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Shaq out tonight, Ray in the 3pt contest

I think we have probably seen the last of Shaq starting.  Why go back to it now?  Perk is your starter… get him up to starter minutes.  

Meanwhile, Scott Souza and Jess Camerato tweet that Ray is in the 3 point contest… with Souza passing along the Ray quote:  "when have you ever seen me back down from a challenge" when asked about Pierce's gauntlet-dropping. 

I love Ray.  Let me tell you… he's a nice guy and all… but he's a stone killer.  Do NOT mess with him.

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  • greenbeand

    but will he do it with his shirt on?

  • Lakers4Life

    Dallas Baby! How do you Smeltics like that loss Green Fags! That’s a shame for the city of Foston. Smeltic fans, you’re team is old and ready to retire, Kobe may join you guys in the next four years, since Boston is the place to retire. You guy’s team should be called the Boston’s Old Folks Home Smeltic Retirement Home. This team is only good for one more title run so, Smeltic Fans ENJOY THE LAST STAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Say bye bye to home court advantage in case C’s make it to the finals.
    Bad loss, poor playing: instead of thinking about dumb and useless all star game crap, they should keep focusing on every game each night.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    you frustrated loser, you’ve been waiting since Sunday to have chance to troll here. Still hurts, uh?

  • Jack

    It’s just one game but wtf. How did they lose to the Mavs? Damm its over.

  • Lakers4Life

    Yeah, it must hurt knowing that your Celtics are only good for ONE more run! Remember this, It’s going to be VERY hard to get back to championship form again! Lakers don’t have that problem. EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A LAKER! NOT A CELTIC! Garnett wanted to team up with Kobe first, before going to Boston troll! Nobody will ever go to Boston on their own free will. You guys have to trade five to six players away just to get ONE superstar! Ha ha! SUCKS TO BE YOU FAGS! LA IS WHERE IT’S AT!

  • laffs atu

    Boston may not make it to the finals, King James is going to make a thrown rug out of Paul’ broken down carcus, Wade’s going to burn out Allen with his speed, and Bosh will get Garnett alive in the paint, because cripples can’t keep up with fresher young legs! Oh I’m sure Paul can loan Garnett a wheelchair courtesy of the Celtics organization. Miami is going to meet the Lakers in the Finals BUM!

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    I bet your family is really worried about you.
    Can’t blame them.