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Would only be fitting for “Jesus” to do it on a Sunday

There's been some fun debate and speculation amongst myself and some friends of mine on Twitter this week. The question is, when and where will Ray break Reggie Miller's all-time 3 pointers made record?

I have a gut feeling he will do it this coming Thursday at home vs the Lakers. I know the odds are against it, but it just feels meant to be. However, most folks I've talked to seem to think that this Monday in Charlotte will be the night. Statistically speaking, he averages about 2.25 three's a game, so a betting man would place his money on that night as well.

So for those of you wondering if Walter Ray has a chance to break the record tomorrow at home vs Orlando, I say yes-yes he does. Ray's all-time best performance from downtown came on an amazing night in 2002. He went 10 of 14 from behind the arc and finished with 47 points to lead the Bucks over Charlotte.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find footage of that awesome display of shooting anywhere. Instead, enjoy Ray's memorable performance from Game 2 of last year's Finals:


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  • paul

    Sorry, but what I want on sunday is a win. I could give a heck about Ray’s record right now.

  • TJames

    Smooth as butter

  • It’s painful to watch a Finals game from last year.