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Accuscore Game Preview: Celtics vs. Lakers

This preview is provided by Accuscore and is not written by any members of  Predictions are based on computer simulations

The LA Lakers are slight 51.8 percent favorites over the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are shooting 44.9 percent from the field and the Lakers are forecasted to shoot 44.2 percent. The Celtics have the rebounding advantage at 41.7 to 40.1. Turnovers are pretty even with the Celtics projected for 14.6 turnovers vs. 13.7 for the Lakers. The Celtics are making 4.5 three pointers on 34.4 percent from three point range. The Lakers are making 5 three pointers on 32.3 percent.


PTS: Paul Pierce 18.9, Kobe Bryant 24.1

ASSISTS: Rajon Rondo 11.6, Kobe Bryant 5.8

REBOUNDS: Kevin Garnett 7.6, Pau Gasol 8.9

SPORTS ODDS: Sportsbooks and handicappers have set the line at LAL -3 TOTAL 183.5. 

'10-11 SEASON: We advise relying on these trends after the first 6 to 8 weeks of the season. NEITHER TEAM HAS UNITS EDGE

Record on the Road 13-8, 62% 500 Record at Home 18-6, 75% 1200 Lakers
VS Lakers 0-0 No Games VS Celtics 0-0 No Games N/A
vs Team .500 or Better 16-5, 76% 1050 vs Team .500 or Better 9-8, 53% 20 Celtics
Record As Road Underdog 3-3, 50% -30 Record As Home Favorite 18-6, 75% 1140 LA Lakers
After 1 or More Days Off 18-15, 55% +150 After 1 or More Days Off 16-22, 42% -820 Celtics

After the jump, the game is simulated more than 10,000 times

This is a simulation provided by Accuscore.  This page automatically refreshes to a new game once the Celtics game is over.  Click here for a full page version.  Use the scroll bar across the bottom to see hidden information.

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  • greenbeand

    a must win for the c’s. it would be nice if the refs let them play. as tommy would say “RUN, RUN, RUN”

  • Phenor Jenkins

    Fail attempt to try to troll us lol. i owned ur trolls 1 by 1

  • trytryagain

    Hats off to the C’s, they dominated the 4th. The game? No sir. But kudos nonetheless.
    LAKER FANS:Man up and take it on the chin. The Celtics beat us in a regular season game, it’s not indicative of much. Show some class.
    CELTIC FANS: Tip o’ the cap. Show some class as well, it’s only one game in a season. PS – KG is a bleeder?!?!?

  • Chris

    Nice job Kobe going iso the whole 4th. Your not gonna beat this team that way. UBUNTU.

  • r4i

    Bryant has enjoyed a dynamic postseason despite limping through the injury during the finals of the third consecutive time to take care of his team, the Lakers, who are 8-0 at home in the playoffs and did not even trailed in the series.