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Herald: Perk has turned down C’s offer

Kendrick perkins

According to two league sources, Perkins has already turned down a Celtics offer that is bound by the CBA’s current restrictions — a contract extension worth slightly less than $30 million over four years, which reflects the currently mandated contract limits of a 20-percent increase and a four-year maximum. Perkins, represented by agent Arn Tellem, has opted to wait until he is an unrestricted free agent, when even in an unpredictable market he has a chance of commanding far more.

Herald: Perkins shows strong suit

That's a low-ball offer from the C's as far as total value.  A little more than $7 mil per season is probably a couple million off of what Perk can get on the open market under the current CBA. 

But Tellem is smart to wait because no matter what the new rules are, Perkins is a proven NBA center who can defend and bring toughness to your roster.  There aren't many of those around this league… which means he'll be in demand no matter what the rules are.  

I wouldn't read too much into the rejection of the offer.  It only shows (a) The C's are interested in keeping him and (b) Perkins isn't going to jump at the first offer out there.  That's rule #1 of negotiating.  If that's the C's first offer, they're willing to pay more.  Even if Boston is the only place where Perk wants to play, you still say no to the first offer and see what else you can get.

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  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    Perkins sees the end of the Celtic run so he is looking to hook up with a winning team. He could go to OKC, Portland or Houston and keep on winning. Why not NY?

  • You are retarded he obviously loves his whole team so he would never change and i would love to see what happens to NY because they lost to boston everytime this year, they also lost to San Antonio and LA Lakers. Whats their record again??? ohhh thats right they almost have more losses than wins. Haahhaha

  • greenbeand

    big baby and perk could get stupid contracts ie david lee, joakim noah, anderson varejao. perk has done everything asked and more, that contract extension was insulting. say bye-bye to big baby

  • CFH

    LOL! Perk could not possibly have made his desire to stay in Boston more clear. He’ll only leave if he can significantly more money elsewhere…
    Oh, and he most certainly would never go to Portland. He knows what happens to centers in Portland, especially if they already have knee history.

  • ShawnCVD

    Perk is going no where . Would a large contract screw up the 2012 Celtics cap space?

  • paul

    They are paying Rondo ten million a year, right? I don’t see how Perkins rates that much.

  • Classless

    Well, the starting number is at least 6.5 mil, which is what Ainge stupidly paid Jermaine. Perk figures to get 8-10 mil per year. Big Baby is long gone though. The ESPN piece on his mother 2 years ago had Davis pretty much stating he’s going for the money.

  • celtified

    Perk ain’t going anywhere. We know he loves this organization and will give the hometown discount. The Beast will not forget the support he received from the coaching/training staff as well as the fans when he was on the shelf with injuries throughout his career. Short of Pitinoesque aneurism by Ainge, we just let things play out after the season.

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Lets just save the money and make a run at Dwight Howard. We will need some superstars after the big 3 leave.

  • Vandell

    Focus on today….. Focus on eighteen!!!!!!!!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    People dont be so naive. Perk is looking to get paid just like everyone else on this planet. He’ll stay in green, but only for the right price. If he gets more money somewhere else then thats where he’s going. Don’t assume someone would take a hometown discount, why on Earth should he take a hometown discount? The guy has maybe ten years of earning potential and he’s going to make as much as possible while he can and anyone would do the same thing. I think this just helps solidify that fact.

  • FEARLA2011

    …or it means he’s leaving that dumpster of a team…

  • celtified

    off the top of my head i seem to recall Pryzbilla taking a 4-5mil discount to stay in Portland because he really does like living there. Perk has embraced the Boston fans, organization and the tradition and may actually be more old school loyal than chasing the most dollars. i don’t think you can make the sweeping generalization that he will go for top dollar although that could apply to the agents. obviously time will tell. don’t know if i could say the same for Baby since he probably feels he been way underpaid since his contract moves didn’t pan out close to what he hoped.

  • Laker4Life

    I’m telling you Celtic nation! You’re seeing the demise of the Celtics starting this year! Perkins is a smart man, and he knows this team is good for only ONE run at the title, and that’s this year! KG is developing Dementia from hitting himself in the head too many times and talking too himself. lol! Paul Pierce’s miss haps on the court which lead to KG and Davis carring him off the court, and placing him in a wheelchair, now that’s pathetic! Here’s my prediction for the C’S in the future, Kobe will win two more championships as a Laker, and retire! Ainge will call him up and say, “hey Kobe” come to Boston and be apart of something great! We’re building an old dynasty of VERY old players. Paul is we’ll into his fourties, but still gets around in his wheelchair, Shaq has dementia and quotes the same things over and over again, but we don’t mind! KG talks to himself, and thinks he’s Russell! He also suffers from Dementia too! Poor guy! Big Baby and Nate like to watch Shrek all day and pretend that there characters from the movie, That’s got to stop! And we’re in the process of signing the great Larry Bird for half a million for one season. This will be our year deffinatly! Miami, LA, NY, Orl, SAS, will definatly be sweating us now! C’s baby, number 29 banner, oh crap, I mean number 18 will go up! Darn that dementia!