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Your Morning Dump.. Where Ray Allen had dreams of Jason Kidd

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Even so, Allen wished he could have that one ball-faked lunge back.

“You know I’m going to be in bed tonight wondering what would have happened if I had just stayed with him,” Allen said. “I was actually afraid that when I jumped he was going to jump into me and I was going to foul him.

“Which he could have — but I was trying to run him off the 3, and he just stayed there. That was a tough shot, when I think about it — still being able to gather yourself to shoot that tough shot.”

Herald – Mavs don't kid around

I'm not sure if it was Ray's assignment to leave J-Kidd and double Dirk, but that's what he did and he got burned.

The final possession was chaos for the Celtics defense. The play started with KG on Dirk, Rondo on Terry, Ray on Kidd, Pierce on Marion and Perk on Chandler. When Dirk picked off Rondo with a (moving) screen, KG was forced to pursue Terry. As the Mavs got the ball to an open Nowitzki, both Perk and Ray scrambled to get to him. Ray sprinted a good 10-12 feet away from Kidd and… ball game.

I hate to keep harping on this, but it's rare to see the Celtics have such a glaring defensive breakdown.

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On Page 2, Jermaine O'Neal is forced to have surgery.

“Even without activity, the swelling was still there and that’s when he decided to change the course of the game plan,’’ said president of basketball operations Danny Ainge. after the Celtics’ 101-97 loss to the Mavericks. “He just has some arthritis and some loose particles in there, and that was the reason Dr. [Brian] McKeon wanted to go in there and clean it out.

“[The surgery] was exactly what [McKeon] thought and he thought that was the best solution from the beginning. It just took Jermaine a little while to get on board with that.’’

Although the procedure will allow him to play again this season, the Celtics expect his knee troubles to persist. O’Neal played 70 games for Miami last season, looking healthy after being plagued by injuries in recent seasons. Ainge said that since the summer, in the four or five MRIs that have been taken on O’Neal’s knee, his condition has worsened.

“Whenever you have arthritis in your knee and there’s bone-on-bone there’s a long-term issue there, and this surgery was not anything to fix him long term,’’ Ainge said.

Globe – O'Neal has knee surgery

Anything Jermaine gives the Celtics will be gravy. Even if he's fully recovered by playoff time, I'm not sure he'll be in any type of shape to be "productive." Consider him an insurance policy should any of the other Celtics bigs take a hit.

With the way Perk is playing, I don't think we'll notice his absence.

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  • Pierce Fan

    i like how you pointed out the moving screen on Dirk, but i was surprised you did not notice Jason Kidd Shuffle his feet on that three pointer. If you look closely you can see Kidd pick up his pivot foot and adjust slightly. I only noticed it in replays. hard play to call in regular playing motion. But he did Travel. I like how they decide when to call moving screens and when not to. that was a horrible screen by Dirk

  • mollysdaddy

    Lots of chatter about this loss was a sign of trouble. What if its just that Dallas has our number right now? Close games, but they are good and just have that “thing” to beat us, ya know. Hated seeing this one get away, but honestly losing to the Mavs this year is hardly something to be ashamed of.

  • mollysdaddy

    I thought Dallas was setting illegal screens all game.

  • DRJ

    On replay, approx 50% of all NBA plays include a traveling violation. It’s routinely ignored, unless it’s obvious. And btw, when the refs DO call it, I’ve noticed that THEY ARE WRONG about 1 out of 3 times.

  • DRJ

    One question for the Cs: If JO has bone on bone, he MUST have had it last summer too — it doesn’t develop overnight. Didn’t they look at his MRIs before deciding to throw 2 years of MLE $ (away) on him?

  • greenbeand

    its really not worth getting worked up about the celts have sneaked out more than their share of last second heroics

  • Nora

    Any loss seems to cause panic it is pretty over the top. Somehow last night cost C’s home field advantage to some who posted here. It is Febuary still half the season to go! LOL

  • Classless

    I don’t care about the loss. Two good teams battling, one lost. Oh well.
    The real story is Ainge being completely dumb in signing Jermaine. He’s not coming back folks. He’s been hurt for years (hence him being passed around from Indiana to Toronto to Miami) yet Ainge saw fit to overpay someone who everyone knew was damaged goods.

  • CelticsSuck4Ever


  • DRJ

    That’s pretty amazing, coming from a Lakers fan. One word: Pau.

  • Lee in Oregon

    JO is done and I think at this point even Danny would acknowledge it was a bad signing. The chances of him coming back and contributing are slim.
    As good as Semih’s been in spots, he cant be trusted come playoff time. That leaves Perk & Shaq at the center. I feel the need………

  • Sounds good to me…

  • paul

    Hey, if you just want to be a pretty good basketball team, losses don’t matter. But does anyone think the Spurs treat losses as inconsequential? Does anyone really think having home court advantage is inconsequential against the Heat, Bulls, Spurs, Lakers, etc.?
    And what about the ethic of just doing your best every game? Does it make sense to take a what-me-worry attitude as we watch the Celtics habitually play offense without movement when the entire success of their offense is predicated on movement? If the kind of offense we want is 4 people standing around while one executes a play, um, I think we need Lebron.
    But yeah, you guys are right. We should just chill and not be bothered by losses, and never criticize our team and just be good, well-behaved loyal little fans, buying our gear when told to, cheering when instructed to by the scoreboard and telling anyone who has anything critical to say that they should stfu…

  • Pierce Fan

    i agree….i did not even see it until slow motion replays. hopefully we get a win today against orlando