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Your Morning Dump…. Where Rondo was perfect

Rondo vs lakers
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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Rondo had 10 points and 16 assists for his team-best 18th double-double this season.

But of the 16 assists, all but one came in the second half.

Even though Rondo wasn't putting up Rondo-esque assist numbers in the first half, Rivers loved what he was seeing out of his point guard.

"I thought he called an absolutely perfect game," Rivers said. "He's our pitcher. He called a sensational game. Coming out of time outs, he made sure guys were in their spots. Rondo played with great speed. When he plays with speed, he has power."

Rondo said the low assists total in the first half had more to do with his teammates making plays, than anything else.

"Tonight, it wasn't for me to make plays in the first half," Rondo said. "[Paul Pierce] had it going. Kevin [Garnett], Ray [Allen] had it going. I tried to get those guys the ball in their spots, and those guys, they made it happen."

CSNNE:  Rivers: Rondo called a perfect game

The willingness to run a team and be a leader without having to do anything statistically.  Who does that describe on the Celtics?  

How about just about everyone?  Yes, Rondo… and in this case especially.  But we've seen it out of everyone.  

Does that describe anyone on the Lakers?  How about I put it this way.  From 7:30 until :44 left in the 4th quarter, Kobe Bryant took every shot except for a Pau Gasol tip in attempt of a Kobe miss.  It was a 7 point game when Kobe "took over".  It was a 16 point game when Shannon Brown launched his shot at :44.

On the one hand, we've got a key player who did nothing statistically and was still perfect for the C's.  On the other we had one guy trying to do everything statistically and he did nothing for the Lakers. 

Just a nice little contrast, I'd say. 

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On Page 2: Doc almost benched Nate

Over his previous eight games, Robinson had connected on a mere 16-of-54 shots (29.6 percent) and the start of Boston's four-game road trip hadn't been very friendly to him. Robinson was a combined 2-of-11 shooting, including 0-for-7 from beyond the arc. 

"Honestly, I was going back and forth on whether to play [Robinson] at all," said Rivers. "But he was huge for us." 

After the Lakers rallied within two late in the third quarter, Robinson produced a key 3-pointer, then added another early in the fourth frame as the Celtics built a nine-point lead. Robinson made both triples right in front of the Los Angeles bench and the Lakers didn't seem amused by his now-trademark wing flap after he made the big shots. 

[…]"I had a little slump, you could say, off and on, but one thing about me is I never give up," said Robinson. 

ESPN Boston: Benchmarked game for Nate Robinson

There is no way with Nate's recent performance that Doc WOULDN'T consider benching him… which is why I thought he would.  But the fact of the matter right now is he's still our best option at the backup point until Delonte comes back.

So he's gonna get his chances.  And he's gonna come up big every once in a while.  He did yesterday.  But he also had this stretch yesterday:

  • 10:48 4th quarter:  Nate Robinson makes three-point jumer
  • 10:30 4th quarter:  Shannon Brown makes two point shot
  • 10:21 4th quarter:  Nate Robinson misses three point jumper

So Nate drills one… Shannon Brown comes down and makes a shot… and then NINE SECONDS after a made shot, Nate is launching another 3.  When my friend Nick screamed at the TV "why would Nate take that shot?"  My immediate response was "because he's Nate Robinson."  

Nate was huge yesterday… but he's good enough to connect on those shots every once in a while.  It doesn't change much, though, in the grand scheme of things.  He still needs to attack the basket more than he is (which is almost never) or he'll fall back into that slump…. and once Doc gets another option, Nate's chances won't come as often.

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  • Dutchgreen

    ‘On the one hand, we’ve got a key player who did nothing statistically and was still perfect for the C’s. On the other we had one guy trying to do everything statistically and he did nothing for the Lakers.’
    That says it all, doesn’t it?
    Being a C’s fan across the pond means it took some of my sleep to watch until the very end, but man, was I rewarded in the final five minutes or so of this game! BTW LOVE me some afternoon games I can watch online to see how the C’s do for myself (although kudos for you guys with the GreenLights, which make me feel part of it even while I#m a few thousand miles away)
    If the Celtics play like that I don’t think any team (let alone one overrated ballhog past his prime) can stop ’em. I definitely believe #18 is in reach.
    As for our LA ‘friends’ occassionally stopping by here…I bet they crawled back under their rocks…or come up with the same ol’ yeah, but we won last year, which is totally relevant for this season…NOT.
    Sorry for the rambling, but halfway through the day here I’m still excited about seeing my CELTICS win in THAT building…
    Go C’s!

  • How sneaky good is Rondo.
    Walton called him a “no show” and he has a double double with 16 assist.
    16 assist is a career day for well over 75% of the NBA’s point guard.
    When you have a point guard that sneaky has 16 assist, you have a special GD point guard.
    ridiculous. You can’t pay Rondo enough or praise him enough. He is still human and still makes mistakes, but if you aren’t making mistakes you aren’t trying either. You put Rondo (now) on any team. That team improves dramatically.

  • Also, as a Celtic fan when you see Kobe “take over” it is a good sign.
    It means 4 other guys are standing around watching.
    After all it was the other guys who won game 7

  • aaron

    so in around that sequence of Nate, there is a fast break situation, Rondo driving up the left side, Laker defense setting up to stop a Rondoesque floater and a Celtic trailer following to drop a surprise 3. Almost every time with that play, Ray is the trailer. Yesterday it was Nate. Rondo is the one who very well gets the ball to someone to score. If there is no confidence in Nate from the team, he never would have gotten the ball to shoot, yes he missed, but he will get the ball again, cause he is a shooter/scorer. If we can let him be that, of course the Cs will let him. Nice game Nate.

  • daemian

    when it comes to the laker clowns that come on this website to talk shit from the comfort of their mom’s spare rooms, I think it’s best to ignore them and their misspelled rantings. you can’t win arguments against people like that: they’re not smart enough to recognize defeat. celtics win, celtics win.

  • daemian

    I will forever be a Nate and Baby fan because of the confidence they showed in the finals last year. They should be Celtics as long as they want to be, as far as i’m concerned.

  • daemian

    I will forever be a Nate and Baby fan because of the confidence they showed in the finals last year. I hope they never leave the team.

  • worstkid

    Kobe always forces it(both w/ the ladys @ the spa and with his offense on the court.) I’ll take a half court offense run by Rondo or fastbreak run by Rondo any over a crappy contested Kobe Iso play.
    The lakers are playing lazy b-ball right now, plus they are due for some injuries. I’d be surprised if they make it out of the west this year.

  • I thought Nate did great yesterday. Yes, he took a couple of ill advised shots… But I wasn’t too mad about that- A) Because he’s Nate Rob and B) Because I’m sure he was jumping out of his skin with excitement that he was finally in somewhat of a flow. I think he’s shown great commitment to the Celtic game plan and yesterday played some really effective D. I’d love to see him play with more consistency, and I think that, as you mentioned, attacking the rim would be a great way to get him there.

  • DRJ

    That Bill Walton… I’ve lost all respect for that guy. We all watched the same game, all of us saw that Rondo was great in the 2nd half, but Walton goes on the air to pronounce that Rondo was TERRIBLE, and is then surprised when Gorman informs him that he had 16 assist?? Wow. What an idiot. He gets paid for this? I’d pay him just to stay away.

  • IanD

    I agree and also saw that play as a heat check for Nate. He had nailed 2 3’s just prior and we all know that Nate can score in bunches when hot. Even though it was another Nate 3 with 20+ seconds on the shot clock I had no problem with that one, in that situation.
    The C’s are coming up against some BIG front courts in the next week or so. It may be hard in this stretch but if Nate can start to attack the rim and continue to play with confidence I look forward to his contributions.
    Really looking forward to Delonte’s return, think it will be hard to understate the importance of BOTH Delonte and Perk getting back into the rotation post All-Star break.

  • thetitleisours

    Nate really arcs that shot, doesn’t he? Those two made great contributions

  • lakeb

    aww did the celtics win a game? thats cute. lakers are BACK TO BACK champions……and the last team that won back to back titles was the LAKERS… WE PLAY IN JUNE. celtics fans are the most delusional in the world… lakers are the greatest franchise in nba history, everyone agrees :john hollinger, michael wilbon, tony kornheiser and every other sports writer or espn analyst. The only time the boston outshined the lakers was in the 1960s, some league it was back then LOL. I mean the SPURS have been just as good as a franchise as you guys since the 60’s LOL. get in your place.. 🙂

  • mollysdaddy

    Against the Celtics, I love it when Kobe is shooting well in the first half. I know he’s gonna make an extra effort to shoot his way to the win in the second.

  • ACelticThing

    Very true. Kobe did almost nothing to win them game 7. Artest and fisher won game 7. Gasol as well with some key rebounds and put backs.


    I’m sorry I never post here, but I have been reading comments here for about 3 years now and in all my time your comment must be the stupidest thing I have ever read. 17>16 and you really have 11 because when you stole Minneapolis you also felt entitled to THEIR championships. Yes we the BOSTON CELTICS dominated the 60’s in THE GREATEST DYNASTY IN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS HISTORY. We have won 6 since, more then the spurs. You have played in June once more then us in the past 3 years. Some league it was back then too? There were less teams, higher competition. So because you probably have never read this much in your life I will make it easy for you,read this 17>11!

  • tim

    rondo needs to step up his defense time and time again point guards are driving past him which leads to other players having to help and leave there men open which makes it easy shots for those players. Sure his men usually isnt scoring due to the fact of the celtics ability to help but it leaves other players open. I am a fan of rondo but he doees alot of useless things that could easily be fixed if he just watched tape, don’t get beat off the dribble don’t make one hand passes EVER, push the ball as much as possible and actually drive and finish once in a while don’t just look for assists every single time and he will become one of the best players in the league

  • Classless

    You mean the same 1960’s that featured Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, and Elgin Baylor (3 of the greatest player EVER) who couldn’t win a title until Russell retired?
    Also, keep falling back on last year’s achievements. Like they matter right now, turd.

  • Classless

    Two issues with this post:
    1. Its impossible for Rondo to have been “perfect”. If that was the case, he wouldn’t have continued to pass up wide open layups in the 1st half. It’s tremendously irritating that he’s so afraid to go to the line.
    2. “Nate is the best option we have.” No, he’s our only option.

  • paul

    I don’t quite get Rivers’ assessment. I do understand that part of the reason Rondo didn’t get assists in the first half was that he set up other people to get them, or set them up without getting an assist, but let’s get real – Rondo truly didn’t show up until the second half. THEN he effing rocked the place.

  • paul

    I agree, Tim. I mean, I see that sometimes Rondo lets the guy go past and goes for the backdoor steal, and sometimes too he lets his guy go to a big while attacking a passing lane – a lot of Rondo’s defense is played with his mind, not his legs. But I think we need him to play defense with his legs more, staying in front of his man, , fighting through screens and attacking the ball.

  • Robby C

    100% agree. He seemed content with just pulling up for jumpers in the first half and not running the offense. I was screaming at my TV waiting for him to show up. Luckily, he finally did in the second half and it was beautiful.

  • djisinthehall

    :john hollinger, michael wilbon, tony kornheiser
    these are your sources?

  • yeppers