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This week in KG

RedsArmyAdmin January 30, 2011 Uncategorized 1 Comment on This week in KG

Kg talking into jersey

Green 5 to Mad Doc… come in Mad Doc.  I have the target at 3 o'clock… how shall I proceed?  Over.

KG and Frye nose to nose

HItch told me to stop half way… and if he truly likes me, he'll make the effort to lean in….

Ray paul kg on the bench

Yo man… tickle fights on the bench are bad for our reps, man. 

Kg yelling at hickson

As everyone gets ready to go home, KG realizes JJ Hickson didn't bring his own ball to the pick up game.

Shaq perk kg on the bench

Ok Perk…now YOU tell KEVIN that my Chinese shoe company logo is not a ripoff of his Chinese shoe company logo….. HIS is a ripoff of MINE!

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  • paul

    The last one is perfect!