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This week in KG

RedsArmyAdmin February 6, 2011 Uncategorized 6 Comments on This week in KG

Kevin Garnett is one of the most interestingly photographed athletes in the world.  Every week, we share some of the most interesting shots here… with our own interpretations.

Kg amazed at kobe

"OH MY GOD… Hey Kobe… have you seen your 4th quarter shot chart?"

Kg walton

KG immediately went to HR to file an "uncomfortable work environment" complaint against Luke Walton

Kg hands flapping

Playing sock puppets loses something when you forget the socks

Kg hulks up


Kg bandaid on head

"You say one more thing about this Band Aid, Pau, and I'm flicking you in the junk"

Kg bloodied with crawford

"Look Joey, I know you want attention… but I think you might have gone too far this time"

Photos courtesy:  Getty Images, Reuters

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  • Viva

    This is great. I can’t single out not one of them.

  • lakeb

    kobe- the greatest basketball player of all time.

  • paul

    Great work!

  • Nora

    greatest ballhog of all time

  • fick

    I love “This Week in KG”. Always worth a chuckle.

  • thanks everyone