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Pierce wants to take on Ray

Pierce and allen

Paul Pierce has made it clear… he wants to defend his 3 point title at All Star weekend.  And now, he's naming one of his desired opponents… his teammate.

I think me and Ray Allen need to have a shootout in this years 3pt contest what y'all think come on NBA make it happen

I love Ray's shot, but Pierce's shot is actually more suited for the contest because it uses less leg.  Guy who use their legs as much as Ray does typically don't fare very well.  But Ray is in such good shape, he might be the exception to the rule.  

I'd like to see it.  Why not?  It would probably be fun… and it's not unjustified.  Paul is the defending champ and 15th in the league in 3pt%.  Meanwhile Ray is 5th.  So you can easily make the case for both these guys being there.  Hell.. Ray would probably view it as another drill. 

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  • Cam

    Doesn’t Ray have the 3 point contest record when he won it (beating bird’s previous record)?

  • KY Celts fan

    That would be EPIC!

  • DRJ

    Meanwhile, Ray about to set a record that will NEVER BE BROKEN. Never, ever, ever. That’s pretty mind-blowing when you think about it. It means that the Sun will become a red giant and destroy our solar system… along with whatever life is left (if any)… before Ray’s record is ever broken. Works for me!

  • lakeb

    UM big deal. noone watches the 3pt contest. Kobe holds the record for most 3 pointers in a single game (12)…..come join the big boy contest that people actually watch and try to win a dunk title like kobe and jordan

  • Chris

    hah well we do have nate buddy…he has won it 3 years in a row. can someone explain to me why he got the boot this year…also how could they pick brandon jennings over the champ and then replace him with derozan who lost last year?

  • KY Celts fan

    I don’t think Nate wanted to participate this year. As for Derozan, he was a much better choice than Jennings, whose been hurt most of the year and only has two dunks for the season. And Derozan did come in 2nd, unlike that Laker trash Shannon Brown who completely washed out.

  • CFH

    That Nate thing is weird. The champ usually gets to defend if he wants to… and Nate made it clear that he wanted to, then grumbled when he wasn’t picked.
    The past few years, Nate has been the only guy who used showmanship and strategy (2 of the times he won he didn’t have the best dunk, but his opponent wasted his best shot in an early round and had nothing for the final against Nate). He’s always been graceful and well-behaved, too… volunteering to let Gerald Green jump over him instead of the cutout, saying something nice about everyone when he did commentary for the rookie game last year.
    So who did he piss off, and how?

  • KY Celts fan

    Oh, and Nate is a three time champion but not three times in a row. 2006, 2009, 2010.

  • greenbeand

    friday’s loss vs. the suns ray took a wild 3 and that’s the only ill advised shot i’ve scene him take

  • BostonIsLame

    You fool. Most were before Ray even became a Celtic. Celtic fans are satisfied with sloppy seconds. Sounds about right.

  • KY Celts fan

    It’s a personal record, not a team one, moron. Your statement means absolutely nothing.
    Most of Phil’s rings were before the Lakers. Five of your banners were before the team came to LA. THOSE are team records, not individual ones.
    Man, Laker fans are dumb. Get an education.

  • Chris

    oh i like derozan alot, i just thought it was nuts he got the nod over nate. if not nate atleast make it 4 first timers. Lebron was scared and said griffin had a home court advantage.

  • They should go at it! It would be great as Pierce is obviously defending his title and “Sugar” Ray will have become the NBA’s career leader in 3-pointers made. They should have Shaq in the skills challenge too 😉 haha

  • KY Celts fan

    I would actually love to see Lebron in the contest. As great an athlete he and Wade are, and as many flashy dunks they have in game, I’m really surprised neither has elected to compete in the contest.

  • DRJ

    Amazing, isn’t it? (Must be a self-selected group, the ones that troll over here….. I know they’re not all like this)

  • DRJ

    Btw… I just saw where the NBA fined Eddie House $25k for making an “obscene gesture” after hitting his big 3 near the end of the Heat’s Sunday game.
    Don’t they owe the players some kind of warning before they change a gesture from accepted to “obscene”? (Which, ok, it was, of course 🙂