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Report: Four C’s expected to make All Star team

More breaking C's All Star news, via Sherrod Blakely

had a chance to talk with four different Eastern Conference coaches about their reserve selections, and all four said that they included the C's Big Four on their list of all-star reserves.

"I don't see how you couldn't include all four of them," one coach said. "All four of those guys are either the best or second-best player at their position in the East."

Added another coach, "the only one who might not get in is Ray, which would be a shame. He's one of the greatest shooters to ever play the game. And the crazy thing is, he's shooting the ball better now than he ever has. How is that guy not an all-star?"

Let me stress nothing is definite yet… but its a good sign that four of the coaches have all four guys on the team.  Stay tuned.

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  • I see this as win/win kind of. If they get in, great-they get some nice recognition and get to rep the C’s in L.A. If not, they get more rest and there’s no risk of some stupid injury.

  • Cam

    It would be nice for Ray to get in again as he’s earned it. His last all-star appearance was as an injury replacement which is fine but earning it with coaches vouching for him would be great.
    And honestly what else would Ray have to do to make it?

  • CB

    I really really hope Ray makes it this year!! He really deserves it. This has been one of his best seasons, in terms of his shooting percentage. I really hope him and Rondo make it. Although it would be nice to see all four C’s there, I really hope at least these two make it. They deserve it.