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Accuscore Game Preview: Celtics vs. Mavericks

This preview is provided by Accuscore and is not written by any members of  Predictions are based on computer simulations

The Boston Celtics are solid 63.3 percent favorites over the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks are shooting 43.6 percent from the field which is significantly lower than the Celtics who are forecasted to shoot 49.1 percent. The Celtics have the rebounding advantage at 42.1 to 37.5. Turnovers are pretty even with the Mavericks projected for 13.1 turnovers vs. 13.2 for the Celtics. The Mavericks are making 7.1 three pointers on 36.1 percent from three point range. The Celtics are making 4.5 three pointers on 35.8 percent.


PTS: Dirk Nowitzki 23.2, Paul Pierce 19.1

ASSISTS: Jason Kidd 8.4, Rajon Rondo 12.5

REBOUNDS: Tyson Chandler 9.3, Kevin Garnett 8.9

SPORTS ODDS: Sportsbooks and handicappers have set the line at BOS -6.5 TOTAL 190. 

'10-11 SEASON: We advise relying on these trends after the first 6 to 8 weeks of the season. UNITS EDGE FAVORS: Boston Celtics

Record on the Road 14-7, 67% 700 Record at Home 22-3, 88% 1900 Celtics
VS Celtics 1-0, 100% 100 VS Mavericks 0-1, 0% -110 Mavericks
vs Team .500 or Better 18-10, 64% 700 vs Team .500 or Better 17-5, 77% 1150 Celtics
Record As Road Underdog 10-5, 67% 450 Record As Home Favorite 21-3, 88% 1770 Celtics
After 1 or More Days Off 19-18, 51% -80 After 1 or More Days Off 19-16, 54% +140 Celtics

After the jump, the game is simulated more than 10,000 times

This is a simulation provided by Accuscore.  This page automatically refreshes to a new game once the Celtics game is over.  Click here for a full page version.  Use the scroll bar across the bottom to see hidden information

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  • Jester00-Hit me with it! Just give it to me straight! I came a long way just to know, John. The least you can do is level with me. What are the Mavs chances?
    John-Not good.
    Jester00-You mean, not good like one out of a hundred?

  • Orb

    More like one in a million.

  • paul

    The season up through the Laker’s game was a statement about last year, about Game Seven. The next ten days will be a statement about this year.
    I think the Celtics are going to send a message about the championship to the rest of the league, reading “THIS IS NOT YOUR YEAR”…

  • So you’re telling me there’s a chance…

  • greenbeand

    agreed this team needs to settle in a groove and play celtics basketball

  • Nick

    Go Mavericks!! Kick that green.

  • Big Dan

    Toooo Bad! Soooo Sad! What a tough loss! I really hope you guys win it this year because, this team is good for ONE MORE TITLE RUN, and then it will be another TWENTY MORE YEARS for another title contending team in Boston! You know if all else fails, Boston can always trade away half off there team for ONE player! lol!

  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    You are not a jester. You are more like a clown.

  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    I think the Celtics are going to send a message about the championship to the rest of the league, reading “THIS IS NOT OUR YEAR”…
    Fixed it for ya. Cheers!