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Report: Heat will pursue Kendrick Perkins


Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports reports:

One league source said the Miami Heat are expected to make a run at Boston Celtics center Kendrick Perkins after he becomes a free agent this summer, even though the Heat will be limited with what they can offer.

While Perk would certainly help boost the Heat's sagging front line, they have virtually no money to spend in free agency.

The Heat have $60 million committed to 7 players in 2011-12 (Lebron, Wade, Bosh, Miller, Haslem, Anthony and Pitman).

Miami can offer the MLE ($5-6 million per year), but we think Perk is worth more. Example – If Brendan Haywood can net a 6 year, $55 million deal, then Perkins won't have to settle for MLE money.

The Celtics also have the advantage because they can use Bird rights to pay him whatever they want. Of course the new CBA might change the game significantly.

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  • Doop

    Perk to the Heat? Hah. They wish. Perk bleeds green baby.

  • Lee in Oregon

    As if Ainge would let the one guy who can check Dwight Howard get away. It’s all about the green and Perk’s next contract will keep him in Boston for many years.

  • I love when you guys use big words like bird rights makes me feel like drinking.

  • CFH

    Perk would be perfect for the Heat. They would be brain-dead not to pursue him.
    But, they can’t have him. He can get more elsewhere… hopefully more to stay in Boston.

  • Classless

    Non-story. Heat can’t offer him more than Boston. Unless Ainge feels the C’s need to go in a different direction, this isn’t happening.

  • greenbeand

    rondo and perk are hardcore bros. if anything perk signs another hometown d/c. it big baby that we’re going to lose

  • lakeb

    perkins is useless

  • Doop

    That isn’t a serious comment, right?

  • ShawnCVD

    Shhhhh…don’t startle it…what your witnessing is a troll in it’s natural habitat! Shhhhh…notice it’s poor capitalization , bagging incessantly on all things Celtics, and tendancy to roam it’s opponent’s blogs instead of being with it’s own. While this could be ill advised let’s try to incite it and see how of responds…
    Perk is useless at what ? Getting away with rape? Not recovering from injuries? Being worshipped by a fan base that is so insecure they have to go tolling all over the interwebs?!? Eff off loser product of LAUSD…

  • a slight breeze makes you feel like drinking

  • Paul

    Not a shock there. The Thunder will make a hard push for him too. Ainge does a good job of keeping those that need to be kept around for reasonable money. I don’t know how he does it.

  • CB

    NO!!! Perk has to stay! He is so underrated and he doesn’t get enough credit for what he does for the Celtics. Losing him would be a major loss. Ainge will come up with something to keep him in Boston..hopefully.

  • cez

    In another SHOCKING turn of events, so will the rest of the league. :p

  • Dirtyundeese

    LOL.Perkins will wipe his booty with any offer the heat give him.

  • Nora likes it

    Perk should take his talent down to Miami. The Celtics will be rebuilding soon anyway so he should look out for himself.

  • Nora likes it


  • Horny in Cambridge

    If your looking for a good time see me 24/7. Your satisfaction is my pleasure. I give Celtic discounts. Big N.

  • KingJames6

    Perkins would have to be completely stupid not to go to the Heat! Smeltics are getting old. This teams only good enough for one more title run and that’s it! Perkins would have to wait twenty years for another chance at the title, Miami’s trying to saving him from that horrible Smeltic curse! Howard in two years will be in LA, and Perkins in Miami, That’ll be the next rivalry to come! Sorry Smeltic fans! You’ll have better luck in the draft for the next couple of years! lol! Who knows? Maybe Rivers will accompany Perk to Miami just to get out of Boston too!

  • KingJames6

    ShawnCVD’s worried that it could happen! Perkins isn’t going to hang around, and wait twenty years for another run at the title in Boston. Miami is perfect for him, there’s already a team ready for a run at the title.

  • Lakers4Life

    lol. Perkins will wipe his booty with the Celtics offer, and head to Miami! Keep hoping Celtic Fags that doesn’t happen!

  • Lakers4Life


  • ShawnCVD

    That was EXACTLY what my post was about. You are SO insightful.
    Perhaps your worried it WON’T happen. Perk is 1000 times more likely to go anywhere but the Heat. This means Miami will continue to have glaring weaknesses at the 4 (bench) and 5 (for the whole 48 minutes).

  • ShawnCVD

    Why? Perks been around making little $ for a while. It’s time for his pay day. He’s staying or going somewhere that can pay him. Now if u mean Perk will head to the Heat after his next contract you may be on to something….maybe

  • Liamhedream

    Once Perk went down injured in last years final, that was the end of Boston winning. They led by 13 points in the final quarter but had nobody to contest the boards.