUSSEL? the only 7 footer playing in a league of midgets. go do some hw before you make you and your boston schmucks look like idiots.

  • FlyTime

    Phil shoots……and he scores.
    So easy fishing in this shallow barrel.

  • javagoogle

    Apparently, you are also unbreakable.
    Quick! Ugly Khadarsian on your back!

  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    You beat me to it. Hahahahhahahaahhahaha

  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    Is that the best you can do? LOL@stupid Celtic fans.

  • itsanattitude

    which is worse being a dick or running around hitting guys in the dick? love to see Garnot try that with Artest and get broke in half

  • thetitleisours

    Funny how those that gripe on KG never seem to mention that Kobe should be in prison. Hmmmm…