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Recap: J-Kidd buries the Celtics


Jason Kidd's three pointer with 2.5 seconds left lifted the Mavericks over the Celtics 101-97.

The Celtics wilted down the stretch. They went scoreless over the final 2:43.

And there seemed to be a defensive breakdown on the Mavs possession which resulted in the Kidd three pointer. When Dirk Nowitzki got the ball on the block (with KG on his back) and started to make a move,  both Perk and Ray converged on him. Dirk kicked the ball out to wide open Kidd, who after pump-faking Ray past him, nailed the shot. Is a triple-team really necessary for Dirk?

I demand a recount on all of Jason Kidd's three-pointers. How the hell can he be 3rd all-time in made three point field goals?

Big game from Perk – 13 points, 12 rebounds.

KG had another run-in tonight. This time he pushed J.J. Barea after Barea fouled him. When a referee stepped in to separate the players, KG knocked the referee's hand off his body. Donny Marshall says the league is getting tired of KG's antics and wouldn't be surprised to see Garnett suspended for making contact with the official. Sigh…

UPDATE: Jermaine O'Neal had surgery on his left knee. He hopes to return in 6-8 weeks. Guess the rehab wasn't going so well.

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  • Caterpillar from Italy

    Say bye bye to home court advantage in case C’s make it to the finals.
    Bad loss, poor playing: instead of thinking about dumb and useless all star game crap, they should keep focusing on every game each night.

  • greenbeand

    blame the mental break down on doc, you know the mavs feel pretty lucky to sneak one out

  • MightyCeltics

    Wow Wow, it’s just one loss.

  • MightyCeltics

    Can’t afford to have KG suspended over next couple of games.

  • paul

    Caterpillar is right. If we want home advantage, we have to top the Spurs and with each loss, that becomes less and less likely.

  • Jack

    KG grow the fuck up. What an idiot.

  • DRJ

    I’m thinking that a suspension would be good for KG, good for the team. KG has veered a little out of control lately, and this is just the kind of wake-up call that can actually get through to him.

  • Just got back from the Garden. C’s handed the Mavs this one. Celts lack of shot-making in the last 3 minutes was disgusting. This game is a 10-point win if they hit their shots and captalize off of the great D they played through most of 4th quarter. Only other thing that really frustrated me was the lack of boxing out on Chandler. The guy does 2 things: 1)Dunks alley-oops 2)dunks on putbacks or misses. It’s not rocket-science.

  • paul

    I keep coming back to the same thought: if all we really care about is that the Celtics be a strong team, make the playoffs and try to make some kind of run in the playoffs, then one can’t really feel bad about this loss. The Cs didn’t play well, but they held their own against what clearly, W-L records aside, is one of the league’s best teams, in Dallas. It was a close loss against a strong team.
    But if this season really is about 18, and if we really do think that we are on our way to a championship, then this is a pretty bad loss. This game was very winnable. Dallas is tough, no doubt, very tough, but we are better. Now, because of this loss, we stumble into a ten day stretch of games against some of the NBA’s beasts with one loss against a contender already tucked under our belt. We continue to lag badly behind the Spurs for homecourt advantage overall, and playing like we played tonight, we are likely to come out of this stretch of tough games with home court in our conference as a receding hope too.
    Watching the first quarter, it was easy to be fooled by Garnett’s scoring explosion, into thinking that the Celtics were playing well on offense, and the only problem was on defense. In fact, while Garnett was very intense the whole game, as was Perkins, but the rest of the Cs seemed to be sleepwalking for much of the game. The pattern has become so familiar now. When you see the Cs standing around on offense in the first quarter, while Rondo seems distracted and disinterested, and each offensive possession seems to involve Rondo standing at the point and dribbling or just holding the ball for a while, with everyone standing around waiting for the play to start, then you can be sure that it will be a long night.
    Dallas deserved to win, but this was an ugly game for the Cs, and for Rondo in particular, even though his final statistics weren’t bad.

  • Dirk4MVP

    Hey! What happened? I though you Celtics were invincible? You guys lost a game? TO THE MAVERICKS? HOW PATHETIC IS THAT! EVEN AT HOME! SUCKS TO BE YOU SMELTIC FANS! MAVERICKS FOR LIFE!

  • Dirk4MVP

    What a tough loss, I should take the whole Celtic team out to dinner just to cheer them up, Thank goodness for senior citizen discount, I’ll save hundreds! lol!

  • keep trolling loser make sure to come back when you make it past LA or the Spurs oh wait you won’t get past them. Enjoy your second round exit

  • Mavs trolls? that’s a new one.
    How many titles do you have?

  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    It is when the collective Celtic team IQ is less than 100. Don’t worry about one game. You won’t get past the Heat anyways.

  • Rondo 2 KG
  • Nora

    You and the Lakers IQ is less then 1.

  • Nora

    I am getting tired of the refs antics. I mean Pietrus hit KG in the head intentional in PHX and he does not get kicked out? How about some refs suspended for doing their job incorrectly once in a while.

  • NorthernGreen

    Paul and Ray lost track of what this game was about and started their three point shoot out early. There were wasted possessions which cost the C’s this game. These two should have known better. Doc should have seen this and made the correction. We gave this one away just like the last time the Mavericks played the Celtics. Time to show some maturity!

  • The Heat that’s funny that can’t close out close game’s. The Mav’s are tough and battletested and playing with a chip on there shoulders. Kidd did what he does..

  • Great win for the Mav’s they have what you need to beat the Lakers IF then Lakers make it to the conf. finals.

  • Alex

    You got saved by a rare Kidd 3 pointer. If that isn’t luck, I don’t know what is.

  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    How long did it take you to come up with that? Can you count up to 10 or must you stop at 1? Lame ass C fans crack me up.

  • That’s pretty funny. Almost as funny as it will be when Dirk chokes like a deep-throat pornstar in the playoffs again this year. Come talk some smack when your team does something that matters. lmao