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Your Morning Dump… Where Ray is enjoying his pursuit

Ray and fans celebrate 3
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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

"I truly am enjoying it," Allen said. "This is a moment that I've never experienced before. I don't know how many people can experience this type of moment. We're playing a team sport, but there's the individual element that is associated with me right now [and] as much as I've always been very into the team, it's something that everybody is pointing at me, like, 'You need to keep doing this, you need to do that.' It's all a testimony to the guys that can stay around for a long time, because, you get 20,000 points, however many minutes — whatever it may be — but longevity produces greatness in any sport." 

ESPN Boston: Got 3's?

“There’s a sense of me getting sidetracked if you worry about it, because you feel like you have to shoot it from behind the arc,” said Allen. “I don’t want to press or get outside of what we’re trying to do here.

“I just want to continue doing what I’ve been doing,” he said. “I know it’s in the back of my mind, I know it’s there, but I’m here because of the preparation I’ve put in my whole career and let it carry me the rest of the way.”

Herald: Ray Allen's no 3 stooge

First of all… that's too much of a stretch there, Herald headline writers.  Why does EVERYTHING have to be a pun? 

Ray Allen is one of the most enjoyable athletes this town has ever seen.  He's got everything:  He plays at an all star level, he's been clutch, he's got an amazing work ethic, he's got the best attitude, and he can get a little bit of a mean streak in him.  I honestly love having this guy around.  When people call someone "a pro"… you might as well call them "a Ray Allen."  

Ray needs five 3's to tie the record.  Like KWAPT said yesterday, it's not impossible for him to do it today.  Ray has hit at least five 3's twice this season.  But both came against Miami (five on opening night, and seven in November).  In two games against Orlando, he's hit a combined four 3's.  So unless the trend changes, we're looking at the Charlotte game or (fingers crossed) the Lakers game.  

Regardless, I'm happy for Ray.  He's worked amazingly hard to last this long and be this productive.  He's not one of those guys just "hanging on" and compiling stats.  He's a key player and contributor to a championship-caliber team.  If any player deserves an honor or record like this… it's Ray.

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On Page 2:  The time zone switches mess with KG

Tough transition from the West Coast to the East coast.  Got up a bunch of times this morning.  Practice went well today, even though we don’t have our whole team practicing.  Got my lift in and felt like I got my work in.  We’ll see how the night goes and how I feel with the time zone changes.  Just found out I made my 14th All Star game.  I guess it ties for the league record of All Star appearances, so it’s a nice compliment.  I’m glad that I was a reserve, as I feel as though my hard work is noted by the coaches! 

Word of advice, “Work hard and enjoy the benefits”.


KG's Anta Blog

I like these KG blogs.  It's a little insight into a pretty private guy.  He'll give plenty of interviews and all… but he's always answering someone else's questions.  When you ask someone in the locker room "hey, how did you sleep?"… you get a funny look.  But when KG drops it subtly in a blog, it's an insight into what its like to be an NBA player traveling all over creation to do his job.

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