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Doc’s calling Bull on Reggie Miller

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Doc was on WEEI today talking about Ray Allen.  One of the topics… his pursuit of Reggie Miller's 3-point record.

Reggie Miller has said he’s cheering for Allen to break his record for most 3-pointers all-time, as Allen is within eight of the former Pacers star and current TNT analyst. However, the hosts said they don’t believe Miller, never known for his graciousness during his playing days, is telling the truth. “No, I don’t believe him, either,” Rivers said. “I’m going to call ‘bull’ on that one with Reggie.”

Ray is nine 3's away from breaking the record.  At this point, Reggie can go one of two ways:  Root for an apocalyptic event that prevents it from happening… or just resign himself to the fact that it will happen soon, so you might as well be happy for the guy. 

Just give it up Reggie.  It's happening.  And it most likely either happen in Charlotte on Monday or at home against the Lakers on Thursday (unless he goes crazy and hits nine 3's in his next two games). 

Also:  Follow that link to see Doc's thoughts on Ray's crazy halftime speech in Sacramento.  And since we're talking about Ray, be sure to buy his official charity shirt through us… either by clicking on this link or by clicking on the banner on the right side of the site.  All proceeds go to fight juvenile diabetes.

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  • CelticsSuck4Ever

    Miller can’t do anything about it so he is pretending to be gracious.
    On a different topic, can someone send me a “Losers” T-shirt? LOL.

  • CFH

    I don’t know. Reggie’s gushing the last time he called a Celtics game for TNT sounded pretty genuine.
    Not being gracious to opponents on the floor doesn’t mean not being gracious anywhere, ever. Just ask KG.

  • KY Celts fan

    Reggie has a great appreciation of Ray and his work ethic. Reggie played the villian on the court, but he’s retired now so he can just be a regular fan.

  • TJames

    I think Reggie has accepted its going to happen. I don’t think he’s happy about it. I’ve listened to him talk about Ray many times… I don’t know if the thinks he’s the greatest shooter of all time, or who he thinks is… All he gives Ray credit for is being “the greatest 35 year old shooter”.

  • Cam

    Why would he want him to break it? Of course he doesn’t want him to break it but obviously he knows it’s happening. He does act like a cheerleader of Ray and although I know it’s genuine it woujld be funny if he was just an extremely sarcastic person

  • Lee in Oregon

    Reggie Miller has been nothing but classy throughout this whole record thing.

  • greenbeand

    obviously reggie is biting his upper lip. he knows ray has 2-3 good years left to destroy the current record (every shot probably hurts a little more). the measuring stick is about the hardware. got rings reggie?

  • Classless

    Maybe if Miller didn’t constantly remind everyone each telecast its his record, no one would give him shit.

  • itsthatbradguy

    I’ll be at the game in Charlotte on Monday, really hoping I get to see Ray set the record!

  • Gaffer

    I think Reggie got over the fact that Ray was going to break his record a year or more ago. He was a little touchy about it for a while but every word I’ve heard from him in the last several months has been genuinely positive.