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Alvin Gentry: I lost a little respect for KG

Garnett and frye

KG and his flick of Channing Frye's junk has had the basketball world in a little tizzy lately.  For many, it's just more of KG's ever-growing antics that have turned him from a universally-loved star to… well… almost the opposite. 

And after that episode, KG lost one more admirer… Suns coach Alvin Gentry

“I used to be a big fan of [Kevin Garnett],” he said. “Some of the antics he’s pulled lately, you don’t need to do that as a star player. I’ve never seen Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or even a Dwyane Wade do that….”

“You can compete and play hard, that doesn’t need to be a part of it. It really doesn’t,” he said. “To do that to someone you can seriously hurt him,” he said. “You know the fact that all of a sudden Channing comes down on his foot twice on jump shots that’s a very dangerous play.

“If you’re asking me, yeah, I lost a little respect for him. I love his competitive nature but there is no place for what he was doing in our game.”

I can't defend what KG did to Frye.  I don't know if the did it out of frustration or what… but it was definitely wrong… regardless of whether Frye popped up right away or not.  I don't think he should have been suspended for it, so I'm glad he wasn't.  I do think he probably should have been fined. 

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  • greenbeand

    wait who’s Alvin Gentry?

  • mollysdaddy

    I know you guys are just putting out the Celtics related news you find, but can’t this issue die already? I’m also surprised that you guys are on the side that KG intentionally did something egregious here. The replay, to me, doesn’t show anything that KG did that doesn’t happen on a dozen jump shots every single game regardless of who the defender is.

  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    KG has always been a dirty player. Wacking Frye in the privates was literally a low blow. I wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to cop a feel next.
    Just play the game and leave the dirty stuff and theatrics at home.

  • C’mon, this is lame on Gentry’s part. He’s totally playing George W. here and trying to divert folks from the real issue-his team is struggling, and it’s last relevant player is probably on the way out. You hear that noise? “Bang bang bang.” That’s Alvin beating the sh*t out of a dead horse.

  • Alex

    Why are we still bringing this up? KG did something stupid out of frustration, what can we do. Just move on.
    Also, who cares what Gentry thinks? Is it because he used to be KG’s admirer? Please give me a break, we know there are a LOT of people out there that admire KG’s competitive nature. Most will deny it because KG isn’t in their team.

  • paul

    It’s just stunning to see Celtics writers continue to help spin this near total non-issue into a bs controversy.
    Right. IF Garnett even did hit Frye in the balls, which he almost certainly didn’t, and IF he actually intended to do that, which he likely didn’t, then sure, we could and should certainly remonstrate with Garnett about that. But if we were going to do that, then of course we would ALSO pick apart that game film and remonstrate with EVERY other player on the floor who gave another player anything that could be interpreted as some kind of extracurricular shot, right? Otherwise, it would be GROTESQUELY unfair, right?! Especially considering that just a few minutes before Garnett’s alleged ball shot, one of Gentry’s OWN PLAYERS took and absolutely DELIBERATE and far, far more DANGEROUS shot at Garnett’s HEAD!!!!!! Which, interestingly, Gentry doesn’t seem to be at all worked up or concerned about.
    In other words, this is total bullshit . You should apologize for it.

  • AboveTheRim

    Calling Kobe clean?? Ha! there are plenty of videos of him throwing elbows and headbutts when he gets the ball on the block to create space.
    I can see how KG’s ‘antics’ can rub people the wrong way, but PLEASE don’t try to say Kobe is above this kind of sh!t.
    Not even trying to hate on Kobe, but he does do dirty sh!t all the time to get an edge.

  • Classless

    Another nobody for KG’s list.
    Maybe if Phx had players like KG, they wouldn’t be bounced from the playoffs every year. Those “nice” players gave up 100+ pts per game in the playoffs last year and their own coach played grab ass with Kobe after he hit a huge shot.

  • CFH

    Sorry, not buying what you’re selling.
    I don’t think there’s enough evidence to say for sure that the hit was deliberate or in an inappropriate place.
    And even if I was sure he’d done something wrong… you’ve already posted about it several times. Why is Gentry’s comment worthy of rehashing it yet again?
    If you wanted to feed the Laker trolls, you could have just done a post about how the Lakers STILL haven’t beat an elite team (excellent work, Spurs).

  • paul

    You know, we do NOT have to help the rest of the league demonize Garnett. He isn’t Martin Luther King. Fine. We can all agree on that. Now let’s get back to basketball.

  • Andrew

    Lol. he’s talking like Frye actually got hurt. That whack needs to attend acting lessons.

  • Andrew


  • paul

    After the game, Nash said the Suns are better “streetfighters” than the Celtics. Yeah, Nash, I guess they damn well are if they try to sucker punch a player on the other team in the head. But somehow took offense at the Suns’ antics. Nobody seems to be interested in demonizing them. Why?
    Because it’s bs and hype, and no writer we respect should play into it.


    Why do we still care about this? We shouldn’t, we’re trying to win a championship. Not grapple about a meaningless play against a meaningless team. Never have I been as brought down by a redsarmy post as I am right now. WE just got 4 players into the All-Star game. We lead the east. We are getting healthier. L.A. is finally being exposed. Did KG do it on purpose? I dont know, I dont care, he wasnt hurt or suspended. Lets move on!

  • Danno

    He’s not even looking at Frye when he moves his hand.
    KG gets elbowed in the head by teh Spainsh Llama so bad he needed stiches, and nobody calls it dirty, or says he should be fined.
    KG inadvertently waves at Channing Frye’s nuts while watching the shot go up, and all of a sudden he’s a dirty player.
    I know you guys want to bring lots of content here, but this stuff is better left to the half ass blogs. Alvin Gentry is a horrible coach, and this pathetic pandering is a cry for help. I hope Steve Nash retires mid-season.

  • paul

    It’s ridiculous that so much speculation was given to Garnett’s arm extending just a wee bit too far while his eyes were travelling the ball, and he accidently tapped Frye’s nuts. Frye was barely even touched. This league is soft if the coaches have lost respect for a great player over a little “love tap”. If this happened in the 80’s the player would have just continued playing the game. Now the league is soft, and there are too many sub par teams that have enough staff and time to complain about the “good teams”, and sort of de-fame the best in the league.

  • Mike

    Exactly.. F**k him n all celtics haters, go C’s

  • Jimmy Two-Times

    Let’s all flick Alvin Gentry’s junk.

  • paul

    At least all of this is motivation for Garnett. Let’s face it, Garnett is a professional. He doesn’t give a damn what the rest of the league or media thinks. All this talk just motivates an intense player like Kevin to a higher level of competition for a championship. This quest for a championship possesses a player like KG, and his recent “demonization” is fine with me as long as it pushes the Celtics closer to a championship. This league is infuriating, and garnett realizes this, which is why he will never make a statement regarding bullshit accusations like this

  • DRJ

    There is SOME question re whether the hit to Frye’s genitals was intentional, or not. I think it clearly was not — but opinions can differ here.
    There is effectively ZERO question, imo, about whether KG INTENTIONALLY placed his foot under Frye’s foot so that Frye would land on it. (a) It’s extremely difficult to do. (b) To do it TWICE intentionally is effectively IMPOSSIBLE. (c) There is ZERO indication from the video that it was done intentionally. KG’s feet are where they are, and as it happened, Frye happened to land on them. IT HAPPENS.
    Since Gentry SPECIFICALLY complains about the foot issue (and NOT the genitals episode), the only possible conclusion is that Gentry is completely FULL OF IT. And a jerk to boot.

  • punchusquareinthenuts

    KG is a punk. what kind of bullshit is this asshole bringing to the league? punching some guy in the nuts while hes taking a shot?!?! r u kidding me?! that should be an automatic suspension. Hey KG you dumb shit next time u fuck up on defense and cant guard ur man, its ur fault and u pay the price instead of punching him in the nuts. what a dirty ass play. ya other players throw elbows and make dirty plays but this is on another level. The guy was in the middle of a shot and kg just punched him in the nuts. WTF!?!? shouldve been an automatic suspension and a huge fine and should be all over ESPN. fuck kg pierce gay allen and that skeleton rondo

  • Dude

    No one care about Frye’s junk, who would want kids with him anyways. And as for Alvin Gentry, I lost a lot of respect for him when he opened his mouth and showed his stupid face.

  • green8teen

    Kobe knows how to leave it at home. Wait, is his home Eagle, Colorado?

  • Wow… some backlash against us for passing along what an opposing coach said about our player?
    You know… I can sometimes not like what one of our players does. I’m not gonna gloss over something if I think one of our guys…. From KG down to Luke Harangody… does something I think is wrong.
    It’s fine to disagree with me… but I think what I think about the play. And when the C’s play the Suns in March, you can bet this will be an issue… so we’re going to let you know about it now.

  • Danno

    It’ll be an issue to pundits who want to make it an issue. Not to actual basketball fans.
    And I get why you reported it, it’s your job. But this kind of stuff only serves to attract more trolls to this site. I suppose so does winning, and beating other teams regularly, but that’s the good kind of smack talk.
    In reality, this instance was nothing of consequence in the grand scope of the regular season. The Suns won’t be a playoff threat to anyone, let alone the Celtics. So it’s really a non-issue that will only be talked about by ESPN jackasses to drum up ratings.
    Sadly, it’s sensationalist junk like this that makes the NBA still be considered a “thug filled joke” amongst a lot of Sports Network talking heads.
    Alvin Gentry should play the damn game like a man, and stop crying like a baby to reporters, because he got saddled with an Amare’-less Suns squad that is going downhill faster than Bode Miller after a 5th of Jack and case of Red Bull.

  • CabronJames

    Well… I lost a little respect for Alvin Gentry when he smilingly took Kobe’s fanny pat last year…

  • Sorry you feel this way. But when a coach calls out one of the Celtics star players we feel obligated to write about it.
    You gotta take the good with the bad.

  • Nora

    I have yet to see any proof KG unmistakbly did this on purpose. I think it is lousy to convict people until they are without a doubt proven guilty. I lost alot of respect for this nobody Gentry. KG probably never heard of you until he played the Suns.

  • Nora

    Exactly no mentio n from Gentry about his player who did something so dangerous. What KG accidently did to Frye was hardly anything. Gentry condone hitting people in the head I guess. Nice

  • Nora

    This is what is wrong with the media today nobodies can become somebody’s because you accuse someone of something. Twitter is another example of this. You can say whatever you want with little retaliation as long as you hide behind your Twitter account.

  • Jack

    Stop massaging KGs nuts.

  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    Not sure but then you would no more than anyone. How does he taste?