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Your Morning Dump… A loss to the Kings would ruin this trip

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The Celtics will try to put their blueprint to work tonight in Sacramento against a team they beat by 24 in Boston three weeks ago. But the Kings are coming off a road win over the Lakers Friday and a home victory over New Orleans the next night.

In other words, the Celts can’t just throw their Sunday box score on the court tonight and expect the hosts to cower. They have to put their talents together and read their lines as scripted.

“When we play together, we’re a tough team to beat, which unfortunately we didn’t do that in Phoenix or we’d be looking at 3-0 (on this trip),” Pierce said. “We’ve got one more game. Hopefully we can finish off this road trip.

“But we just have to continue to move the ball. That’s the key for us, just playing unselfish” Pierce added. “Doc always talks about, ‘Don’t dance with the ball, going east and west. Just make the next pass, the extra pass.’ That’s not a knock against the guys who have an open shot, but we’re always looking for a better shot.

Herald – Celtics not getting too far ahead

Offensive execution has been the problem in the Celtics last two losses to subpar teams. Phoenix and Washington scored 88 and 85 points respectively in their wins over the Celtics. 

One would think the formula for a great team losing to a lousy team involves lack of commitment on defense. The "I don't need to bust my ass because these guys aren't that good" mentality.

But when the Celtics play without focus, it affects their offense. Too much dribbling (or massaging the ball as Doc likes to say) and not enough passing. And sometimes we see a dose of "Hero Ball."

Move the ball. Attack the rim. If those things happen, the Celtics will leave the West coast without pissing me off.

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On Page 2, the mysterious reports of Kevin Garnett's alleged Osama Bin Laden comment.

Kevin Garnett reportedly invoked the name of Osama bin Laden when refusing an autograph request by a Lakers ballboy Sunday, according to Tweets by Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports and J.A. Adande of ESPN.

Both reporters have since deleted the Tweets, but they told Deadspin that the number of re-Tweets overwhelmed their respective accounts and they deleted them so they could continue working.

During the Celtics' 109-96 victory, the reporters both Tweeted that a Lakers ball boy asked Garnett for his autograph and KG refused, saying, "You've got a better chance of catching bin Laden." Andrew Bogut, center for the Milwaukee Bucks, said the statement was "little better than what [Garnett] told one of our ball boys" in responding to Spears' Tweet.


Conspiracy? I don't quite see how an overwhelmed Twitter account (whatever that means) can prevent them from working. They can continue to tweet, regardless of how cluttered their timeline becomes with re-tweets.

If there was some sort of conspiracy between the reporters, are they trying to protect Garnett? Doubtful, since they aren't denying it was said.

As for the alleged comment, I think it's kinda funny. Although I don't get why KG is a jerk to the ballboys.

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  • Lee in Oregon

    Reminds of how Bird used to tell guys they “had a better chance of seeing God” than beating the C’s.

  • CFH

    The main thing I take from the autograph story is that even Laker ballboys secretly wish they were with the Celtics. 🙂
    Seriously, KG isn’t just any NBA star… he’s the star of the Lakers’ arch-rival who was playing the Lakers THAT DAY, and the ball “boy” wasn’t random kid, he was someone on the court representing the Lakers. Why was he asking at all?
    Please, please Celtic ballboys… don’t go asking Kobe for his autograph while you’re working.

  • BRADinLA

    KG rules. End of story.

  • cez

    Oh no KG being a meanie to Laker ball MEN. Those poor poor grown ass Laker Ball Men…. he’s such a jerk face.
    PS. They’re men. Not boys.

  • NineSevenEight

    I’m not certain, but could it be against company policy for ball”boys” to ask players for autographs? That would seem kind of annoying to be asked for autographs by NBA employees at every arena you travel to. Maybe they deleted the tweets because they didn’t want to get the guy in trouble for asking.
    And why should KG be obligated to sign for an opposing team’s employee so he can go make money off of a signature of a guy that he’s most likely not even a fan of? It seems like 90% of NBA fans hate KG to begin with, let alone Lakers fans.
    Also, will Andrew Bogut ever mind his own damn business when it comes to KG?! I don’t care if he’s asked or not. Take the high road and move on! Guy takes every opportunity to bash him publicly and the Celtics aren’t even playing the Bucks THIS MONTH. Has there ever been a player more obsessed?
    Him and Charlie should start a support group.

  • Goceltics

    LMAO. I could see him and Charlie V sitting in a AA like meeting saying”Yeah, KG has been punking me too.”

  • Boo hoo. Some poor millionaire’s kid who got his ballboy job through his dad’s connections didn’t get a KG ball. Those kids are already pampered. If KG gives a ball it should be to a random fan who’s hopefully wearing a Celtics shirt.

  • SPC121

    Joakim Noah can come too. . .

  • Lee in Oregon

    Funny as shit! A support group for all KG’s victims…..Noah, McGee, & Frye could all be there too

  • paul

    So what if KG is a jerk to ball boys? When is this anti-KG madness going to stop? I get it that he’s not Mr. PuppyHugs. Ok. He doesn’t have to be. And no one has to like him. But the demonization of Garnett that is going on is insanity and sets up the kind of situation where a guy like Pietrus can take a vicious and dangerous shot at his head and doesn’t even get thrown out of the game, doesn’t get a fine or suspension, and barely even gets called out by Celtic fans. I’m not for extreme homerism, and we don’t have to pretend that KG is pure as driven snow or anything, but we should at least defend our guys when they are demonized. The anti-KG campaign is going way too far.
    The Cs really are an oddball team, in that we usually expect a team’s defense to suffer when it is not motivated, but for the Cs, it’s the offense that crashes and burns. Folks have focused a lot on our rebounding problems from last year, as a prime cause of our not winning the championship, and rightly so, but to my mind, our offensive woes were even worse. Losses almost always seemed to be caused by loooong scoring droughts in games, which seem inexcusable when you look at the fact that – judging by our personnel and our scheme – we should have and often do have a truly powerful offense. Heat me no Heat! We have a starting five, if you include O’Neil – when our guys are getting the ball to him on the blocks or through oops – that can cut through steel!
    But that’s just it. We have to get the ball to O’Neil in the right spot, with the right timing, or nothing happens. This is basically true for all our players. When we stop moving, when we stop pushing, when we get out of rhythm, our offense grinds to a halt and the wheels come flying off and we end up stuck deeper in a rut than the Cavaliers.
    It’s not just that teamwork is the key to everything we do. It’s also that the whole key to offensive basketball … you know, apart from the ability to make God-like offensive moves such as only Wilt-Kareem-DRJ-Larry-Michael-Lebron could make … is that you have to move the ball in such a way as to push against the defense’s elasticity, and DISTORT it, thinning it, and then ATTACKING where it thinned. Distort and attack, distort and attack.
    Whether one is moving off the dribble, or passing, you have to do it with that principle in mind. If you are just killing time, you are losing time and losing momentum. If you are just going solo, you are losing the whole offensive philosophy and you’d better have quite a bagful of those God-like offensive moves at your command.
    Dwayne Wade made a comment the other day that made it sound like he thinks teams play team offense when they can’t solo it. I think he’s got that backwards. Teams play HeroBall when they don’t ‘get’ team ball. The essence of team ball CAN be hard to grasp at times, and easy to forget. It’s that when we all are one, pushing together against the D, distorting it, thinning it and attacking the thin point, we really cannot be stopped. And we Celtics are lucky to have a coach and a point guard who – much of the time – seem to understand this better than anyone, and we have a team that, usually, gets it too. But we forget, because human beings do that so easily, and we start obsessing over individuality, and then the wheels sometimes come off, and the league’s most powerful offense turns into the Over The Hill Gang and the Kid Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight. And the irony about this is that teamwork, done right, HEIGHTENS individuality. The more a team plays as one, the more it becomes one, but at the same time, the more it becomes five, six eight, ten, whatever. This team, at it’s best, seems to bring out the best in every single active player, from Paul to Luke!
    Passes move faster than human beings can move. Passes by Rondo move faster, more accurately, and more intelligently than human beings can. That is why one of the keys to strong team offense, especially for us, is always passing. Just passing the ball crisply and smartly from one side of the court to the other inevitably distorts and weakens an opposing defense. Do this twice and you likely will see an opening just by doing that. But there’s so much more that can be done with passing, and when the Cs are thinking team, they seem to see that; they seem to see that better than anyone. They make amazing things happen on a basketball court.
    The difference between our defensive woes and our offensive woes when we are unmotivated and unfocused is that the defense has a guy, Garnett, who seems to be able to call the guys to task when the chips are down, most of the time. Garnett is our ladder out of a defensive rut. The offense does not seem to have that. Pierce sometimes tries to do it, and Rondo sometimes tries to do it, and sometimes they succeed, but neither seems to have quite figured out how to be push the Garnett button for the offense consistently.
    I think that that is what Rivers’ comments after the Lakers game were about. His real message to the team was, ‘channel the offense through Sir Rondo’. He seemed to be making a point about Rondo’s leadership role. That means that, more than ever, it’s really up to Rondo to find that Garnett button for the O and to learn how to push it. But it starts with Rondo himself. He has to find his own Garnett button, because he’s all too often unfocused himself. Maybe he found it at halftime in the Lakers game.

  • Classless

    Ball “Boys”? No, more like pimply 17-18 year olds and some guys in their mid 20’s. Why should he be friendly to them?

  • NineSevenEight

    Andray Blatche.

  • Chris

    They should be embarrassed the kid even asked. I would be embarrassed if the celtics ball boys were chasing around kobe after he beat us bad in our own house…and i would certainly expect kobe to say “fuck off” and i would have no problem with him doing that. NO TWO TEAMS IN ANY MAJOR SPORT HAVE MET THIS MANY TIMES IN THE FINALS. WE ARE ENEMIES! THIS ISNT YOUTH BASKETBALL PEOPLE!!!

  • DRJ

    I don’t believe the whole story, until KG says something about it, if he ever does. Total nonsense.

  • Nora

    Nothing could ruin this trip

  • Nora

    It is all proof that KG gets in their heads and it still affects them months after they play against him. Bitter much? LOL

  • Goceltics

    And one! Even! If we lost every game but the Laker game. It would still be sweet.

  • Goceltics

    LOl. Especially him.

  • Goceltics

    ” Yeah he punched me in the jewels,Can you believe that” LMAO

  • Goceltics

    Him too. ” KG was my is my hero,but he is such an asshole!” LOL.

  • Goceltics

    He owns these little punks. LOL