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This is some terrible transition defense by the Kings


The Celtics on a 4-on-2 break with Rondo leading the charge is probably an automatic 2 points no matter what.  But man… Sacramento didn't even try to stop it.  They didn't even try to foul and force Paul Pierce to earn his two points. 

Donte Greene did absolutely nothing on this play.  By the time Rajon reaches the top of the key, Greene should already be turned around, facing the C's.  Pooh Jeter should be up high around the free throw line area and Green should be below him taking the first pass.  Here's how they SHOULD have been set up

4 ON 2 defense

Of course, that would have required Donte Green hustled, rather than jogged, back on defense.  Now when Rondo makes the pass to Pierce, Green can at least face him up and either force a jumper, a pass, or a much more contested drive to the basket.  Instead of Pierce flying in for the dunk and, incidentally, the basket that gave the C's a lead they'd never relinquish… Green would have been right in his path.  This is how they should have looked.

4 ON 2 defense 2
Pierce could have tried to sneak a pass to Perk who was filling the lane.  He could have gotten it back to Rondo would have probably attacked and maybe dumped it off to Perk.  But if you look at the video, DeMarcus Cousins is entering the play just as Pierce is on the rim.  Of course, he's not busting ass either, which adds to the Kings problems.  

Had HE been hustling, then he could have flown down to get in Perk's way.  Now the C's options would seem to be Nate hanging around the perimeter… which is a REALLY low percentage shot.

Like I said before, with the Celtics, a 4-on-2 break is almost automatic.  But the Kings just flat out quit on that play.  Late in the 3rd, at home, nursing a lead, and playing a team at the end of a long road trip that is known to slack against lesser teams.  A bunch of kids in their 20's should have done better than a half-assed wave at Paul Pierce as he drove by for the dunk.  Defending a break like that is all about taking options away from the other team and maybe, just maybe, slowing it down long enough for some help to arrive.  It's not about giving up a first-pass dunk.  

Hey, I'm happy that they quit there, because it gave the C's a high-energy play to build on and ultimately win the game.  But there's a reason why the Kings are so bad… and it's efforts like this in key spots.  It's inexcusable.

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  • greenbeand

    hopefully their flight back to boston goes smooth