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Which Cheap Shot was Worse? KG or Pietrus?

Pietrus kg throat punch

For those loyal fans that stayed up late (or the many Celtic fans representing the green on the west coast) watching the end of that monstrosity in Phoenix, you got to witness Mortal Kombat, NBA style.  After playing a very physical game the night prior in Portland, the Celtics were greeted by the unusual yet similar tactics by the Suns.  During the broadcast, Celtics play-by-play man Mike Gorman brought up an interesting point, raising the idea that now perhaps teams are going to initiate the physical play against the Celtics, rather the other way around.

Cameo color commentator Bill Walton quickly shot that idea down, saying opponents would be foolish to do so.  At any rate, things are starting to get out of control.  If you missed the game last night (I don't blame you and don't bother trying to watch a replay of it) and only caught the "highlights" on SportsCenter, then you saw Kevin Garnett's junk shot to Channing Frye.  Was it a needless and dirty play?  Absolutely.

The funny thing is, I didn't see ESPN show a possible reason that led up to KG's low blow.  Just a few minutes earlier in the fourth quarter, KG was setting a screen on Mickael Pietrus, and Pietrus decides to unleash his new finishing move on KG by taking a blatant punch/elbow combo to KG's head/throat area.  Allow me to channel a little bit of Tommy Heinsohn into the argument here.

After Pietrus clearly and intentionally decked KG, he was rightfully issued a flagrant foul.  There was no review of the play, just the issued foul, two free throws, the Celtics retained possession and play resumed.  Yet, on the KG/Frye/junk shot, Steve Javie delayed the game for what seemed like an extra half hour to issue two technicals to KG, toss him from the game and the Suns had a parade at the free throw line with what has to be a record of six consecutive free throws.

Look, I'm not going to argue that what KG did was acceptable by any measure.  But what Pietrus did was by far worse, considering he went right for his head.  Also, I have to agree with what Donny Marshall said in the Celtics' post-game show: Frye must have cuevos of steel to get up THAT quickly after getting hit there.  I'm just curious as to why there was a delay and video review on that play, but not when Pietrus blatantly takes a shot at KG's head while Javie is about oh, two feet next to the play.  By no means do I believe in these NBA referee anti-Celtic conspiracy theories, nor do I think Commissioner Stern has it out for them, I just found it a bit odd.  Take a look at the both incidents below and you be the judge:





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  • Nora

    I still don’t think what KG did was intentional…

  • Nora

    You don’t get up that fast if you are supposedly hit in that area I am guessing either…

  • Lee in Oregon

    I’m only gonna type this one more time….the reason Frye was so pissed is because that was the 2nd time KG got under him and didnt give him room to land. Both times he landed on KGs foot and rolled his ankle. He prob didnt even notice KGs “hernia examination”….he’s pissed he has to land on KGs foot twice in the same game. I love KG as much as anyone but he was frustrated and did some bush-shit, which is almost exactly what Mark Jackson called it. Fry did what anyone would and stood up to KG. End of story, the Pietris thing had nothing to do with it.

  • Classless

    Eurotrash Pietrus throw a bow at KG’s throat, KG took it and didn’t go down like he got shot. Frye got poked in the balls, fell down like his nuts exploded, then immediately got up after the foul was called, miraculously recovered from the most devastating thing that can happen to a man.
    So yeah, Frye faked it. Simple as that.

  • Mike

    Lebron, Wade or Kobe, D rose would ever get ejected for that


    I couldn’t word it better than that. Frye had the right to get pissed, he tweaked his ankle the first time and then it happened again, they most likely were accidental but I’d be pissed too. When u land on a guy’s foot u take all the weight off it asap and that’s why he folded. I don’t think KG’s junk shot had anything to do with it. he folded to take the weight off.
    Kg’s junk shot by the way was a very poor act and I’m a KG homer from way back.
    Also the T’s on KG were absolute shit.
    JVG mentioned that 34% of techs have been rescinded this year – that’s a crap load of games altered…..

  • Nora

    What Pietrus did was worse and was definately intentional. You don’t aim at peoples throat or head.

  • Nora

    KG Hater thanks for commenting, I wondered what side you would be on lol

  • A) KG barely touched him
    B) Thank God Ray and Phil Lynch came over and pulled everyone away. The Suns will be lucky if they make it to the playoffs this year. They knew the C’s were tired and frustrated and just kept baiting them. KG should’ve just walked-away rather than risk injury/suspension.

  • ShawnCVD

    Jeff Van Gundy was pretty dead on on this one. He said KG picked up two T’s for what, getting a head butt from Frye? I understand Frye’s feelings about KG’s getting under him. Frye did hit KG in the head afterwards though.
    KG’s immediate turning/shoulder shrugging was not worth the first T. KG reacted because the C’s were finally cutting into the lead and didn’t want to foul on a three point shot. A review should have been double techs on Gortat/Nate and on Frye for the head butt plus KG for either a flagrant one or a T.
    Whatever scenario wouldn’t have changed the outcome as KG did foul Channing behind the arc.

  • Nora

    Well said. KG did not deserve an ejection. And if he did he was not the only one who should have gotten one then. Pietrus took a shot at his throat/head and did not get ejected.

  • Ace-One

    I love KG and will pretty much defend him always. But he does make it hard sometimes.
    Oh, and it’s huevos, not cuevos.

  • KY Celts fan

    Frye was on the ground just long enough to get the whistle. Not only was it an act, it was a bad act at that. However, I still don’t condone KG’s move.
    As for Pietrus, what he did was just as bad. But at least KG took it like a man and didn’t flop. KG for some reason has a reputation for being fake tough and he’ll back away from any conflict with a guy his size. But, just like “Kobe is best in the clutch”, there just isn’t evidence for it.

  • paul

    I’m more upset with KG for the possible undercut than for the alleged junk shot. And the headshot to KG is FAR more serious.

  • paul

    You make an excellent point that KG took the shot and didn’t flop.

  • paul

    Right. Only Frye didn’t just collapse because of possibly being undercut. He collapsed in emphatically expressed AGONY, and then miraculously recovered in half a second.
    Ie. he flopped.

  • paul

    Really? Just forget about the truly vicious Pietris headshot?
    Forget that Frye went down visibly acting out as if a piledriver had hit his groin and then recovered in a half-second?
    Forget that the undercut, which was marginal if it occurred, should have been at worst a flagrant foul?
    But yes, undercutting SHOULD be penalized. I doubt whether anyone will disagree with you on that. Bashing someone in the head and throat should be penalized a lot more, as should be headbutting someone.

  • Vafan05

    everybody says the hit on Frye was a cheap shot but what most people fail to realize is that when KG goes to contest any shot after the player shots the ball he nudges them slightly in the stomach. I personally don’t think it was intentional. I do not agree with him getting ejected but it happened. lets just hope the league doeesnt get stupid and suspend him. A couple of things could have prevented this: the c’s could have played with some life,and the league could have altered the schedule when asked.

  • paul

    Looking again, I have to say that Frye didn’t really headbutt Garnett, but it’s just sooo obvious that he was making a high school drama production out of the alleged junk shot.

  • paul

    What I wonder if ThugBall, or what Nash sweetly called ‘streetfighting’, is how teams are going to play the Celtics from now on?

  • DRJ

    We kinda figured you were guessing 🙂 lol

  • DRJ

    +1. No question.

  • DRJ

    Rancheros, please

  • DRJ

    Totally not upset with KG. When you play each undercut event at full speed, it’s obvious that in both cases, the foot ended up where it ended up by total accident. Stuff happens. KG IS NOT IN THE BUSINESS OF UNDERCUTTING PEOPLE. And he’s NOT timing and aiming his foot to be just under the other guys foot as he comes down. The very notion is ridiculous and unsupported by anything.

  • fiorelladad

    By no means am I defending KG if he did hit him in the junk with malice. But there is a scenario that maybe no one has pondered: Frye is like 7 feet tall, right? And on top of that he jumped for his shot. If as Doc says everybody pokes at the shooter in the air, and Ray has been hit countless times in the stomach, then the taller Frye had his balls much higher while in the air. So KG’s poke came at exactly that height. That said, if he did hit him in the cojones he would be in the floor much longer, not sprang up like a trampoline, get in his face and cry a river. So basically either:
    1) He has a brazilian wax like Varejao when Ray elbowed him.
    2) He flopped.
    3) He’s a whining bitch.
    4) All of the above.

  • Dude

    I liked how I stayed up till about one in the morning to watch the C’s get raped.

  • Dude

    D. Stern reminds me of Dick Cheney.

  • Larry Bird

    that’s cuz they don’t talk shit the whole game. KG calls attention to himself as “the bully”. yuh dumb bitch

  • KG… Boston’s choir boy.