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Your Morning Dump… Where KG’s gentle tap floored Channing Frye

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Because I'm an old bastard, I fell asleep during the Celtics game and missed the 4th quarter shenanigans between Kevin Garnett and Channing Frye.

What I saw was Garnett give Frye a gentle tap to the nuts. Yes, it's a cheap shot. But in no way was that a hard enough shot to drop Channing Frye.

What's worse is the outrage. My Twitter feed was full of garbage. Haters calling Garnett dirty, talk of a possible suspension. Laughable stuff.

I thought reader Mike Munger summed it up best with this comment from our game recap:

How anyone can diss KG is amazing to me. The replay showed he wasn't even looking at Frye when he BARELY tapped him. Frye went down like he got hit by Tyson and then "MAGICALLY" recovered like Hulk Hogan.

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On Page 2, what referee Steve Javie said to Doc that pissed him off.

So a garden variety gripe between coach and referee turned into a heated exchange where Rivers all but called Steve Javie an egomaniac and Javie, quick on the trigger, tossed Rivers.

Rivers exploded.

“You’re terrible,’’ he said. “It’s all about you. It’s all about you.’’

Rivers explained his first technical. “[Javie] actually came into our huddle. He said, ‘You guys are complaining too much.’ I said, ‘You guys are missing too many calls,’’ said Rivers, whose team dug a big early hole, falling behind, 49-31, with 2:06 left in the half.

After Rivers was ejected, he said he told Javie, “It’s about the game. It’s not about one individual.’’

“That’s all I said . . . over and over again,’’ Rivers said after the game.

Globe – Celtics are left lacking

Steve Javie had a quick trigger, especially for an official who instigated the incident. From my couch, it appeared Doc deliberately set out to get ejected in an attempt to fire up his squad. But after reading this account, I don't blame him one bit.

File under: NBA referees with egos

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  • Andrew

    Frye is a bitch and bitches have no d!cks. I won’t be surprised if what actually happened is that KG’s arm got sucked inside Frye’s vagina that it looked like it was intentional.

  • Alright guys… look….
    I know we want to defend our guys at all costs here, but KG did get him in the nuts. He meant to do it. It was dumb.
    Yes, it was a little flick and not a full on punch to the nuts… but he still meant to catch him in the nuts.
    Turn it around. If Ray Allen went up for a shot and Joakim Noah did that…. we’d all be going apeshit crazy.
    I love KG, but this was a dumb thing to do.

  • Andrew

    LOL. Noah doesn’t need to hit anybody to make me go apeshit furious at him.
    On another note, yes, KG is dirty as hell and if you ask me that’s just like him to crush people’s balls, and this loss is well deserved etc. But come on @ the Suns flopping Ginobli proportions.

  • mollysdaddy

    Glad you got the replay up here. I didn’t watch the game but read plenty about that play. I was ready to see KG wind up and give Frye a real shot (ala Ray elbowing Sideshow Bob).
    Here’s what I did see. Incidental contact on a jumper (happens all the time in the NBA). Frye’s foot came down on top of KG’s (maybe a foul here, KG got too close but Frye’s feet did move into KG’s space too) and Fry reacted to that. No one like the initial feeling of landing on something unexpected. From there it snowballed into Frye wanting to sell a foul, act tough to KG and then KG getting deeper into barking mode.
    This whole thing seems stupid to me. Neither player really did anything that doesn’t happen in every single game, it just got escalated by what seems like a testy (yes I said testy, get it)game to begin with.

  • Caterpillar from Italy


  • I’m not as sure as you that he got him in the nuts. First, as Gorman said, he got up too quick; second, from the views I’ve seen, it looks like he got him higher and to the right. As KG was looking away I believe he was just closing in, he did not take a swing it was just his bodys momentum that carried him into Frye. Was it a foul? Yes.
    I know KG is no saint but that T was BS. KG taking a forearm to the face was more deserving of a T than this was, now that was intentional.
    This is not why we lost the game, they played like A$$!

  • It’s not too hard to say that KG meant to do it but I don’t have any real issue with the play. Call a foul and be done with it. My issue is with the double technical. I think there should be a ref guideline that they can’t give out two technicals for essentially the same incident. Call the one if needed, give the players (and coaches) a little leadway afterwards to react & let the game continue. If an incident arises later on in the game where you have to give another one and eject the player, fine. Nobody would be against that. The player got his 1st warning and knew he had to watch himself.
    When they throw out the double tech so quickly, the game becomes about the refs and not the game of basketball. People tune in and go to these games to see a good game of ball, not to see the refs give another team free points just because they feel like it. Last night’s game was actually turning into a real NBA game when the C’s were able to FINALLY cut it down to single digits but then Steve Javie was all like “Nope, not happening”

  • DRJ

    I think KG intended to tap Frye in the abdomen, and missed by a few hundredths of a second. As it was, the tap did NOT look like it hit Frye in the genitals. Two reasons: (1) you can see the hand going to the area just ABOVE the genitals, the pubic bone. (2) If he had been hit in the genitals, no way could Frye have jumped up completely normal and pain-free 1 second later, as he did.
    KG committed a foul, period. Frye’s aggressive jump and bump reaction was the start of the fray. FRYE was the correct person to give a tech to. (They can’t give techs for fouls, just flagrants.) The only conceivable reason to give KG a tech at all was that he sort of stuck around and argued. Pretty weak.
    Instead the refs — who were horrible anyway, the whole night — gave KG TWO techs? Totally weird and inapproriate.

  • Lee in Oregon

    He didnt just hit the guy in the coin purse, he didnt give Fry room to land, TWICE, and Fry was twisting his ankle when he came down landing on KGs foot, TWICE. That’s what happened.

  • DRJ

    100% agree.
    Just remember that they probably got ZERO sleep that night. They got in at 4am, in bed by maybe 5:30am, which is 8:30am for their body clocks, approximately when they normally WAKE UP! This is why Doc tried to get the schedule changed right here. This kind of scheduling is a major flaw in the NBA… the games are unwinnable for the traveling team, and are silly and meaningless. This one in particular is just that. No lessons, no meaning… the best, the only thing we can do with this one is forget it and look ahead.

  • DRJ

    That’s true. But I think Frye’s reaction was too much to have been caused by the foot landing. It seemed much more what I’d expect when a guy thinks somebody just tried to punch him in the nuts. (Even though that didn’t actually happen.)

  • Jeff Van Gundy made a number of calls also last night towards changing the schedule like cutting down the number of preseason games to spread the schedule out a bit. Something def needs to be done. Every Celtic fan in Phoenix (and there was ALOT of them) got treated to one of the ugliest games ever in a team that they rarely get to see in person. As you just said and JVG said.. this is just one you file in the forget-about-it file, no reason to analyze or study this one

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    It was just a blind tap that was meant for the belly. I hate the move itself, though I can’t deny it’s affective ness, but I’ve been ball-tagged plenty of times by belly-tappers. Thing is, with me, I laugh. “Hey, you got me in the nuts, jerkoff!” :^)

  • KG was undoubtedly frustrated at this point, and we all know that the guy works himself in to an unhumanlike state. Whether he meant to crowd Frye on the shot and the landing, or if he meant to hit him in the balls, we don’t know. What we do know is that KG crossed a line… And Frye overreacted.

  • paul

    Munger is so right. The undercut was bad. The tap was nothing. And how about the shot to the head that Garnett almost took just minutes before? No outrage about that?

  • paul

    Heh, I remember talking to a short guy who was my boss at a pizza place about how he played basketball; I never knew about the ‘belly tap’ until he told me about it. But I guess it’s not just for short guys! Really, I think the guy who gave KG a headshot a few minutes earlier crossed a line. I think KG’s undercut crossed a line. The nutz-shot was nothing. I don’t think it even was a ball shot. I think Frie would have been hearing from Johnny Most about Stanislovsky last night. His magic recovery from the fetal agony the alleged ballshot appeared to inflict on him would perhaps have had more beneficial spiritual meaning had he not instantly gone and headbutted Garnett,,,

  • paul

    … or it was a bit of acting.

  • paul

    For whatever reason, Javie was overreacting all night.

  • paul

    well said

  • ann

    Remember the number of players bruce bowen injured by putting his foot under jumpshooters feet as they land?

  • Nora

    He meant to do it? He wasn’t even looking at Frye when he did it. How can you know KG meant to do it? From the video I don’t think you can tell conclusively. Give me a break! At worst there is a debate whether he did on purpose.

  • paul

    At worse, KG delivered a tap to the groin, which probably was intended more for the abdomen, if that. The undercut was the thing to get ticked at KG about, if anything. Undercutting really sucks, but even the undercut was marginal. Ok, so maybe KG plays the margins too much. Maybe he’s more Laimbeer than we like to admit. At least he gives a damn about his job and brings a fire to it.
    But where’s the outrage over KG getting bashed in the head by one guy, and headbutted by another? Dude, those are assaults that could really hurt someone. How about our Cs being beat up by the other team two straight games? Is that how West Coast teams are going to play us now? Is it going to be ‘street fighting’ from now on out West, as Nash put it?
    IF so, what is that going to escalate to? The Celts need to complain to the league about the way they are being played and about the way the officials are handling the situation. I’m sorry, but I’ve seen Rondo crumpled up on the floor enough times for one season.

  • paul

    Agreed, but then give Garnett a flagrant foul and leave it at that.

  • paul

    Gotta say, kudos to Rondo for taking ownership of the loss. It WAS his fault, more than anyone else’s, and he did the right thing by owning up to it.

  • DRJ

    testily said

  • This is beyond stupid. Anyone here ever been lightly hit in the nuts? It immediately hurts like hell and makes you want to crawl up in a ball, but the pain subsides quickly. I imagine that the recovery is especially quick when one is motivated to confront the dude who just punched you in the balls. There’s nothing at all suspicious about Frye’s reaction. And even if there were, I’m not sure why it’d matter.
    Even dumber are the people saying that KG didn’t mean to do it. Come the fuck on. You can see him close his fist and aim for Frye’s nuts. And what about KG’s past suggests he deserves the benefit of the doubt?

  • LisaBabyLisa

    Lmaooo! Man I love KG! So glad this guy plays for us! This was just a bad night all around, C’s were tired, played bad, officiating was terrible n lots of overreacting….oh well it happens…on to the next one! Plus the Suns know they aren’t headed anywhere good…for them they won the title last night… LOL

  • Nora

    Give me a break KG was not even looking in Frye’s direction. YOU ‘come the fuck on’ So because he has a reputation everything that he does is intentional? Give me a break. Imagine if the courts decided everyone is guilty based on ‘reputation’

  • CFH

    Close his fist? The contact is with the back of his open hand.
    The suspicious reaction matters because it is unclear exactly where the contact was. The repercussions for touching a player on his stomach or thigh are (justifiably) different from repercussions for grabbing at a player’s crotch.
    If KG’s entire career is going to be called in as evidence, Frye’s reaction to the actual incident in its entirety certainly needs to be evidence, too.

  • DRJ

    KG “aimed for Frye’s nuts”… while looking in the opposite direction at the basket? Please explain: how does one aim while looking the other way?
    As for speed of recovery from any trauma to male genitalia… you mentioned that “the pain subsides quickly.” I wonder, did you watch the play at all? Frye got up literally 1 SECOND after going down. Possibly 1.5 sec.
    There’s “quick”, and there’s “impossible”. This was impossible.
    Further, KG’s hand is clearly contacting Frye’s body ABOVE the genital area, right at the pubic bone. Which is why he was able to get up so quickly. He was never hit in the nuts in the first place.

  • Classless

    An official completely affecting the game based on personal prejudice?
    This is my surprised face—-> :/

  • Did ya happen to notice Frye’s landing on KG’s foot????? He JUMPED and landed on his foot! That’s a cheap move and the 2nd cheap move targeted at KG that nite after Pietris punched him in the neck/jaw.
    It was an accidental tap on KGs aprt, he wasn’t even looking at frye when it happened..and it took frye like 2 seconds to cahnges his mind on flopping versus bitchin..if he got hit other than a tap, he wouldnt have got up so quick

  • Yeah they gave the Tech foul Gortat shouldve gotten to KG..that game should be combed through with a fine toothed one by the the officiating police..oh wait..there is no officiating police..officials can do whatever they want with no worries of any repercussion. I say next time Javie officiates a game the C’s should make sure they accidentally punch him in the next and nuts at least 6 for every BS tech called..that’s the only way any repercussion for the officials is going to happen. in a lawless environment, ya gotta take matters into your own hands

  • Trust me..Javie’s gonna wish he never called such sh#t game he’s gonna be hurting..remember Pierce punching that official in the jaw after a scoring drive? oops..that’s they only way repercussions are gonna happen with the officiating..and when we see officials dropping like flies..we will know why

  • DRJ

    I wish! (I’d give a lot to see this happen….)

  • lincoln

    any of you guys claiming that KG is innocent of all charges are massive homers. well, cheers