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Enemy Chatter: Where the Mamba did what he could

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Los Angeles.

Every one of the Celtics' key players had a terrific game.

The same can be said of just one of their Laker counterparts: Kobe Bryant. The Mamba did what he could to keep his team in the game, scoring 41 points on 32 shots and committing only a couple turnovers. That he took 32 shots and collected zero assists while the Lakers lost will inevitably drag us into a tiresome discussion about whether he shot too much. No. He didn't.

I'm perfectly willing to rip Kobe when he's not taking the right approach, but it's not fair to do so today. He was the only Laker not getting shut down by the man guarding him. None of his teammates – not the big guys, not Artest, not his supposedly trusty sidekick Fish – was making good moves, getting to the right spot on the floor or proving their ability to be sound with the ball in the face of the Boston pressure.

Did Kobe play a perfect game? Of course not. But if you're making a list of people to blame for this debacle, Kobe's name should be at the bottom.

Silver Screen and Roll

Is anyone in Los Angeles capable of identifying fool's gold? I found ZERO criticism of Kobe Bryant's offensive dominance. Sure he made some amazing shots, but as I stated in last night's recap, when a star takes 29 shots (11 in the 4th quarter), his teammates stop playing and start watching.

I would agree if Kobe's point came within the flow of an offense. But on several possessions, he was the only guy touching the ball!

While trolling around on The Lakers Nation blog after the game (I couldn't help myself), Fakers fans were so upset with Gasol, the were calling for him to be traded. They want him and Ron Artest included in some imaginary deal for Melo. Hilarious stuff!

Here's some love for Paul Pierce:

But the real key to the C’s offensive attack and the Lakers’ defensive breakdowns was the fact that Paul Pierce just refused to be guarded effectively all game. Ron Artest was completely outclassed by Pierce, who got quality shot after quality shot all night against him. It wasn’t so much that Ron wasn’t contesting Pierce’s shot, it was the fact that he surrendered position so easily and allowed Pierce to get to his favorite spots on the floor. Pierce brilliantly worked the shallow wing and the elbow area all game and found relatively easy 12-15 foot jumpers as his reward for beating defenders off the dribble. And when Pierce wasn’t working in isolation, he was floating around the perimeter, using screens and losing defenders to get up uncontested three pointers. On the day, Pierce scored 32 points on only 18 shots and did an excellent job of carrying the C’s offense when they needed a boost and then deferring to others when his mates finally found their groove.

Forum Blue and Gold

Yesterday's game was the first time I've watched rtest play this season. Is he injured? Or simply aging overnight? Or both?

On Page 2, the big, deep and efficient Celtics.

All appearances to the contrary, they weren't dethroned Sunday when the Boston Celtics walked all over them in a 109-96 object lesson in who's whom in the pecking order.

We're talking humiliation … Celtics fans chanting "Beat L.A.!" … Celtics fan Matt Damon and friends yukking it up courtside between the Lakers' bench and superfan Norm Pattiz.

Before Sunday's game, the question was whether the Lakers could play at the Celtics' level.

I guess they settled that.

In a backward way, the Lakers' casual attitude gives them a lot of room to raise their game in spring, at least in theory.

The Celtics not only bring it nightly, they play with a ferocity that's scary with their shallow, creaky, smallish team having become so big, deep and efficient…

The Celtics also outrebounded the Lakers, 43-30.

Actually, the Lakers were lucky the Celtics didn't take any of them prisoner and cart them back to Boston.

LA Times – Lakers really, and we mean really, in trouble this time

Enjoyable as this victory was, it is only January. There is plenty of time for LA to regain the "eye of the tiger."

I highly doubt that will happen… but there's time.

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  • Nora

    Or get a good player for a bag of chips at the trade deadline. It happened before

  • paul

    It might be our job to keep the Lakers from getting ‘the eye of the tiger’. We have another date with destiny on the tenth. Intimidating a team in the regular season that might think it can contend with you in the playoffs can be important, as the 1986 Celtics proved when they intimidated the heck out of Magic’s Lakers. Yes, we ARE that much better. Let’s prove it again on the tenth.

  • MightyCeltics

    Artest is done, he doesn’t take care of his body like Ray or Pierce does, and he doesn’t have the skill they have.


    You guys might of won a battle but the war aint over yet..Sure bask in your regular season glory, but we still got a title to defend come april

  • Classless

    I’ll never understand why the Lakers don’t feature Gasol more. He’s the best post player in the game and he has to get his points on put backs and 2nd chances. This is why Phil Jackson is overrated as a coach.

  • MightyCeltics

    A title we’ll be defending next season.

  • IanD

    Boom, Good point

  • Dajon Dondo

    Some really funny quotes from last night…
    KG to Lakers ball boy asking for an autograph:
    “You’ve got a better chance of catching Bin Laden.”
    Marc Jackson on Derek Fisher’s flopping:
    “That’s not contact by Ray Allen, but Derek Fisher does such a great job of making it look like a sniper shot him.”

  • Larry Birds J

    If kobe matches jordans 6 rings i will never sleep again

  • Lee in Oregon

    You’ve lost every “battle” this year…and it shows.
    Your date is with the Spurs.

  • KY Celts fan

    Sore loser.

  • DRJ

    Whenever I say “The Lakers have lost their fire. They could easily not even make it to the Finals. They seem over the hill…,” etc., invariably somebody argues “How can you say that after what the Celtics did last year? You can’t count them out. And if they’re old, we’re even older!” Etc., etc.
    Yes, the Cs did that terrific switch-off/switch-on thing last year, and it was brilliant. But THAT WAS A PURE CELTICS PHENOMENON. The Lakers are INCAPABLE of that kind of thing. They haven’t the character, or the characters. And they haven’t got the deeper fire — you know, the pilot light that lights the larger fire. When they go over the hill, they’re staying there. And I believe they’ve done just that… moved to the other side of the mountain, now heading inexorably south.
    Maybe that’s inevitable when you’ve won 2 championships in a row. Maybe it would have happened to the Cs too, if they had repeated in 09. I don’t know. Doesn’t matter. Right now, we are where we are, and it is what it is.

  • JD

    Jeez, Lakers fans are saying don’t overreact from one game to Celtics fans while simultaneously wanting to trade their second best player and ripping into their team for, ahem, ONE GAME. News flash: LA is fine, LA will be back in at least the conference finals, I can guarantee you that. All we saw yesterday is how much better and deeper the Celtics have gotten from last year’s Finals. Which is definitely a big deal, but LA fans need to stop acting like its the apocalypse.

  • DRJ

    This might actually make a difference going forward. Fish has been exposed on national TV, with the announcers specifically expounding on his flopping, to millions of viewers. When the refs sit down to review this game, they’re going to be embarrassed and pissed off in a way that will probably remember very well the next time(s) Derek pulls his ridiculous act. (Ridiculous because he ALWAYS does the SAME thing, in EVERY game, over and over and over.)

  • thetitleisours

    David Joel LA Stern will make sure the Hollywood actors get to always be on TV. One way or another.


    says the guy that his team lost in game 7 of the finals. . .


    better sleep now..why you can…

  • Lakerhater

    Those were good but the quote of the day was van gundy argueing that a healthy Theo Ratsh#t was going to make such a diffence in the second half of the season. That’s gold Jeff, gold.

  • Greenteam

    I say let the Enemy Chatter keep thinking Kome did nothing wrong and keep putting him at the bottom of the blame list.
    It will be that much easier to win #18. They still haven t figured out that Kome ball hogging is a problem and the reason they lose games.

  • LakersOwner

    Very true. Lakers cannot “turn it on” like the celtics did last year and even if they did, you saw what happen when they had the homecourt in their favor.
    When the C’s have homecourt the Lakers are no match for them. It’s easy to see after watching a Laker team with ALL of their players (including Bynum) and homecourt adv. on their side against Celtic team that had KG not fully healthy and no Perk for a game seven lead the whole game & and dominate it up until the last few minutes.
    If it wasn t so dominate and close game & I would think otherwise but it was was it was. A game the Celtics should of and could of won with Perk in the line up.
    Then you look back and see when the C’s have homecourt against the Lakers in 08′ and dominate them with ease.
    All I know is the last 2 games @ the Lakers house, game 2 of 2010 finals and sundays game this year where perk played the whole game both times, the Celtics won in LA.
    Game 6 or 7 Last year if Perk didn ‘t go down in the 1st qtr of game 6?
    Tells you something.
    Think about it.

  • BostonIsLame

    “Enemy Chatter”??? Boston fans seem to take the game too seriously. This is not Afghanistan.
    You need to get a life so come out from your parents’ basement and mingle with real people. Pull the plug on your internet connection, go to the pub and have a brew.

  • Andrew

    I suggest you do that, since apparently you’re looking to far places to seek attention. And nope, if your attempt is to take a personal shot at the writer, you’re failing like Gasol trying to contest KG’s shot the other day. You’re butt-hurt, so why don’t you go have a beer?